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Volume 84 (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)

Students Speak up for Activities

Megan McGowan of SAB Discusses Upcoming Plans

The Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations, and the Student Activities Board have begun creating their annual survey in hopes to receive direct feedback from students for upcoming events of their choice.

The survey is 20 questions that both the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations, as well as the Student Activities Board, use to measure student satisfaction, participation and interest. The survey asks a set of the same questions yearly, but will also highlight a specific area of interest to learn more about an explicit area of programming.

Megan Mc-Gowan, Assistant Director of Student Activities and Student Center Operations, works directly with composing this survey. She has created the survey while incorporating ideas from the Student Activities Board. This year, the Student Government Association was also invited to participate and highlight some questions about the University’s annual Springfest.

McGowan said, “Last year we highlighted what type of genres of music students wanted to hear. This year we will be working with the leadership of the Student Government Association to learn more about what students want from the Springfest entertainment.”

McGowan added, “Although when we ask students about specific artists on the survey, we can’t always bring that specific act to a campus, due to the artist availability or schedule, it will give us a broad idea of what the student body is looking for. We will include some write-in areas on the survey but because we are working with a budget and price range when booking campus events, we can’t always book everything the students respond with.”

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Cheer Team Ventures Into New Territory

MU Cheer Team to Compete on National Stage


The 2012-2013 cheerleading season is different from any other season they have had at the University for one main reason: MU Cheer will be competing in the UCA College Nationals on January 18-20, 2013, in Orlando, Florida at Walt Disney World Resorts. They will be competing against other Division I schools for the title of first place.

Courtney Ball, current coach of the cheer team, said, “Our girls work very hard to be enthusiastic and energetic during football and basketball season and competition is another avenue to demonstrate their dedication and skills. Collegiate teams from across the US come to compete at UCA Nationals because this is the most prestigious college cheerleading championship in the country.”

The top teams that ranked in the top ten last year at the UCA College N ationals i nclude: I ndiana University, University of Memphis, Morehead State University, San Diego State University, University of Minnesota, Florida State University, University of South Florida, Western Kentucky University, Rutgers University and Temple University.

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Alpha Xi Delta hosted an event called XIngo for the first time on Friday, November 30 in the student center in order to raise awareness for their philanthropic organization, Autism Speaks.

The event was free to all students at the University and its purpose was to raise awareness of autism to the students on campus. The students in attendance played bingo and the winners received prizes. While the students were playing bingo, the sisters of Alpha Xi Delta shared facts on autism that they thought were important.

This is the first time that Alpha Xi Delta ran XIngo, and as a result of the turnout and feedback they received, they hope to host it again next year. The sisters of Alpha Xi Delta were pleased with the turnout of the event, which was mainly promoted through a Facebook page that included all of the event information. The cost was covered entirely by the Weekend Warrior grant available to organizations at the University.

Ashley Anton, senior commu nication major, attended XIngo on Friday night. “I thought this event was a great way for Alpha Xi Delta to promote their philanthropy and organization. I haven’t played bingo in years, so the fact that I was having fun and learn ing about autism was definitely an appealing approach for the event in order to accomplish their goal,” in order to Anton said.

Some of the prizes that were given out to the winners included gift cards for: iTunes, Amazon. com, Banana Republic, Olive Garden, and AMC Theatres. The final prize was a Blu Ray player which included two Blu Ray discs. This was awarded to the student who filled up their entire board first in the last round of bingo.

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To Rid the Debris

Tau Kappa Epsilon Joins Together for Hurricane Relief


The brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon gathered on Sunday, November 11 in Point Pleasant to help families affected by Hurricane Sandy to clean their house of debris.

TKE member Lorenzo Russomanno organized the cleanup. “Community service is a big part of being in a fraternity; we always have this sense of wanting to give back. My e-Board position in TKE puts me in charge of planning and organizing all community service events,” Russomanno said.

“Lorenzo and I had been in contact with each other for a while and he was so anxious to get out there and do something for these people,” said Christa Hogan, TKE advisor. Hogan has been advising the fraternity for about a year. She knew of a couple, Kathy and Scott Emery, from Point Pleasant that needed help gutting their home for repairs.

“She shared a story with them about friends of hers that were trying to get some debris out of their house so that the town could clean it up and they could use an extra hand or two,” said Jon Buchalski, Assistant Director of Greek Life. “They took the story and actually did something with it,” he said.

