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Volume 84 (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)

Hawk TV and WMCX Host “Rock n Raise”


WMCX and Hawk Television hosted their third annual Rock n Raise fundraiser this past Friday, February 22. With 100 percent of the proceeds going towards Relay for Life, both organizations were able to raise $631 over the course of the day.

Rock n Raise is a battle of the bands style fundraiser where bands sign up and compete through ticket sales to raise the most money and take away predetermined prizes. The event featured four live bands and three acoustic acts, all of which were broadcasted live via Hawk TV and The X.

The Hawk TV studio, located in the back of Plangere, had two stag­es set up for performances and one smaller stage set up for interviews. All the stages were assembled and painted by members of Hawk TV. The entire crew consisted of around 50 students.

Vernoica Yurowski, executive producer for Rock n Raise has been working with a producing team and members of Hawk TV putting this event together since the summer time. She explained the early stages consisted of coming up with themes, creating the logo and eventually set­tling on one specific theme. “Over­all I think today was really great,” Yurowski said, “We had a great crew turn out. Everyone pitched in and everyone worked together, we’re one big family down here, we all helped each other out and it was great.”

The event was hosted by com­munication majors Michael Udaya­kumar and Ashely Pacifico, both ju­niors at the University. Udayakumar explained the main job as a host, is to mentally prepare in order to have an idea of what you are going to say, without having to rely solely on the script. Information such as, what mu­sicians belong to which bands, prizes for the competition and sponsors were all studied prior to show time. “My favorite part of the day,” Udayaku­mar said, “Was seeing the bands rock out in their natural environment and seeing the passion that they have for making and playing music.”

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Blood Drive Not Hosted in Vein


Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) hosted a blood drive for Central Jersey Blood on Friday, February 15 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm in Anacon Hall.

Kevin Gilsenan, sophomore and business major, is the public relations chair for TKE. Gilsenan said, “This was the first blood drive our fraternity organized and we hope to organize more blood drives in the future.”

Gilsenan was very pleased with the turn out, which ended up having 47 volunteers sign up.

Christa Hogan, professor in the school of social work, works through out the school year to raise awareness for other philanthropies of organizations as well. Tau Kappa Epsilon raises money and spreads awareness for St. Jude Children’s Research and Alzheimer’s Association.

All students and faculty were invited to volunteer to donate blood. Gilsenan said, “When volunteers came in, they had to sign in with brothers of the fraternity. Then they had to go through a number of different tests to make sure that they met the requirements to donate blood.”

Gab D’Acunto, communication major and junior, signed up in advance to donate blood. D’Acunto said, “I like that TKE is giving the university the chance to donate blood. It’s not a type of community service I would think to do, but when I saw they were organizing a blood drive I figured I would get involved. I was a little nervous but I’m glad I participated.”

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Speed Networking, Three Minutes with a Professional


The International Business Network (IBN) hosted their first speed networking event this past Tuesday, February 12, from 5:00pm to 7:00 pm on the second floor of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center in Anacon Hall. 20 professionals from various businesses arrived at 4:45 pm prepared to network with students.

Upon arrival each student picked up their information packets and nametags. In these information packets, each student was assigned a position of where to begin the speed networking process. Students were then matched up to a professional for three minutes. The three minute period consisted of introductions and brief interactions.

Professionals were given the opportunity to ask students interview questions, examine resumes and then respond with honest feedback on communication skills, resume building tips and professionalism. At the end of the three minutes a bell rang and students were told to switch to the next seat. Students were encouraged to ask for business cards and ask the professionals for their feedback. The process continued until each student had the opportunity to meet with eight professionals.

“Nineteen of the 38 students that attended this event are on course to graduate in May 2013. Two students that attended this event were graduate level students,” said Amber Brown a member of the International Business Network.

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Club Spotlight: Council for Exceptional Children

A Worthy Club for Education and Special Education Majors

Here at the University, The Council for Exceptional Children works to improve the educational successes of children and youth with disabilities, gifts or talents.

Kate Muller, President of the Council for Exceptional Children, said, “We plan events that involve interacting and engaging with special needs students, visit other schools or facilities to help out with their events, and also attend lectures and workshops about in­dividuals with special needs.”

The main goal of the CEC throughout the school year is to obtain as many opportunities as possible to work with individuals with disabilities. The club meets to discuss future event plans once a month on a Wednesday at 3:30 pm in McAllan Hall.

CEC has paired up mostly with the Harbor School in Eatontown to host some of their events and work with disabled individuals. They hope to soon work with The Shore Center for Students with Autism in Tinton Falls.

Other e-board members include senior education majors Leah Russo and Aly Yager. Yager said, “CEC works hard for the individ­uals with disabilities. It is some­thing every member feels very dedicated about. We like that we give Monmouth students the op­portunity to make a difference in these individuals’ lives. We en­courage anyone who is interested to come to the meetings or join the mailing list. It is one of those experiences you would never re­gret and be thankful you joined.”

