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Volume 84 (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)

Theta Xi Hosts Annual Ms. Monmouth Fundraiser

Jenn Carter of Delta Phi Epsilon Named Ms. Monmouth


Theta Xi Fraternity held their annual Ms. Monmouth competition on April 3 at 10:00 pm in Pollak Theater.

Ms. Monmouth is an annual pageant that Theta Xi hosts every spring semester, which crowns  the top three competitors. All proceeds of the event went to the two philanthropies Theta Xi is working with, Multiple Sclerosis and Habitat for Humanity.

In third place was Naomi Ovadia, in second place was Catarina Kneer, and in first place was the new Ms. Monmouth, Jenn Carter.

Matt Leonardis, senior in Theta Xi, and Sofia Mandia, sister of Zeta Tau Alpha, hosted the event. Joe Koenig, senior in Theta Xi, provided music throughout the entire show including before the event started and during the intermission.

Former president of Theta Xi, junior Joe Nardini said, “We love hosting this event. The contestants have a lot of fun with it and it’s for a good cause. We had a great turn out this year and the audience seemed to really enjoy themselves. A lot of work went into putting this together, so I’m happy it was successful.”

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Greek Life Awards to Honor Outstanding Members

Fraternity and sorority awards are being honored to specific members of Greek life on Monday, April 29 in Magill Commons. The purpose of these awards is to highlight student leaders who uphold the values of the Greek life community.

Faculty and staff advisors for chapters are also being nominated and awarded for their outstanding work and dedication. Members of the Division of Student Services will help decide the winners of each award. The awards are decided by reviewing applications that students submit, whether they have nominated themselves or someone else.

The honors have been given out for several years. It is an annual tradition which Jon Buchalski, New Assistant Director of Student Activities, has continued to lead. Applications were due this past Friday and Buchalski notes how the feedback was great and students are actively participating in the voting. Students are jumping at the opportunity to thank their brothers and sisters of Greek life for yet another successful new member process which completes this upcoming week, as well as the staff and faculty supervising and guiding them for the entire six week program. The awards allow chapters to publicly recognize those who help them with their continued success and growth of each fraternity and sorority.

Buchalski explains, “The award winners will receive an engraved token in recognition of the award itself. The ceremony will also highlight the academic year that is coming to an end, as well as thanking all of those people who worked with the community to improve it this year. Finally we will install the new executive officers for the Greek Senate and the Sub-Councils.” While all Greek life will be together as a community, the newest Greek Senate and Sub-Councils, which were recently chosen for the upcoming year, will be introduced.

The categories of awards are: Outstanding Faculty or Staff Advisor, Outstanding Chapter Program, Outstanding New Member, Outstanding Chapter President, The Chris Mejia Greek Man of the Year, The Greek Woman of the Year, and The Pillars.

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University’s Enactus Team Represents in NYC

Enactus Competed Against NEC and Ivy League Universities


The University’s Enactus Team failed to place at the 2013 Enactus Competition in New York. Enactus sent three of their members to the Hilton Hotel in New York to compete and represent the University in a five team division that included NEC members Quinnipiac University and Dartmouth University of the Ivy League.

Nicholas Gencorelli commented on the experience saying, “The first time I went with the Monmouth team I was just a spectator, but it felt great to actually get to present in front of all different business professionals.”

The team had to deal with a little adversity that morning of the competition. President of the Enactus club, Melross Meneses, was one of the members that attended the competition and he spoke about the adversity that came about during that day. He said, “Our team was very small compared to the other schools that where there. They had team buses and it was a little intimidating at first but you still have a job to do.”

Teams came from all over the region to attend this competition. Those teams that brought more group members came the day before and got themselves situated in the hotel. The University’s team, however, had to awake early in the morning to board the 7:00 am train from Long Branch, NJ to the Big Apple only to take another subway into to 53rd street for registration. “It was one of the longest days of my life. From finalizing the presentation then only having an hour of sleep; that can really affect you,” said Gencorelli.

 The team could be found on the third floor of the convention center at the Hilton Hotel in a little corner practicing and reciting there lines and potential questions they might get asked. 

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The Outdoors Club Prepares for Spring Trip


The Outdoors Club will be going on their spring trip on Friday, April 19 until Monday, April 22 at Hawkins Bridge Campsite in Wharton State Forest. Wharton State Forest is the largest single tract of land within the New Jersey State Park System.

President of the Outdoors Club, Greg Cenicola, senior and criminal justice major, commented, “We use our funds/budget to make trips as cheap as possible for students and to supply them with the gear to use.”

Cenicola has been involved with the Outdoors Club since his sophomore year when he attended his first trip and was secretary of the club last year. “We have done camping trips such as this one that double with an activity such as kayaking, ziplining, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, snowboarding, and skiing.”