“It was overwhelming,” Hogan said in reference to how many TKE brothers showed up to help. Twenty-four TKE members, including alumni showed up in Point Pleasant to help the family clean out their home. Within 20 minutes, the brothers had moved everything the family needed removed from the house to the curb.

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Lend A Helping Paw

During the week of December 10, Ashley Anton, senior and communication major, will be hosting the event Holidays for the Homeward Bound 2012 and will be collecting donations for the Monmouth County SPCA (MCSPCA).

“The idea of Holidays for the Howard Bound is to provide the pets at the MCSPCA with the holiday homelike experience,” said Anton. “Their current home at the shelter has needs that need to be fulfilled to help keep the animals in suitable living conditions. By creating this event, I hope to be able to get as many University students involved, as well as faculty mem¬bers and local community residents.

Students and faculty members who wish to contribute can eas¬ily do so right at the University. For the event, Anton will place two drop boxes to leave donations based off of a provided wishlist by the MCSPCA. To promote this event, Anton created a Facebook event page n has also distributed flyers in a few neighborhoods in Eatontown and West Long Branch. Another large contributing factor to promote this event will be through word-of-mouth. The wish-list is available on the Facebook event page, on the flyers she has distributed, and will also be available next to the drop boxes on campus.

The drop boxes for Holidays for theHowardBound2012willbein Plangere from December 10-13 in the downstairs lobby outside of Java City and also in the Student Center on December 14 on the first floor outside of the Student Employment offices. Anton will also be picking up any donations left on residents of Eatontown and West Long Branch’s doorsteps on December 16 and 17, as indicated in the flyers.

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Won’t You Lettuce Watch this Movie?

Monmouth Area Vegetarian Society Hosts “Peaceable Kingdom” Documentary Screening

On Sunday, December 2, the Monmouth Area Vegetarian Society (MAVS) held their last event for the semester which was a screening of the documentary, “Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home” in Magill Commons.

Professor Mary Harris is the director of the organization. According to their Facebook page, MAVS “is a non-profit, non-sectarian educational organization that is open to the Monmouth University community and outside community.”

Their mission statement, according to their Facebook page, says that “MAVS is dedicated to providing educational resources for informing the public about the advantages of a vegetarian diet and nutritional information, including recipes that will support and facilitate the adoption and healthful enjoyment of a vegetarian diet.”

Their events not only give an opportunity for perspective vegetarians to learn first-hand about the delights of good vegetarian cooking and to get to know and interact with experienced vegetarians, but also give an opportunity for enriched understanding, mutual support, and shared fellowship for practicing vegetarians by providing opportunities for community outreach and community service in the interest of good health, environmental protection, and compassionate living.

Prior to the production of the film, there was a study done of 32 people who recently went vegan. Of the 32, five former farmers who gave up their ways really made an impression.

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Brotherly Love

Theta Xi Chapters Team Up Coast to Coast for Hurricane Relief Efforts

The Gamma Iota chapter of Theta Xi, at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona reached out to the brothers at Monmouth to lend their hands for support as the East Coast began its efforts to rebuild the state.

The brothers of the fraternity in Arizona set up an online account and gave people the option to donate any amount of money. Once the account was set up both chapters at Arizona and at MU promoted the online account encouraging friends, family and both school communities to help out in any way possible.

The initial goal of the fundraiser was to raise money for a month starting on October 30 with hopes of reaching $20,000. As of now, the fundraiser has raised almost $3,000. The brothers of the two chapters decided to extend the fundraiser for another week to give people more time to donate. The fundraiser will now end on December 7.

After seeing the devastation the storm caused on the Jersey shore coastline, the Gamma Iota chapter felt an obligation to help out brothers who were in the heart of the storm. President of the Gamma Iota chapter and junior at the Arizona school, Shawn Carter, quickly contacted the brothers at MU to see what could be done to help out.

“We knew we had brothers on the Jersey shore and wanted to do whatever we could. We have a brother in our chapter who lives in New Jersey and learned that he lost everything he owned,” said Carter. We also knew brothers in the University chapter were personally affected. We were just glad to help out anyway we could,” said Carter.

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I Am So Stressed!

stressOn Tuesday, November 27 in Mullaney Hall there was an informational program held for the students called “Address Your Stress”. It started at 7:30 pm and lasted about an hour. One of the hosts of the event was Tom McCarthy, Assistant Director of Counseling and Psychological Services here at the University.

The purpose of the event was to discuss stress with students, define it, talk about what causes it, and share ways to deal with it. The event was planned because of upcoming finals and papers, students stress levels tend to increase around this time.

