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Vegan Activist James Aspey Visits Campus

Vegan ActivistsPlants for Peace, an on-campus organization, hosted inspirational speaker James Aspey in Wilson Auditorium Monday Nov. 12 in an event titled “Choosing Compassion over Violence”.

Aspey is an Australian animal rights activist; known for going vegan and taking a twelve month vow of silence to bring awareness to animal cruelty. He has a strong social media presence and following of loyal fans.

At the age of 17, Aspey was diagnosed with Leukemia. Told that he only had six weeks to live, Aspey was fighting for his life and he made it out alive. After working as a physical trainer, he met a man who changed his whole perspective on life. The man told Aspey, an avid meat eater, that, “Eating animals is bad karma.” Not wanting to to have bad karma, and believing in all else that the man said, Aspey began his vegan journey and his new way of life.

After taking his vow of silence, Aspey biked 5,000 km across Australia to show that someone can be vegan and be healthy. He encourages people to have compassion for animals and acknowledge that we are all animals of this earth. Going vegan is not only good for a person’s individual health, but it is good for the health of the world. “We feed these animals six to twelve times more food than what we take from them in food,” said Aspey. “Meanwhile, 20,000 children every single day die of starvation. We could end world hunger if we redistribute this food to those hungry mouths.”

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Greek Life Holds Town Hall Meeting to Discuss Proposal

default article imageThe Greek community held a town hall meeting last Wednesday afternoon in Pollak Theatre that discussed possible changes to the current Greek system.

Greek life was suspended by the University’s administrators on Sept. 6 following a rocky spring semester that saw two fraternities shut down for severe hazing allegations and the alcohol-related death of a student after a fraternity party, poor academic performance, and poor community involvement.

This event featured a panel led by Greek Senate President Henry Tran, Inter-Fraternity Council President Andrew Ziminski, Panhellenic Treasurer Marisa Creta, and Multicultural Greek Council President Faridat Busari.  Twelve of the sixteen recognized organizations’ Presidents were in attendance with the other four organizations sending delegates, as well as President Grey Dimenna, Esq., Vice President For Student Life and Leadership Engagement Mary Anne Nagy, and community members.

27 possible changes to the Greek system were discussed including raising the required GPA for new members from 2.5 to 2.75, clarifications on recruitment events, and taking of underclassmen’s contact information at events such as Meet The Greeks.

Additionally, the fate of Greek life for the spring 2019 semester is still uncertain.

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Club and Greek Announcements 11-07-18

default article imageWMCX

WMCX is a student-run rado station, and we’ve been Rockin’ the Shore since ‘74. Learn how to operate the studio’s machinery, make cnnections, and host your own show! Meetings are held every other Wednesday in Plangere 236 at 3:15.

If you’re interested in joining, contact Ali Nugent at

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The Financial Planning Club: An Asset To You

Financial Planning ClubHave you ever received a credit card bill in the mail and asked, “Wait, did I really spend $200 on Chinese food this month?” How about at the beginning of the semester where you asked, “How

am I going to spend $600 on books again?”

To become better antiquated with financial needs, the Financial Planning Club is here to help!

The goal of the FPC is to pro-mote and spread financial literacy throughout the campus and community by holding workshops, public speaking events, and meetings. It’s their first year as an officially recognized club on campus, and membership is open to all majors because financial literacy is important for everyone.

Thus far, the FPC has held two events. In Sept., the club hosted its introductory general members meeting.

At the meeting in Magill Commons, the founding executive board members and advisers introduced themselves to their fellow new members. Over some refreshments, the FPC officers went over the goals of club and listened to ideas from members as to what events they would like to hold in the future.

Last month, the club organized their first financial literacy event on the topic of credit cards. FPC President Joe Fantozzi gave a presentation on the matter, where he informed members of what a credit card is, how to responsibly use it, and the repercussions if utilized wrongly.

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The MSG Company and the NY Knicks Will Visit Monmouth

MSG NY KnicksOn Tuesday, November 13th, the Sports Studies Club will host the Madison Square Garden Company, along with Representatives from the New York Knicks Organization to visit Monmouth University.

The event, which will be held in the second floor of the Student Center in Anacon Hall B from 1-2p.m. will feature a presentation from the advisors of the Madison Square Garden Student Associate Program. There will be a Q/A session following the presentation in which students will be able to ask questions about the great opportunities of the internship program.

This will be a great opportunity for students interested in getting their careers started in the Professional Sports Industry and gaining invaluable work experience for a world class organization.

The Student Associate Pro-gram provides students with very exclusive opportunities to work with the Madison Square Garden Company’s portfolio of renowned venues and world famous sports and entertainment franchises, while at the same time, receiving hands-on internship experience and development opportunities.

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Club and Greek Announcements 10-31-18

default article imageWMCX

WMCX is a student-run rado station, and we’ve been Rockin’ the Shore since ‘74. Learn how to operate the studio’s machinery, make cnnections, and host your own show! Meetings are held every other Wednesday in Plangere 236 at 3:15.

If you’re interested in joining, contact Ali Nugent at

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Greek Life Suspended IndefinitelyThe First Year Service Project hosted their 4th annual Trunk-or-Treat, on Sunday, Oct. 28.

