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Volume 83 (Fall 2011 - Spring 2012)

Bust a Move With TKE

Tau Kappa Epsilon Hosts Second Annual “Dancing With TKE” Event

tke-colorTau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity hosted their second annual “Dancing with TKE” event in Pollak Theatre on Tuesday, March 20.

The vision of TKE is to create “lifelong relationships that enhance educational, interpersonal, community and professional success.” Their mission is “to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life.” Their purpose on campus “contributes to the advancement of society though the personal growth of our members, and service to others.”

The event began around 10:30 pm. Before the event, Matthew Avellino, Philanthropy Chair of TKE said he expected a big turnout. “So far we have raised over $400,” said Avellino. “We’ve been selling tickets in the Dining Hall and over 100 people responded ‘attending’ to our Facebook event page.” It is Avellino’s first year as TKE’s philanthropy chair. Tickets were five dollars in advance and seven dollars at the door. All of the proceeds go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

The hosts of the event were TKE member Dave Kunze, and Zeta Tau Alpha sorority member Marie Worsham. “It’s my first time hosting this event,” said Kunze. “We (TKE) actually nominated people who we thought would make good hosts and I was lucky enough to be nominated by my fraternity brothers.”

Patrick Swisher, freshman, and member of Sigma Tau Alpha, participated as a performer in this event with his fraternity chapter because, “It seemed like fun, I thought it would be interesting.”

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Student Activities Office Holds ‘Sound Check Bingo’

default article imageOn Friday, March 23, the Students Activities Office held an event where students could play bingo and win prizes in the Student Center at 8:00 pm. The event was free and there were over $500 in prizes.

The event was organized by Megan McGowan, Assistant Director of Student Activities and Student Center operations.

Heather Kelly, Director of Multi-Cultural and Diversity Initiatives, explained each bingo night has a different theme. “We wanted to do themed bingo nights because it was more fun. The theme for this week is ‘sound check’ which was based on the Apple products,” said Kelly.

Melanie Rowbotham, senior and English Elementary Education major is also part of the film staff in the Student Activities office. According to her, the reason the event was free is so that students will feel some encouragement to come. “There were a lot of prizes that students cannot normally afford so that was a good incentive for them to come out and participate,” said Rowbotham.

Students could be informed about the event through the many ads displayed around campus and in the Student Center. Other ways students could have been informed about the event was through the weekly e-mail sent out every Wednesday, or through the flyers posted on the calendar in the Student Center.

Stefania Flecca, senior and English Secondary Education major, heard of the bingo night through her e-mail. “I checked my e-mail and I saw the event. I was interested in going because of the prizes,” said Flecca.

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Club and Greek Announcements 3/28/12

default article imageThe Outdoors Club

Over the weekend the Outdoors Club traveled to Eastern P.A. for a horseback riding and camping trip.

Members say that the horses were amazing and the weather held up really well.

The ODC is planning another spring trip so anyone that wants to attend is urged to attend the coming meetings.

Wednesday, March 28, there will be a general meeting in Bey Hall to vote for next year’s e-board.

In order to vote a member must have of attended at least one general meeting before the voting session.

There are a lot of people running so come out and support them and the club!

Don’t forget to check out the official Outdoors Club Facebook page for updated information; feel free to post any questions or suggestions regarding the club and any of the trips.

The Outdoors Club’s mission is to promote the growth, understanding, awareness, and appeal of nature through the various activities they sponsor.

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MOCC Continues Tutoring in Public Speaking

default article imageMonmouth Oral Communication Center is providing tutoring for those students who need help to improve their public speaking. 

The members of the MOCC meet every Wednesday, at 2:30 pm in room 215 of the Plangere Center for Communication. Tutoring has begun this spring semester and takes place in the Center for Student Success, located in the Rebecca Stafford Student Center.  Students can sign up for public speaking tutoring on Tutortrac. 

The hours for public speaking tutoring are as follows: Monday 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, Wednesday from 9:00 am to 11:15 am and 3:00 to 4:15 pm, Thursday from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm and Friday 9:00 am to 11:00 am.  For questions or comments, email Kyle Carty, MOCC President at s0724204@

We hope to see you and help you!

Public speaking is the one aspect of school that students fear the most.  Any student, no matter their major, has to go through public speaking and presentations throughout their college career. 

