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Spring Into Fresh Food

Spring is here, and with it has come the peak of freshness for many fruits and vegetables. With summer on the horizon, now is a particularly great time for students to start thinking healthier when it comes to their diets. However, with popular dining establishments such as Nelly’s and Jr.’s Burgers open until the wee hours of the morning seven days a week, it can be especially hard to tame those bad eating habits so often associated with a college lifestyle.

“Lack of access to cooking equipment and refrigerators too small to hold fresh foods in the dorms is one of the main reasons I think many students might find it difficult to eat healthy,” says senior Amy Rodriguez.

“I am notorious for microwave cooking, even now living offcampus in a house with a fully equipped kitchen just because it is quicker and easier,” she added.

But have no fear! Students here at the University can still eat fabulous and fresh without sacrificing taste or time. One dish that is a personal favorite is the Mardi Gras Salad. The recipe can be found at cinnamonhearts. com. It incorporates fresh and healthy ingredients, such as spinach and mandarin oranges, without sacrificing taste. Students can also add Purdue Short Cuts chicken strips for added protein and substance or toasted walnuts for vital and beneficial omega-3 fats.

 Another student, junior Jessica Gordon, suggests frozen yogurt as an alternative to traditional ice cream desserts.

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Time to Get Glammed Out

LifestylesThe Glam Bar in Red Bank had their official launch part on Friday, March 23. All that attended walked the red carpet, getting the chance to check the place out and enjoy complementary food and drinks.

The Glam Bar is not your average salon. It specializes in blowouts only. They follow their motto: “no cuts + no color = all glam.” Like their website theglambars. com states, this allows the salon to truly concentrate on styling customers every need.

Elio Ventrella is the owner of the salon. This is his first time working in the field of hair and make-up. In 2007, Ventrella was diagnosed with breast cancer. He would go to salons for massages and other services where he would overhear women complaining about their appointments never being on time and rarely ever getting a good blow-out.

When he finished treatment in 2010, he returned to his job at Macy’s where he had been working for six years. “I lost my passion and drive,” said Ventrella. That is when he quit his job, applied for a business license and the idea of The Glam Bar was born.

He studied many other blowout bars before opening his own. “I went into any blow-out bar I could find and took elements from each,” said Ventrella.

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Join the Party: Get Fit With Zumba Dance Fitness

The appearance of beautiful warm weather is shortening the time left to make your dream beach body a reality. With only a few weeks to get your body in shape, living in a gym is not practical. One workout routine has revolutionized the world of fitness, Zumba Dance Fitness. Zumba is a fun, high-energy, dance party experience that will alter your opinion of working out.

Though it seems as if Zumba is a relatively new fitness craze, it has been a round for years. I n t he m id- 90’s a Columbian fitness instructor, Alberto “Beto” Perez, changed the work-out world forever the day he forgot his traditional aerobics music for his fitness class.

Perez improvised by using his own music, salsa and merengue, and focused on “letting the music move you,” instead of the standard way of loudly counting repetitions over the music.

The class was an instant hit. From that point on, Perez dedicated his career toward spreading his new found passion.

In 2001, Perez took Zumba Dance Fitness overseas to Miami, Florida where he met entrepreneurs Alberto Perlman a nd A lberto A ghion. T he three men together then took action in the world of business by creating Zumba Fitness, and trade marking “Zumba.”

As the exercise routine grew rapidly in popularity, Zumba classes across the country were in high demand with no professionals to properly teach it. Zumba Fitness created the Zumba Academy in 2005, which serves the purpose of licensing instructors to teach Zumba classes.

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Warmer Weather Causes Earlier Allergy Season

With heavy snowfall and frigid winters replaced by mild temperatures this year, many allergy sufferers have had no break from traditionally seasonal allergies. The mild winter paired with a seemingly early spring has forced sufferers to keep tissues on hand year-round; an irritating problem that may worsen in the upcoming weeks.

A mild winter can cause trees to pollinate earlier and could bring an early start to the allergy season. Pollen, one of the most common allergens, may be especially problematic this year as warm temperatures can allow plants to pollinate sooner.

“The ground never froze this winter so there will be an increase in molds. Also anticipate trees and bushes to flower sooner causing allergy symptoms to appear much earlier than before,” said Kathy Maloney, Director of Health Services.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), though 50 million Americans suffer from all types of allergies, approximately 40 million of these cases have indoor/outdoor allergies as their primary allergy.