Carol McArthur-Amedeo, lec­turer of Educational Leadership, School Counseling, and Special Education, and Stacy Lauderdale, Assistant Professor of Curricu­lum and Instruction, advise the club.

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So We Meet Again

With a New Semester Comes Another Introduction Night for the Greek Community


Meet the Greeks was held on Tues­day, February 5 at 10:00 pm in the Multipurpose Activity Center.

“The purpose of Meet the Greeks is for the fraternity and sorority commu­nity to join together in order to show­case their chapters and reach out to potential new members interested in Greek life,” stated Vic Nazario, Greek Senate President. Meet the Greeks is the initial step within the process of joining both fraternities and sororities in Greek life at the University.

10 representatives from each chap­ter are chosen to attend Meet the Greeks with the duty of informing potential members about their spe­cific organization. They are asked to decorate a table with their individual letters, pictures, banners and other symbols in order to represent their chapters and provide an idea of who they are as an organization. Students are asked to sign a list at each organi­zation’s table which they are interest­ed in and provide their name, student ID and GPA as the first step towards formal recruitment.

Assistant Director of Student Ac­tivities for Fraternity and Sorority Life, Jon Buchalski, further explained the event by stating, “Meet the Greeks is usually a preliminary contact for people to meet each chapter at the beginning of recruitment. You hope students meet as many members of organizations they are interested in as possible in order to find their match and begin their journey into Greek life.”

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Snow Day!

SAB Teams Up With Alpha Sigma Tau to Host a Winter Wonderland in Lot Six


Though it did indeed snow late on the evening of Saturday, Feb­ruary 2, a winter wonderland was brought to campus in another sense during the day with the Snow Day event hosted by the University’s Student Activities Board and co-sponsored by Alpha Sigma Tau. Due to inspiration from wanting to enhance the feel of snow in a snowless environment, Snow Day was created.

Held in lot six, more commonly known as the Cedar parking lot on the residential side of cam­pus, Snow Day consisted of a gi­ant blow up snow globe in which students could stand in to get their photo taken, a fun slide, outdoor heaters, and hot chocolate.

The event was originally sup­posed to begin at 12:00 pm, but was postponed a half-hour due to cars that were parked in the park­ing lot.

Megan McGowan, Assistant Director of Student Activities, ex­plained that gates were supposed to block off the entrance to the Ce­dar lot but they were not put up at the correct time. As a result, cars that were parked in the parking lot were blocking where the fun slide and snow globe were to be placed, thus delaying the set up of the event.

Students whose cars were parked in the lot were contacted by the University Police Depart­ment and were asked to move their vehicles. Once the vehicles were moved, set up was able to begin and the event was up and running by 12:30 pm.

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

SAB Announces Plans for a Trip to Philly for Students in March


The Student Activities Board will be sponsoring a trip to center city Philadelphia on March 2 and 3. Reservations for this trip began January 28 on the second floor of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center and the last full day to reserve your spot will be Monday, February 12. This trip includes one night in the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown and a coach bus ride that transports students from the University to Phil­adelphia.

Megan McGowan, Assistant Di­rector of Student Activities said, “This trip gives students the op­portunity to stay in a safe area of Philadelphia for a discounted rate.” According to McGowan, the hotel is typically very expensive but after collaborating with the Marriott by going through their group booking agent, prices could be discounted anywhere from 20 to 40 percent.

Christopher Preciose, a sopho­more studying business and an ac­tive member of SAB, was selling tickets in the Rebecca Stafford Stu­dent Center and said that students were very excited about the trip.

Genevieve Kobus, a junior study­ing business with a concentration in marketing and management, said, “The reason that I signed up for the trip is because I have never been to Philadelphia before and would re­ally like to see it. This is a good op­portunity to do that because the trip is very inexpensive and there is no itinerary set so I can see whatever I want to see.”

Preciose said, “This is a trip where students are free to do what they want in Philadelphia.” Activities in the area include The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, The Franklin Institute, The Philadelphia Zoo, The Philadelphia Art Museum, as well as the freedom to do other activities that are available in the city.

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Lights Out! SAB Hosts “Monmouth After Dark” in Boylan Gymnasium

On Friday, January 25, the Student Activities Board hosted “Monmouth After Dark.” Despite freezing temperatures and snow, students braved the trip to Boylan Gym for the first SAB event of 2013.

Lucy Russo, VP of Major Events in SAB and a junior majoring in psychology explained, “We are doing an event where it is free and open to everyone. We have black-light laser tag, glow-in-the-dark tattoos, and an oxygen bar where you get oxygen in different scents and it is supposed to cleanse and help health.” When asked how long the process was to prepare the gym for the event, Russo stated, “It took about an hour to set everything up.”

One of the first students at the event was Rebekah Mar-Tang, a graduate student in social work. She said, “It’s an interesting event. I’ve been here since I was a freshman and I was never aware of things like this or I would have done it earlier. A lot of people I know usually go home so at least there’s something on the weekends that people can do that don’t want to go home and want to stay in the area.”