There was no fundraising involved with this trip.  The cost is $20 per student for the three days.  This cost includes a one-day kayak rental, seven meals, and their stay on the campsite. However, if the students have their own kayak, the price is reduced to $10.  The trip was limited to 25 students on a first come, first serve basis.  Members and nonmembers of the Outdoors Club filled all 25 spots.

Mike Kulik, sophomore health and physical education major, said, “I’m really pumped for this trip; unfortunately, due to Hurricane Sandy, we had to cancel our fall trip and these outdoor nights are long overdue.  Everyone is excited to get their heads out of their books for a weekend of hiking, camping, kayaking, and good times.”

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Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

The Council for Exceptional Children Hosts Easter Party for Disabled Children


The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) paired up with The Shore for Students with Autism Center to host an Easter party for students with disabilities on Thursday, March 28 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

The party was held in the gym at The Shore Center. The event was broken down into two different groups of students, an older and younger group.

The Shore Center is an education facility located in Tinton Falls that works with children with autism and their parents to help them learn and develop. The Shore Center also helps parents of autistic children by offering lectures to help them learn how to help their children develop and grow. The staff at The Shore Center uses research-based practices to ensure education for each of the students.

Members of the Council for Exceptional Children, including executive board members and general members attended the event to work with the students and coordinate the activities throughout the day. Staff members from The Shore Center also attended to help with the activities and students.

President of The Council for Exceptional Children, Kate Muller, used the group’s Facebook page to promote the event inviting all CEC members and other University students to participate in the Easter party. She posted this as a way to get involved with the group as well as build on community service hours.

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“These Aren’t Spirit Fingers...These Are Spirit Fingers”

University Cheerleading Team Ranked Fifth in Nation for Division I All Girl


The University Cheerleading team competed in the UCA Col­lege Nationals on January 18-20, 2013, in Orlando, Florida at Walt Disney World Resorts. This was the University’s first time compet­ing on a national level and they are currently fifth in the nation for Di­vision 1 All Girl.

Senior captain Stefanie Mast­beth is sad to leave the team after being a member for the past four years. “I’m so proud of my team for making history at Monmouth and being the first competitive team. Our first time at UCA Na­tionals and placing fifth in the nation was such an amazing ac­complishment. I’m honored that I am able to say that I helped the program advance into the com­petitive world and I cannot wait to see their future endeavors.”

Courtney Ball, head coach, said, “We have plans to compete again next year, and hope to be as successful if not more suc­cessful despite the fact that the competition level will be higher. I am very excited for next year because we can continue to grow and progress with the talent we have developed this year.”

Danielle Murray, sophomore and health studies major, said, “I am extremely excited about what next year holds for the team. We are all dedicated to going back to Florida and doing even bet­ter than this year. Our team has come so far in the last few years and I can’t wait to see the pro­gram grow in the next few.”

When asked to comment on the past season, Ball said, “I think overall we had a very successful season. We have a young team, so we had to spend some time teach­ing them the fundamentals from a collegiate standpoint.”

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Why Work Out When You Can Dance?

PRSSA Hosts Zumba Dance Fundraiser at Shore Fit Club


PRSSA held a Zumba fund­raiser at Shore Fit Club in West Long Branch on Monday, March 4, at 8:30 pm. Shore Fit offers a variety of classes like spinning, boot camps, Pilates, TRX and personal training. They are dedi­cated to making their members passionate about fitness and re­lay energetic motivation even if the work out gets intense.

The Zumba class was 90’s themed, playing only throw­backs for an hour and a half. PRSSA partnered with Shore Fit for this event to raise money for the club and an upcoming New Mexico conference trip for e-board members.

The event was $10 for non- Shore Fit members and $7 for members. Eighty percent of the profits went back to the club. It was a mixed ratio, half students and the other half non-students consisting of residents from the area who were already members of the fitness center.

“Its great that community members got out and supported PRSSA,” senior Alexis Brooke said. Brooke is in charge of the fundraising and events in the club. This means coordinating events, such as the Zumba fun­draiser, with local businesses. Shore Fit agreed to team up with Brooke and PRSSA to offer the Zumba night to non-members as well as their own members.

For those unfamiliar with Zumba, it’s a copyrighted work­out that has become sensational in many gyms, fitness classes and even has been made into workout videos. It combines dancing with working out, and fitness instruc­tors can create original dances to any playlist they wish. It can even serve as a place to socialize.

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Delta Phi Epsilon Raises Over $2,000 for Cystic Fibrosis

DPhiE Hosts Annual Lip Sync Fundraiser


Delta Phi Epsilon raised over $2,000 dollars at their annual lip sync contest. On Wednesday, March 6, at 10:00 pm over 400 people arrived at Pollak Theater to support this event that pro­vided funding and awareness for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Eight acts performed.

Casey McCabe, a junior in Delta Phi Epsilon who organized the event said, “It has been tra­dition to do our lip sync event in the fall and this year, even though it got canceled due to Hurricane Sandy, we resched­uled and tried our best to make it a success because we still really wanted to support The Cystic Fi­brosis Foundation.”