The MOCC is looking to help students who are uncomfortable with this challenge, as well as recruit students who feel comfortable speaking in public and helping others.  For those who want to join MOCC, you can receive credit for your co-curricular practicum for your major. 

Come learn how to fight your fear or to find out how you can help your fellow students!

Los Estudiantes de Artes Van a Espana

Art Students Travel to Spain for Spring Breakesting

03.21.12_Page_16_Image_0001Fifteen University students attended a trip hosted by Art Professor Vincent DiMattio to Madrid, Spain, for spring break.

DiMattio started taking students abroad in 1982. Spain was the main location of inter-est, but he has brought students to other countries including Italy, England, Greece, Prague (Czech republic), France and Amsterdam.

“Professor DiMattio is the greatest person at Monmouth. He is brilliant and so cultured,” said Andrew Edelman, junior. “Ever since I was a freshman I knew I couldn’t wait to study abroad. I wouldn’t have picked anyone else to show me around Spain.” DiMattio hosts this trip every spring break, which lasted for 10 days.

“We took a two hour bus ride from the University to JFK Inter-national Airport. The flight was around seven hours until we got to Madrid,” said Carolyn Taylor, junior. “We stayed at the Hotel Regina, less than a block away from the Puerta del Sol in Ma-drid located in the direct center of the country and a hot spot for street performers.”

Edelman added, “In Madrid we saw the Prado museum, Reina Sofia museum, Thyssen museum, Puerta del sol, Sorolla’s house and studio, Shogall museum, Regon exhibition Grandvia, old Madrid and we went to the espana market.”

The group took a trip to a few Spanish cities including Toledo, one of the oldest cities in Spain that is set up like a medieval town. The city of Toledo is home of the cathedral and El Parador, from which one can take in the view of Toledo which inspired El Greco’s paintings. El Greco is the nickname of a Greek painter, sculptor and architect who lives in Spain. “El Greco” means “the Greek.” Toledo is also where his home and paintings are currently located.

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Club Spotlight: Cru

Campus Crusade for Christ Shares Common Beliefs


“We are a caring community, passionate about connecting others to Jesus Christ,” said junior, Shaina Tinsley from Mays Landing, NJ, Secretary of the on-campus organization, Cru.

Cru is part of an international Christian organization, on campuses in 191 countries. The abbreviation Cru comes from the word crusade in the organizations official title, Campus Crusade for Christ.

At the University, Cru is a local chapter of the larger organization also referred Cru. Their local chapter is connected to 33 other local chapters in New Jersey.

“I love that Cru is not just a Christian club on campus,” said general member, Karen Waters from Edison, NJ. “I love that we exist not only to help those that want to grow in their Christian faith, but also help to spur on various conversations around campus to those who aren’t of the Christian faith.”

According to Tinsley, Cru has two purposes: to help Christians grow in their faith, and to inform those who want to know more about who Jesus is, or who want to come and share what they believe.

“We choose to accept anyone who walks though those doors and into our ministry,” said Tinsley. “It’s that love and sense of kinship that’s helped me countless times in my college experience.”

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Club and Greek Announcements 3/21/12

default article imageThe Outdoors Club

The Outdoor’s Club would like to welcome all of Monmouth back and hopes everyone had a relaxing spring break.

The Pennsylvania horseback riding trip is this weekend, those who are attending need to keep an eye out for important emails. The trip and horseback riding will continue regardless of the weather so come prepared.

An ODC general meeting will be taking place this Wednesday, March 21 at 3:30 pm in Bey Hall. During this meeting we will discuss the future kayaking trip along with the much anticipated Zachary’s fund raiser!

Also on the agenda is the Eboard nominations and further discussion of the horseback riding trip. The ODC hopes to see everyone at the meeting!

Don’t forget to check out the official Outdoors Club Facebook page for updated information; feel free to post any questions or suggestions regarding the club or any of the trips.


You’re invited to Student Government’s Annual Auction.

The event will take place on Friday, March 30, 2012 at 6:00 pm at the Blue and White Club in the Multipurpose Activity Center. All proceeds benefit Michael’s Feat.

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The Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services

default article imageThe Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services will be having their first ever Off-Campus and Commuter Services Social on Tuesday, March 27. Students are invited to stop by to learn everything they’ll need to know about living off-campus, student organizations and the services that the University has to offer. The event will take place in Anacon Hall-A from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. The program is designed to promote the Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services and to encourage commuter students to get more involved in the organizations on campus.