Upon being asked what she liked about the event, Mar-Tang replied, “I don’t know what an oxygen bar is. It’s intriguing me a little bit. I do like the [neon] tattoos though since I am not brave enough to get a real tattoo. Getting one that I could see in a black light is cool.”

Leonard Rusciani, a senior majoring in software engineering, enjoyed the night. “There’s not as many people as I thought there would be, but it snowed so that affected [the attendance]. It’s really fun. I’ve never played laser tag before so my friends brought me out here to try it. I was on the blue team and we won. I’m going to try the oxygen bar next.”

Another student enjoying the event was Christina Gonzalez, a sophomore majoring in social work. She discussed the event saying, “I just got here but it looks like a lot of fun. I think the oxygen bar is cool. It’s something different. They’ve had laser tag before. Plus it’s something for people our age.”

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Heart of a Lion: University Mourns Loss of Chris Mejia


This past December, the University suffered the loss of an extraordinary student, friend, brother and overall inspirational human being. Chris Mejia was 23 years old, in his fifth year at the University and was pursuing a double major in business marketing and management, as well as an IT minor.

“Chris always brought the bigness out of you, made you feel like you were bigger than you are and that anything is possible if you just set your mind to it,” Jason Horowitz said, a brother of Chris’ in Sigma Pi, as well as a close friend since his freshman year back in 2010.

Horowitz was also Chris’ little brother in the fraternity, but he explained their relationship went deeper than a title within their fraternity. “The bond Chris and I had formed so quickly was unbelievable, we just instantly became lifelong friends, we shared similar goals and aspirations,” he said. “Everyday we would plot on our futures. Chris was not only my best friend, that’d be an understatement, he was my future business partner, he was my future best man at my wedding, he just influenced me in so many ways and left a huge impact on my life. I’m blessed to have known him, he was an amazing person.”

Chris was very into marketing, business management and a huge nutrition buff; as Horowitz put it, “He was always trying to get a lot of things going.”

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Pennies From Heaven

There are six sororities on campus here at the University and each have their own philanthropy which they hold events to fundraise for.

Phi Sigma Sigma’s philanthropy is the National Kidney Foundation. To raise money for this, they hold two big events throughout the year.

The first one is Monmouth Idol. It is held in the fall semester; tickets are five dollars in advance and seven at the door. Any student is eligible to participate if they would like to. There are prizes given to first, second, and third place and the proceeds go to The National Kidney Foundation.

The other event they have is the pancake breakfast, held in the spring semester and the tickets are also five dollars. The sisters of Phi Sigma Sigma make pancakes, and it is an all you can eat event. This event takes place in the basement of Spruce Hall, and the proceeds go to The National Kidney Foundation.

Laura Trachtenberg, senior, is the Archon of Phi Sigma Sigma. “I think it was a very unfortunate circumstance for the family who started the foundation, but it has turned into a wonderful opportunity to raise money for people who need it,” said Trachtenberg.

Fundraising is something that every Greek organization holds close to their hearts. On Wednesday, December 12, Phi Sigma Sigma will be fundraising for a different organization, Pennies From Heaven – Caleb’s Foundation.

One of the sisters of Phi Sigma Sigma, Elena Pellarin, senior, holds this foundation close to her heart. “A good friend of mine who had lost her baby to cancer started it. I have been wanting to help her for a while but was not sure how to. Her family has been going through difficult times lately so I wanted to do something to raise her spirits and remind her that people care,” said Pellarin.

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Grab a Slice!

Outdoors Club Hosts Fundraiser

The Outdoors Club held an allyou- can-eat event at Zachary’s Pizza in West Long Branch to raise money for their organization on Tuesday, December 4.

The tickets were 12 dollars and could be bought in advance or at t he d oor. T wo d ollars w ent t o the Outdoors Club and ten dollars went to Zachary’s. It was buffet style and they served plain, sausage and pepper, and pepperoni pizzas.

The Outdoors Club holds events both inside and outside of the University, depending on how many people get involved. The University splits the cost with the club if the events are held on campus. Sometimes, if they are expecting a lot of people they will need to request a second bus to transport everyone. This calls for special funding.

Some of the recent events they have held are kayaking, zip lining, and horseback riding. Their events range from day trips to weekend trips.

President of the Outdoors Club Greg Cenicola, senior, said, “A typical event usually brings in 42- 50 people.”

They advertised for the event through Facebook and the clubs and organizations page on eCampus. Professor William Reynolds is the advisor for the Outdoors Club. “We have this group on eCampus, so the people who want to know about the event can check it and we don’t have to send e-mails out through the University,” said Reynolds.

A recent graduate from the University, Joy Marcus, saw the advertisements for the event and came out to see a former professor. “I know Professor Reynolds and I wanted to come and see him and support the Outdoors Club,” said Marcus.

It was not mandatory for the members of the Outdoors Club to attend, but most of them did to support the organization.

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