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Come Paint with Puppies for a Good Cause

Paint Puppies CauseOn April 13, a small group communication class will be partaking in a fundraising event in Asbury Park, New Jersey.  This event is “Painting with Puppies” and will be taking place at Uncorked from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Uncorked has hosted events for families, teens, kids, to create amazing paintings. They have been kind enough to collaborate with a group known as the “Monmouth Five”.  Uncorked will also be collaborating with The Seeing Eye Foundation that is based out of Morristown, New Jersey. 

Shannon Hokanson, professor of communication, is bringing her clas to particpate in this event.

The Seeing Eye foundation is a philanthropic organization whose mission is to enhance the independence, dignity, and self-confidence of blind people through the use of Seeing Eye dogs. 

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Big Brothers/Big Sisters: Seeking Active Student Members

Big Brother Big SisterThe Big Brothers, Big Sisters (BBBS) College Program  in Asbury/Monmouth, otherwise knowna as Project BAM, is in its tenth year of partnership between Monmouth University and Asbury Park High School.

According to its official website, BBBS’ mission is to provide children with professional support, and overall help them succeed in life.

The program allows high school students from Asbury Park High School to be mentored by Monmouth undergraduate and graduate students. They have the opportunity to help children gain confidence, create strong bonds, avoid risky behaviors, and educate and prepare them for real world.

The mentees in the program are different every school year to allow for the maximum number of individuals to take part in the program. Some of the high school students have been involved in BBBS in the past, but many are new to Project BAM. This semester there are 12 Monmouth mentors and 16 Asbury Park mentees.

Genna Rutka, a BBBS Program Manager, has overseen the program for one year now. The program meets twice a month. The meetings include lunch, conversations between the mentors and mentees, and campus presentations or tours.

“We have gone on a lot of different tours. We had an athletic tour where they shows us the basketball court and all of the locker rooms. The basketball coach actually came and spoke to the group,” said Rutka.

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Club and Greek Announcements 03-13-19

default article imageWMCX

WMCX is a student-run rado station, and we’ve been Rockin’ the Shore since ‘74. Learn how to operate the studio’s machinery, make cnnections, and host your own show! Meetings are held every other Wednesday in Plangere 236 at 3:15.

If you’re interested in joining, contact Ali Nugent at


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The Debate Team Competes in Georgia

MU Debate Team GeorgiaEighteen MU debaters com­peted at the American Debate Association National Champion­ship last weekend, March 8-10 at the University of Georgia in Ath­ens, GA.

The tournament included ap­proximately 170 debaters from over 20 Universities including Emory University, University of Michigan, Indiana University, University of Minnesota, North­western University, Wake Forest University, George Mason Uni­versity, and Michigan State Uni­versity to name some.

“It’s great for our University and students to compete at the NAtional Championship Tourna­ment,” said Joseph Patten, Ph.D., advisor to the Debate Team and an associate professor of political science. “Our debaters are hard-working, gritty, resilient, and some of the best people I know.”

This year the debate team also competed at tournaments at the West Point Military Academy, New York Univer­sity, Suny-Binghamton, and the New School. MU took first place at the tournament at New York University in November. MU debaters also run the de­bate team at Asbury Park High School and coached the Asbury team through five tournaments affiliated with the Urban De­bate League this year, including a tournament at Harvard last month.

This weekend, MU had nine teams of two students compete at the tournament. In the expe­rienced division, the team of se­nior Gregory Harpe (co-captain) and senior Kaitlin Allsopp (co-captain) and the team of Landon Myers (co-captain) and Alexis Vasquez scored some victories against very tough competition. Monmouth also had seven teams of two compete in the novice di­vision including: Julia Bialy and Maddie Doe; Matthew Gruhler and Jon Suttile; Annie Francis­quini and Chyna Walker; Esther Wellman and Liam Crowley; Michael McGuigan and Michael Scognomillo; Ziah Rowe and William Siefert; and Ryan Co­hen and Christina Balacco. MU debate alum James Hawk and Ryan Kelly helped coach and judge at the tournament.

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Phi Eta Sigma Inducts New Scholars

default article imageIn a night celebrating the scholastic excellence of the 2019 freshman class, the Monmouth University Phi Eta Sigma chapter conduct­ed its annual induction cer­emony on the first Friday of March at 7:00 PM.

With Pollak Theater setting the stage, the Phi Eta Sigma honors society for first-year students inducted its newly-recognized academics duti­fully, celebrating not only the importance of academic achievement but stressing the importance of admirable character and soundness of body and mind.

Out of the approximate 1,025 members of the Uni­versity’s graduating class of 2022, 416 qualified for honors by Phi Eta Sigma by achieving a 3.5 grade point average or higher in their first semester.

Founded at the University of Illinois in 1923, Phi Eta Sigma has established over 378 higher learning insti­tutions around the United States, and Monmouth Uni­versity’s chapter is the 272nd chapter circa. 1987.

The Society began as a freshmanmen’s honorary fra­ternity, where there was a se­cret password used, a formal handshake, and club-exclusive meetings. In 1974, Phi Eta Sig­ma became non-gender-spe­cific and opened the induction ceremony to non-members.

There are over 1.1 million lifetime members of Phi Eta Sigma

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Club and Greek Announcements 02-27-19

default article imageWMCX

WMCX is a student-run rado station, and we’ve been Rockin’ the Shore since ‘74. Learn how to operate the studio’s machinery, make cnnections, and host your own show! Meetings are held every other Wednesday in Plangere 236 at 3:15.