“The most common indoor/outdoor allergy triggers are: tree, grass and weed pollen; mold spores; dust mite and cockroach allergen; and, cat, dog and rodent dander,” the AAFA cites.

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI), trees such as birch, cedar, cottonwood and pine are big allergy triggers and generally pollinate in the spring.

With early March bringing temperatures as high as the 70s to parts of the U.S., it’s possible that these trees will pollinate weeks sooner, lengthening this year’s allergy season.

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Out With the Old, in With the New

03.21.12_Page_10_Image_0001Winter weather typically makes individuals more likely to stay indoors. The house is packed with old Christmas presents, board games and movies and other items obtained throughout the past couple of months. It’s now time for a fresh new start.

Spring cleaning can rid one of that winter rut, and help one move forward with the season of spring. It’s time to get your cleaning supplies together and prepare for a day of energetic spring cleaning.

Evelyn Herrera, a custodian at the University said, “I love spring cleaning at home. I throw everything out.”

Spring cleaning is different from your typical “cleaning-spree” because it’s a preparation of an allnew season.

A couple of places around the home that should be focused on during spring cleaning are closets, kitchen and storage rooms, said Cynthia Ewer, editor of Home Organized, in an online article. Though there are many other household places that could be tackled and cleaned out, these three locations in your house will be the easiest to de-clutter and yield that refresher for the start of spring.

These household locations can also be cleaned out in dorm-rooms, apartments and off-campus housing as well. A quick word to the wise from Closet Factory, a blog focusing on cleaning, says “tackle one room at time.”

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New York Fashion Week Previews Upcoming Styles

Each year the city that never sleeps welcomes designers from all over the world to display their newest collections over the course of eight days. The event becomes a top priority for celebrities, merchants and consumers alike everywhere. This glamorous event is New York Fashion Week, and students at the University can rest assured that they will be seeing its effects shortly.

The Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week boasted designers such as Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Nicole Miller and more than 200 others. Each of these collections have a theme may it be colors, design or overall feel. These themes are the basis by which many style forecasters predict the trends of this upcoming fall and winter.

So what styles should we expect to see around the University next semester? “Sleek minimalist tailoring, Asian influences, black-and-white graphic schemes, and bright color-blocking” were amongst some of the biggest trends seen across the board says Fashion Critic Booth Moore in an LA Times article titled New York Fashion Week: Trends In Women’s Wear.

Senior Amy Rodriguez, who is interested in fashion, watched clips of several shows on the Internet and has been following press articles over the past month about the presentations. “One thing I noticed to be consistent throughout many designers is the color orange. Many prints patterns and fabrics used in the cases are orange or shades or red-orange. I think we can expect to see a lot of this around campus next fall,” she says.

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The Benefits of Organic Meat

Because of the rapidly increasing “green” movement and growing concern for the environment, organic food is at the forefront of many consumers’ minds--and that includes meat. Raised without the use of growth hormones, antibiotics or other harmful substances, organic meat involves sustainable farming practices that help keep the environment clean and pristine. Compared to conventional meat, choosing organic can benefit your body as well as the planet.

To reach organic standards, meat must be free from antibiotics, growth hormones, bioengineering and ionizing radiation, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Organic meat farmers adhere to guidelines that promote ecological balance, including the use of renewable resources, the conservation of water and the avoidance of farming methods that pollute the air, water and soil. Many organic farmers raise their animals in pastures rather than closed feedlots, resulting in “pastured,” “free-range” or “cage-free” animal products.

When meat satisfies the requirements for organic processing in America, it receives a “USDA Certified Organic” label to distinguish it from conventional meat, the United States Department of Agriculture notes. Although organic meat is not available at all grocery stores, you may be more likely to find it at natural health shops, farmers markets, food co-ops or straight from local farms.

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Reuse, Redesign and Rewear Your Clothes

Recycle ClothesRemember that awful shirt you got for your birthday a couple years ago? Or that shirt that went out of style the second you bought it? Or that shirt that shrunk or you grew out of? If you haven’t already disposed of the piece of clothing that does not appeal to you anymore, hold onto it and simply revamp it.