 This event started in 2015, as a way for The University to reach local families engaged with the campus community.

The event was held in Parking Lot 16, outside of the Jules L. Plangere Center.  This event features various clubs and organizations to participate in a family friendly community event where they host a “trunk” and give out candy. This event was free and open to the public.    

Katherine Browna, Coordinator of Transition and Leadership, oversaw the event.  “We had over 300 Monmouth students/employees participated to host those trunks, over 1000 community members came over the course of the 2 hours,” said Browna.

“The event is hosted by The First Year Service Project, which is an organization out of the Office of Transition and Leadership Programs that works to provide community service opportunities and community engagement through on and off-campus service events,” Browna continued.

Many families from neighboring communities come to Monmouth for this event.  David Aroscera, a resident of Long Branch, has brought his family here for the second year in a row.  “I think this is a really great event the University offers,” said Aroscera.  “It’s safe, fun, and my kids love it.”

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Greek Life Suspended Indefinitely, No Deadline for Proposal

default article imageThe Greek Life Suspension enacted by administrators will continue indefinitely.

This suspension was announced via an email from President Grey Dimenna, Esq. on Sept. 6, following a variety of problems within the Greek community, including low academic performance, hazing allegations, and two fraternities being closed by the University.

President Dimenna and Vice President for Student Life and Leadership Engagement Mary Anne Nagy decided to let the Greek community take control of the reigns by submitting a proposal that would offer “sustained and meaningful” reform within the current operations. 

A rough draft was required by Aug. 15 and the final draft was slated for Oct. 15.  However, there was no draft submitted by Aug. 20 which sparked the initial suspension.

There is now no deadline for the Greeks to submit a proposal.

“I have not seen a proposal yet, neither has the President,” said Nagy.  “I think that’s fine; I want them to take a deep serious look at the root causes of these issues.  If it takes a little longer to really make a good report, we’d rather have it right than have it rushed.”

The three student-run leadership councils overseeing the Greek community are the Inter-Fraternity, Panhellenic, and Greek Senate Councils.  They work in conjunction with the University to govern about 750 students currently involved in Greek life.

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Club and Greek Announcements 10-24-18

default article imagePolitical Science Club

 New Jersey Senators Corey Booker and Bob Menendez will be on campus on Monday, Oct. 29. The Senators will be in the Wilson Hall Auditorium from 1 p.m - 2 p.m. to talk about politics in the state, the upcoming midterm elections, and the importance of getting involved and voting. The event is open to all students on campus who are interested in attending! For more information, please contact the President of the Politi­cal Science Club, Landon Meyers, at s1132749@monmouth. edu.

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Come Get Dirty in the Woods with the Outdoors Club

Outdoors ClubYou wake in the throws of friends’ blankets, pillows, sleeping bags and snores, all packed inside your cozy tent. Tucked under a pine, you can hear the tree’s boughs brush against the wind, threading itself through the swell of leaves.

Someone is making pancakes, attentively tapping each of the six dollops of batter with a spatula, and stacking them on a plate. People slowly pour from the tents and ven­ture toward the smell of food.

After breakfast, you walk a ways down a dirt road, where the swim­ming hole boasts the shimmering reflection of a mid-September sky. Some kids wade in the water, while others spring from rope tied to lean­ing trees at the bank. A few perch at the bank, pressing their bare toes into the sediment.

Later, you’ll all sit around the fire and eat homemade chili, watch the sun melt between the cracks in the forest, listen to the natural hush and the skilled strum of Emerson on guitar. Some venture into the woods with flashlights that dot the path, hollering and laughing; oth­ers squeeze around the fire to sip hot chocolate, toast marshmallows, and play “mafia.”

Finally, in the black hours of the morning, with faces lightly toasted by the fire, everyone crawls into their tent with leaves, dreams, and expectation for tomorrow’s adven­tures swirling above their heads.

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National Transfer Student Week Celebrated on Campus

 default article imageThe University’s transfer stu­dent experience was celebrated on campus with giveaways and informational events for Na­tional Transfer Student Week from Oct. 17-Oct. 19.

Anthony Urmey, Director of Transfer Services, was happy with the success of National Transfer Student Week.

“This awareness campaign aims to recognize the contributions transfers bring to schools across the nation,” said Urmey.

This week of celebration is an annual event that also pro­motes the success of transfer students through a myriad of academic information opportu­nities.

Along with the many re­sources available in the Center for Student Success located in the lower level of the student center, the nearly 1,000 trans­fer students here at Monmouth were introduced to academic information and advisement op­portunities.

On Thursday Oct. 18, Wil­son Hall hosted “Ensuring the Success of Your Transfer Stu­dents,” a panel discussion that shared the best practices on ac­ademic advisement for transfer students.

The panel featured Depart­ment Advising Coordinator of Biology Kathryn Lionetti, Ph.D., Department Advising Coordinator of Health & Physi­cal Education Julie Schaaff, Department Advising Coordi­nator of Communications Lor­na Schmidt, and Coordinator of Transfer and Undeclared Ser­vices Jennifer Shendock.

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