The event will include free food and music as students will have the opportunity to interact with a number of organizations and services from around campus. Students will also get a chance to win a surprise giveaway by attending.

To RSVP, e-mail Courtney Ciandella at

“LOL” in Anacon

Comedians KT Tatara and Adam Mamawala Perform

The Student Activities Board (SAB) at the University welcomed comedians KT Tatara and Adam Mamawala to Anacon Hall in the Student Center on March 3 at 8:00 pm. Tatara and Mamawala were returning guests after performing at the University last year.

Tatara, a 32-year-old from California, performed first. Not only has he been on Showtime before, but Comedy Central as well.

He did not hesitate to jump right into his crude, though hilarious, comedic style. He used his ethnic background of being half-Japanese in his jokes as well as using other races and sexes.

Tatara really related to the audience through his blunt humor on matters that all college kids could understand.

His performance was very interactive. Midway through his act he asked students at the University about recent events here that he could talk about. He also called out members of the audience about their different reactions to his jokes and other things such as leaving their seat to get a drink or someone fumbling with their empty soda can.

At the last part of his performance, Tatara called up a student from the audience and proceeded to serenade her in song. Adam Mamawala is from Hoboken, New Jersey. He attended high school in Hillsborough, New Jersey, but grew up in Illinois near Chicago. He has performed in over 20 states and has been to about 60 to 70 colleges in the past few years.

Mamawala’s performance did not start off as “in-your-face” as Tatara’s, but the attention of the audience was captured.

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The Verge Becomes Newest MU Media Outlet

Online News Portal Launches at University

The University’s new innovative news portal launched last week in the Jules Plangere Building. The Verge is the first s tudent-run o nline news outlet on campus.

It is a multimedia website containing videos, audio, and pictures alongside the articles posted. The news portal is completely student run; all of the stories are researched, written, and posted by students. Mass media is heading towards new platforms and the students at the University have jumped at the opportunity.

“The Verge is a great way for students to adapt to new technology,” said Lisa Tobia, a junior and writer for The Verge.

The online new portal is made possible through WordPress, a personal publishing software established in 2003. This is what allows the students to embed links and pictures with their stories. It also allows readers to comment on those stories.

The Verge has been in progress for about a year now, and last Wednesday’s launch party was deemed very successful. “It felt great,” said The Verge’s faculty advisor and creator, Professor Marina Vujnovic. “About 50 people showed up. Even President Gaffney attended.”

Faculty and students squeezed themselves into room 206 to help celebrate the commencement of The Verge. President Paul Gaffney gave a speech along with Dr. Chad Dell and Professor Vujnovic.

“This has been a year’s wait,” said Tom Ranzweiler, the Editorin- Chief of The Verge. Ranzweiler, along with Associate Editor Kayla Inglima, have worked with Professor Vujnovic on this project since last spring semester.

However, The Verge has been in progress since long before that. Vujnovic said she’s thought about this since she received the teaching position back in 2008, and from that time on she’s worked with Professor John Morano, Professor Dell, and Rupa Dasgupta from the IT department to make The Verge possible.

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Rock ‘n’ Raise 2012

Communication Organizations Raise Money for Relay for Life

On Friday, March 2, the University’s most active and prominent organizations got together to raise money for Relay for Life. This gathering consisted of support from members of, WMCX, Hawk TV, The Outlook, Desperate Mamas and Desperate Students. Desperate Mamas, a group of University faculty dedicated to fighting cancer, celebrated its fifth birthday.

Donna Mancini, Office Coordinator of Radio and TV as well as a leading member of Desperate Mamas, says, “We aim to have fun. We have a reputation of pushing the envelope, as we aim to fulfill [our goals] too.”

Mancini added, “The groups are supportive of each other and each has a different strength.”

The lobby had been decorated with a variety of colored flags, banners, streamers and party balloons. Local vendors lined the halls, selling everything from Uggs and jewelry to hot dogs and kitchen supplies. Those who came to the event were able to play Guitar Hero at a station in the corner of the lobby.

Desperate Mamas was stationed in the center of the Plangere lobby, though they had tables set up along the adjacent halls to hold the raffle prizes. They sold raffle tickets in portions of one, five and 10 dollars to raise money. The prizes included gifts cards, items and services from venues such as Spellbinders, Medusa Hair Design Studio, Retro Fitness, Joe’s Crab Shack, Tip to Toe Beauty, Organic Style and Windmill. There were a total of 48 different prizes to win.

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