Address your stress was advertised for by means of flyers and e-mails. About 35 students came out to learn new ways to deal with their stress. “We were extremely happy with the amount of students that came out tonight. We are not used to such a turnout,” said McCarthy.

Most of whom were freshmen, which were fulfilling their “W,” which stands for “wellness,” requirement for the SHADOW program. The SHADOW program is a program that was designed for first year students in order to get them involved with events on campus. Various events fall under the program, each standing for a different letter. Once all of the letters are earned, students are entered into a raffle and eligible to win free clothes, gift cards, and concert tickets.

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Upright Citizens Brigade is Downright Hilarious

Student Activities Board Hosts Improv Comedy Night


On Friday, November 16, the Student Activities Board held an improv comedy night featuring the Upright Citizens Brigade in Pollak Theater. The event was free of charge and started at 8:00 pm. There were about 100 people who came out to see the show.

The Student Activities Board advertised for the event through means of Twitter, flyers, and emails. Emma Traun, freshman education major, was intrigued by the pictures that were featured in the e-mail. “I wanted to come because the pictures were cool and it seemed like it would be funny,” said Traun.

The comedians were running a little bit late so the show did not actually start until 20 after eight, however they made up for their tardiness through their jokes and show for the night. The Upright Citizens Brigade has two theaters; one is located in New York and the other in Los Angeles. They were comprised of two female comedians and two males: Latasha, Audra, Terry, and Matt.

Their skits for the night were improv, which means that nothing was prepared and it was made up on the spot. They asked one of the audience members to volunteer to come on stage and then interviewed them to get their material for the night. The student they chose was Valerie Estepan, freshman biology major. They asked her questions such as “What is your major?” “Do you have any siblings?” and “What is your motto about life?”

The comedians performed eight short skits based on the information they received from Estepan and the show was an hour long. Their first skit was about Hurricane Sandy and students being upset about missing classes. Latasha acted like she was nervous about missing her classes and wanted to hold class in her dorm room.

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Plenty of Pie to Go Around

Alpha Sigma Tau Hosted "Pie a Greek or Professor" to Help Sandy Victims


The sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau hosted Pie a Greek or Professor on Thursday, November 15 outside of the Student Center in an effort to raise money for Hurricane Sandy Relief.

The event allowed for students and faculty to have fun while raising money for a good cause. It cost $2 to pie someone and other donations were welcomed. This was the first time AST hosted this event and were very pleased with the turnout, which was primarily promoted through a Facebook event page. Active sister Jenna Ferraro, a sophomore and criminal justice major, organized Pie a Greek or Professor. Ferraro said, “The turnout of the event was great. A lot of students made donations, and a lot of people from various Greek organizations and professors participated. I was extremely happy with the event.”

All together, AST raised $270 which was donated to the Student Government Association that sends the money to two charities that help families in New Jersey affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Originally, the event was scheduled to raise money for the Ashley Lauren Foundation, which helps aid New Jersey families with children battling cancer. The sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau changed the event to support those affected by Hurricane Sandy, as many other organizations had decided to do as well.

Jennifer Kellerman, senior and sister of AST said, “We felt it was the right thing to do to send the proceeds of our event to Sandy Relief. We even had sisters affected by the storm and thought we should help out.”

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Revive. Recover. Rebuild

Delta Phi Epsilon Helps to Raise Money for Hurricane Sandy Relief


Delta Phi Epsilon recently participated in helping raise $585 so far, in donations for charities and foundations in charge of the Hur-ricane Sandy recovery efforts.

Being a University recognized for its location on the shore, Delta Phi Epsilon chose to give back to not only the Monmouth commu-nity, but to all of those who have also been impacted. All funds went to Hurricane Sandy relief foundations in addition to stu-dents and faculty from the Uni-versity who were personally affected.

On November 13 and 14, the sorority set up on campus in the student center and sold “REVIVE.REBUILD.RECOVER” bracelets in order to raise dona-tions. Work Out World generously donated products such as towels, stickers, bumper stickers and other merchandise, which states “Jersey Strong” on them, in order to help Delta Phi Epsilon’s fundraising efforts.

Marisa Meiskin of Delta Phi Epsilon, the creator of this fun-draiser, explains, “The reason I put together the event was because we are a school so close to the beach.” Meiskin said, “We see the first hand damage that the hurricane has done to surround-ing areas. And although, thankfully, we were not impacted as brutally as other areas, we want to help out and raise money to give to all of those effected.” Meiskin continued by stating, “We were so happy with the money we raised and the interest the student body had in helping donate and give back, it was a really

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