If you’re interested in joining, contact Ali Nugent at


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Blue Hawk Records Have Found New Voices

BHR New VoicesBlue Hawk Records’ latest compilation album is underway and the Faces of Fourteen are fi­nally here!

Blue Hawk Records latest compilation album is underway and the Faces of Fourteen are finally here!

Studio time is being booked as the newly accepted artists are perfecting their tracks for future listeners far and wide. This album is beaming with the originality from artists of many backgrounds, majors, and styles never heard before at Blue Hawk Records. From EDM to Neo Soul, there are varying sounds and artistic per­spectives for every audience.

The compilation albums are released at the end of each se­mester on major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. Blue Hawk Records is pleased to announce the artists who will be featured on the up­coming album: Kristen Wilcze­wski, Francesca Fuentes, Max Adolf, Mani Kissling, William Biedebach, Roman Smith, and Justin Richards.

Featured guitarist, Max Ad­olf described his experiences as a performer, “I’ve always found that there is a lot of joy in music when shared.” Adolf has paired up with junior Fran­cesca Fuentes for their song, “Jealousy.” The two began working together just this year when Francesca heard Max on the 13th Blue Hawk Album, Superstition. When she showed him the original she had been writing they decided to com­bine their talents.

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Hawks Debate at The New School in Manhattan

Hawks Debate ManhattanThe University’s Debate Team competed in a tourna­ment at the New School in Manhattan, NY this weekend, Friday, Feb. 22 through Sun­day, Feb. 24.

Nineteen students partici­pated in the event, with eight new debaters who competed and all of them won a round. Landon Myers, Captain of the Debate Team and a senior po­litical science student, noted that the new-comer’s perfor­mance is very impressive. “I’m proud of all of them for only having been experienced with debate for a few weeks,” he said.

In the tournament, the team competed against other stu­dents from universities includ­ing Binghamton University, Cornell, Columbia, Liberty, Rochester, Rutgers-Newark, New York University, and the U.S Military Academy.

“The tournament was more difficult for us because the last time we debated was all the way back in the beginning of November,” said Landon Myers, Captain of the Debate Team and a senior political sci­ence student.

With so much time since a tournament, there were many new arguments we had not seen before. While this did pose some challenges, we were still able to win rounds and make others very close.”

The topic of debate was the executive power of the Presi­dent of the United States. Two of the main points that the team debated this weekend were lim­iting surveillance capabilities of the government and limiting executive agency rule making interpretation. “Both can be­come very technical in certain rounds with many specific de­tails,” said Myers of the debated topics.

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Club and Greek Announcements 02-20-19

default article imageWMCX

WMCX is a student-run rado station, and we’ve been Rockin’ the Shore since ‘74. Learn how to operate the studio’s machinery, make cnnections, and host your own show! Meetings are held every other Wednesday in Plangere 236 at 3:15.

If you’re interested in joining, contact Ali Nugent at


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Steel Magnolias Comes to Woods Theatre

Steel Magnolias Woods TheatreThe MU Players have been working hard to produce this year’s spring play, Steel Magnolias, at Woods Theatre.  With a few weeks until showtime, the cast and crew have spent weeks rehearsing.

The play for Steel Magnolias was written in 1987 by Robert Harling and has since been adapted into a film starring Dolly Parton, Sally Field, Julia Roberts, and more in 1989.  The play is about the bond of six women in Northern Louisiana.  Shelby Eatenton-Lacherie, performed by sophomore TV/Radio student London Jones, goes into Truvy’s beauty salon on her wedding day.  Truvy is played by Erin Clemente.  There, are frequent customers Clairee, played by Kara D’Antoni, Ouiser, played by Rachel Wilson, and new beautician Annelle, played by Katie Roeder.  Lastly, Shelby’s mother, M’Lynn, played by Sam Truglio, arrives in the shop, and the six of them discuss big topics, like ugly marriages, violence, and child-rearing.

Directed by John Burke, Ph.D., Director of Theatre Arts and Associate Professor, is happy with the result of his students’ work so far.  “I chose this play because there a lot of moments that have to be just right,” said Burke.  “The students have been learning as they go.”

D’Antoni, a senior communication student, has had to practice her Louisiana accent for this role.  “We all listened to previous actors’ performances of each role and how they captured these characters,” she said.  “It’s been a lot of trial and error, but we’re getting stronger with it.”

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Best Buddies Chapter Strives to Become University-Recognized Club

Best Buddies ChapterThe Best Buddies chapter of Monmouth University is awaiting approval from the Student Government Association (SGA) in order to become recognized as an official club after their interest meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 30.

According to their official website, Best Buddies is an organization that promotes friendships by pairing members with a buddy, a person with an intellectual and developmental disability such as Autism or Down syndrome. David Fasolino, a freshman history education student and Vice President of the chapter, said that bringing the chapter to the University began as an idea in fall of 2018.  The process officially began once Fasolino contacted the staff of Best Buddies in New Jersey.

According to Brianna Thorn, a junior interdisciplinary student and President of the Best Buddies chapter, starting a club and becoming approved by SGA.

Thorn said that the approval process begins with presenting to the SGA Board.  After listening to the presentation and viewing the roster, SGA will decide whether Best Buddies becomes a formal club on campus.

Amy Bellina, the Director of Student Activities, said that the Best Buddies Executive Board has been in communication with SGA prior to their presentation. The e-board prepares any expected questions, answers to those questions, and logistics of the presentation.

Bellina said, “If for some reason there are questions about Best Buddies that were unanswered for some reason, [SGA] could tell them to come back…if it’s a ‘no,’ they instituted recently an appeal process.”

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