Revamping an old article of clothing may be the extra push or last technique you need to hold onto it. The technique of “recycling clothes” is also trending in the fashion world amongst many fashion designers.

For example, according to, fashion designer Gary Harvey can take a pair of jeans, a trench coat, an army jacket, wedding dresses or even newspapers and turn them into stylish vintage ball-gowns.

Luckily there are many tips and techniques out there for a person to utilize when trying to redesign an old article of clothing. For starters, the supplies you will need to complete these transformations are: crafting scissors, basic sewing kit, and accessories (buttons, sequins, beads, etc.). Scissors will either become your best friend or worst enemy when dealing with cutting old clothes. When starting off, I would recommend re-designing the oldest articles of clothing for practice purposes.

A basic sewing kit will include a variety of needles and string for stitching/sewing small projects. This can be purchased at stores such as Target, CVS and Walgreens. Accessories can be purchased if you’re feeling ambitious and creative.

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Spring Break 101

Wild and crazy college spring breaks have been infamous in history. Glorified by MTV’s “Spring Break” for a long time now, this week has become the biggest party of the year for many college students., an Internet based travel company specializing in spring break vacations tailored to college students, says some of this year’s top destinations are Cancun, Panama City Beach, Bahamas and Punta Cana. Each of these places provides both fun and sun, and many students here at the University are packing their bags to head to these cities.

Junior Shelby Goldman will be spending her spring break week in the Bahamas with her boyfriend. “I am so excited to be getting away to somewhere warm!” she says. Many other students will be visiting Panama City and Punta Cana as well.

However, not all students traveling for spring break are taking trips just for leisure. A new and different option that is becoming a popular spring break choice amongst students is volunteer trips.

These “alternative spring breaks” allow students to travel and see different parts of the world while at the same time making a difference in a community somewhere.

One volunteer trip offered by the University is to Guatemala. According to the University’s site, students “participate in volunteer activities in Guatemala such as building and education, along with other activities.”

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Feel Like Redecorating? Try Some of These Dorm Ideas

Dorm IdeasDecorating a room is a great way to express yourself. Many interior-decorating techniques can be used to create an image you want to convey towards the company you have over.

One of the best places to try decorating extravaganzas is in a dorm room. Why you may ask? Well for starters, it’s not permanent. By the end of this semester, many of you will be moving out of your dorm rooms. That poster, bedspread, or color-motif you originally set up in your room is not permanent. If in a couple of months, weeks or days you don’t like your original design of the room, it’s very easy to change it or spruce it up with a couple of steps.

The dorm is also a great place to express yourself because it’s a time of independence. You’re moved out of your house and this is your time to learn about yourself, especially through the form of expression. Use the dorm as a venue of expression, and decorate. There are many techniques and tricks to design a dorm room.

Set-up is the foundation of any room, especially when a room is limited in space. It can be difficult for many people to decorate a limited space without overdoing it, and essentially over-cramping it, making the room seem more cluttered and busy. In a dorm room, occupancy ranges from one to three individuals, which can lead up to three beds, three dressers and three desks. Creating space in a dorm room can be difficult, but with some techniques, more space can be created, making it easier to decorate.

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Will the Real Winter Please Show Up?

Real WinterThe weather that Mother Nature has been gracing us with seems to be the only thing more unpredictable than scoring a prime parking spot in the zoo, better known as the commuter lot.

Scarves, hats, gloves, and heavy puffer coats are considered typical winter fashion; however, the recent indecisive weather pattern has made wearing a t-shirt to class in February the norm on campus.

The Washington Post reported that many parts of the central and eastern United States have been experiencing temperatures 20 to 30 degrees warmer than average. The unusually warm weather has transformed winter fashion, causing students and faculty to adapt to the random changes to the best of their ability.

“I’ve noticed my students coming to class dressed in layers,” said communication professor Shannon Hokanson. Hokanson, who takes an interest in fashion, sees the relatively warmer weather as a positive opportunity.

“Ponchos are also very popular among my students,” explained Hokanson. Entering the world of high fashion this fall season, ponchos have made a smooth transition into the winter season considering the current weather pattern.

Ponchos are available in knits, sweaters, or coats. These three styles can be seen often on campus, particularly due to the often changing weather. The ability to incorporate layering without sacrificing personal style makes this fashion style ideal.

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