Delta Phi Epsilon’s lip sync competition consisted of perfor­mances by students who danced and sang to an array of different genres of music. These perform­ers not only had to impress the spectators, but also had to earn the votes of the judges.

The judges for this event were Stephanie Marte of Phi Sigma Sigma, Travis Whitney from Sigma Pi, Brielle Douress from Zeta Tau Alpha, and Raven Lake from Alpha Xi Delta.

The hosts of the event were Marisa Meiskin of Delta Phi Ep­silon and Thomas Bongiorno of Sigma Pi.

MBA student, Cameron Nich­ols, also known as DJ Cam, pro­vided the music for this event. Nichols said, “I provided the DJ services for free, but it’s for a fantastic cause and it was an awesome show. Anytime I can provide my services to Greek life for a cause such as rais­ing money for Cystic Fibrosis I will.”

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Roll the Dice with SAB

SAB Hosts Monte Carlo Style Casino Night

Casino-Night-1The Student Activities Board (SAB) hosted their annual Ca­sino Night at 7:00 pm on Sat­urday, March 23. Students were invited to join the club in the Student Center’s Anacon Hall where displays of a Monte Carlo venue decorated the room. Stu­dents participating in this event were given the opportunity to partake in various games, mim­icking an actual casino.

Game chips were given to the guests upon their arrival to use at the game tables located throughout the hall. Betting on the games with chips was up to the players, as they could be exchanged for raff le tickets. At the end of the event, the raff le winners were announced and claimed the gift baskets they won. The night also featured a DJ booth, food buffet and photo booth available to all the guests.

SAB worked together in orga­nizing the event from purchas­ing decorations to booking a DJ; they contributed what they could to create a fun night for the students. Sami Kosky, ju­nior and festival chair for SAB, ran the event. Anticipating a successful event with regards to previous years, Kosky hoped to have a good turnout. Her expectations were filled while guests continued to arrive with the crinkling of game chips in their hands.

As expected by SAB mem­bers, Casino Night turned out to be a success. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, in­cluding junior Dana Hochs­taedter, who is also a SAB mem­ber. Hochsraedter said, “It’s a good turnout. There are a lot more people than I expected.” Casino Night has proven to be a success among students with a good ref lection on the proceed­ings of SAB.

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Oh You’re a Big Man?


Zeta Tau Alpha hosted their annual Big Man on Campus event on Wednesday, February 27 at 10:00 pm in Pollak Theater. The event’s main goal was to raise awareness and money for breast cancer. All proceeds were donated to the Susan G. Koman Foundation.

Big Man on Campus is a male pageant in which guys from various organizations on campus showcase different attire and talents competing for first through third place.

There were four categories of clothing styles including casual, swimsuit, talent and formal wear. The music for the night was provided by Tau Kappa Epsilon’s Phil Nappen.

Running for the title of Big Man on Campus was Bryan Duarte of Sigma Pi, Mike Migliaro of Phi Kappa Psi, Ron Serman of Tau Kappa Epsilon, Mike Tilton of Sigma Tau Gamma, Zach Martin of Tau Kappa Epsilon, Bernie Ianucci of Phi Kappa Psi, Kevin Davis of the soccer team, Ryan Dubelbeiss of Theta Xi, Kyle Hasslinger of the ice hockey team, and Michael Qualiano of Alpha Kappa Psi.

The 10 contestants came out on stage in their different attire for each round. They were given questions and were asked to also provide a talent for the audience.

Participants were competing to win over the four judges. The judges included Casey McCabe of Delta Phi Epsilon, Jess Bragen of Phi Sigma Sigma, Kristi Hunt of Alpha Xi Delta and reigning Big Man on Campus from 2011 Andy Stern. The judges were asked to give insight throughout the event and to score to each contestant, which ultimately decided the winner.

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And the Bidding Will Start at...


This past week has concluded yet another successful Greek life recruitment. On Thursday, February 24, bid day closed out the process as potential new members received their bids to the sorority or fraternity they were welcomed to join.

Bid day serves as the final step within the recruitment process. Meet the Greeks started the procedure as the initial meeting between chapters and potential new members.

Jon Buchalski, assistant director of student activities for fraternity and sorority life, said, “You hope students meet as many members of organizations they are interested in as possible in order to find their match and begin their journey into Greek life.”

Once Meet the Greeks was completed, the recruitment process serves as the first acquaintance process between chapters and potential new members.

With recent changes Buchalski has brought in, this bid day was completed in a different way. Once the potential new members complete their three day process of recruitment, which consists of meeting each chapter, as well as narrowing down their selection for which they are most interested in, they are asked to meet one last time and receive their bids chosen on their preference, as well as the chapters.

The potential new members arrived to Young Auditorium this past Thursday full of excitement and nerves as they anticipated seeing which invitation they received from which chapter.

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