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VOL. 92 No. 8
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Department Hosts Alumni
Career Day
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Born to Study: New Bruce
Springsteen Class Ready
to Rock at Monmouth
November 13, 2019
Model UN
Debate Win Big
Dozens of Communication
alums took part in the day's
panels and round tables.
Holograms: Is it Right to
Bring Back Talent?
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The documentary
Game Changers
was screened
at Pollak Theatre with a panel
moderated by comedian Jon
Stewart that was filled with
the film’s stars and produc-
ers last Thursday, Nov. 7.
The panelists consisted of the
film’s main star Wilks, writ-
er/producer Joseph Pace, one
of the film’s dieticians Rip
Esselstyn, the film’s convert
on plant-based diet Nick Ber-
man, and cardiologist Robert
Ostfeld, Ph.D.
The evening began with
the screening of
The Game
, which follows the
journey of defense trainer and
retired UFC fighter James
Wilks, who searches for a so-
lution to return stronger from
a recent knee injury. Through
his research, Wilks discovers
that adopting a plant-based
diet is the best for building
long lasting strength and en-
durance, despite centuries of
messages that promote meat
as an essential source of pro-
To back up his claims, Wilks
showcases top level athletes
who use plant-based diets from
strongman Patrik Baboumian to
ultramarathoner Scott Jurek and
everyone in between like foot-
ball players, track athletes, and
cyclists. Wilks also has the sup-
port of scientists who endorse-
claims on how plant-based eat-
ing is beneficial in many ways
especially for your health, the
environment, the economy, and
The film was insightful by
covering all the bases and de-
bunking the myths behind a
plant-based diet. It was surpris-
ing to find out how dramati-
cally your body can change for
the better just by eating stuff
out of the ground. Above all,
it brushed aside the mascu-
line stereotype behind eating
ing, the panelists came out
to discuss the film and take
questions from the audience,
which mostly consisted of
professionals in the medical
field, community members,
Journalist Linda Deutsch '65Honored
Linda Deutsch ‘65, a Vet-
Associated Press (AP)
Reporter and Monmouth
Alumna, returned to cam-
pus to be honored for her
achievements and generosity
in Jules Plangere, Jr. Cen-
ter for Communication, at 5
p.m. on Nov. 11.
Deutsch pledged $1 Mil-
lion to establish an endowed
scholarship fund for journal-
ism students at Monmouth.
In recognition of her gen-
erosity and career, the uni-
versity dedicated the office
space of the student-run
The Outlook
as the “Linda Deutsch ’65
Student Journalism Center.”
Deutsch was an editor and
reporter for the paper from
1961 to 1965.
University President Pat-
rick Leahy, Ed.D., intro-
duced Deutsch at the naming
ceremony held on the second
floor of Plangere, in front
The Outlook
. “At a naming
occasion, you take a space on
campus that is so important and
you link it forever with a person
who is so important to our uni-
He continued, “You take a
look at
The Outlook
, published
at Monmouth since 1933, and
we need to make sure that we
have first class space for our
budding journalists. When you
take that space, you could go
through our 53,000 alums and
not find a more suitable person
to name this space than today’s
honoree, Linda Deutsch.”
Deutsch is one of 18
PHOTO TAKEN by Nicole Riddle
Associated Press
Special Correspondent Linda Deutsch
created an endowed scholarship for jour-
nalism students and was honored with the dedication of the Linda Deutsch '65 Student Journalism Center.
The University’s Model
United Nations (UN) team
and Debate Hawks sent a total
of 50 students to two respec-
tive tournaments, both taking
home awards this weekend
Friday, Nov. 8 through Sun-
day, Nov. 10.
The Model UN team won
multiple awards at the Na-
tional MUN (NMUN) Con-
ference in Washington, D.C.,
States, Argentina, and Jordan
in the competition. NMUN is
the second largest contest in
the United States, with 966
students from 69 universities
across the U.S. and around
the world.
Monmouth’s U.S. Delega-
tion won Outstanding Del-
egation (top ten percent at the
conference). This delegation
included: Nick Boice, Mack-
enzie Ricca, Payton Col-
lander, Kristen Gomez, Paula
Echeverria , Liam Crowley,
Katelyn Quino, Fradely Dela-
cruz, Nick Gibson, Alexis
Vasquez, Maddy Doe, and Ju-
lia Bialy.
The Jordan Delegation won
Honorable Mention (top 20
percent at the conference).
This delegation was com-
prised of six first-time del-
egates: Ari Martinez, Grace
Joyce, Stephanie Popper, Ari
Moctezuma, Gabriella Griffo,
& Yoshua Morales.
Ken Mitchell, Ph.D., Chair
of the Department of Politi-
cal Science and Sociology
and an Associate Professor of
Political Science who serves
as one of the team’s advisers,
explained that these “Fearless
First-Timers” are the first
team of first-timers to place
at a conference at any level.
The Argentina Delega-
tion included: Sabria Smith,
Sarah Reutti, Eric Machnicki,
Zach Dougherty, Kayla Ken-
nedy, Nina Baltus, Anthony
Cendagorta, & Amanda Lo-
pez, many of whom were fist-
time MUN competitors.
The debate team of Mia Ar-
dovini-Brooker and William
Siefert won first place after
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Jon Stewart and
The GameChangers
PHOTO TAKEN by Nicole Riddle
Jon Stewart moderated
a panel with
The Game Changers
cast and producers at Pollak Theatre.
porters designated ‘Special
Correspondent’ and was
nominated for a Pulitzer
Prize for her work covering
the OJ Simpson Trial. She
has covered other high-pro-
file legal proceedings,
Film stars and musicians post-
humously return to the stage
and screen.
Students now get a chance to
delve deeper into the University's
archives about The Boss.
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