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Blue Hawk Records Album Auditions

Blue Hawk Records 1Following the release of their spring album “After Midnight,” Blue Hawk Records’ is back again to work on another album release.

Blue Hawk Records’ Applied Music Industry III class is calling all Monmouth musicians to audition for their 13th compilation album. Their twelfth album, released last April, featured six songs; five originals from Monmouth students and a cover of Eric Clapton’s “After Midnight.” The title track featured University President Grey Dimenna, Esq. on the guitar, as well as members and faculty of the music industry department.

Joe Rapolla, chair of Monmouth’s Music and Theatre Arts department, will be working with the class and overseeing all aspects of the album’s production. Those chosen to be featured on the 13th album will have the opportunity to record their original songs at Lakehouse Recording Studios in Asbury Park, as well as many opportunities to perform around campus.

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University Suspends Greek Organizations Indefinitely

Greek Suspension 1Greek life at Monmouth University “has been suspended indefinitely” as of Aug. 20 by administrators.

University President Grey Dimenna, Esq., and Vice President of Student Life and Leadership Engagement Mary Anne Nagy shared their official decision in an email sent out to all students and faculty on Sept. 6.

Their decision was prompted by a series of events, including the closure of two Greek organizations, Tau Kappa Epsilon and Alpha Kappa Psi, by their national headquarters last semester, a severe drop in academics, and hazing allegations.  “All non-educational Greek activities are cancelled,” said Nagy in a joint interview with Dimenna on Aug. 30. 

“This includes any social, philanthropic, or recruitment events. The Office of Student Activities will continue to host events that will teach students about risk management, alcohol and drug education, sexual misconduct, Training for Intervention ProcedureS (TIPS) training, among other topics,” said Nagy.

The decision to suspend Greek Life was not an immediate one.  Students involved in the Greek Senate, the Inter-Fraternity Council, and the Panhellenic Council (three leadership councils which oversee the Greek community) met with Nagy and Dimenna on May 1.  They were assigned the task of creating a proposal to reform Greek life and create a “sustained and meaningful change” by Aug. 15, with the final proposal draft to be submitted to Dimenna by Oct. 15 to determine what will be of Greek Life for the Spring 2019 semester.  However, when Dimenna didn’t receive such a draft by the Aug. 20 deadline, he chose to take action with a suspension.

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Club and Greek Announcements 04-18-18

default article imageThe Student Alumni Association (SAA)

The Student-Alumni Association (SAA) serves as an important link between current Monmouth students and University alumni through a structured format of activities and events. Our goal is to build a network in which current students can reach out to alumni for career opportunities and philanthropy, as well as to continue Monmouth pride both on and off campus. The SAA holds regular meetings each week and is open to all students.

For more information, please contact Mara Manzar and Nicholas Coscarelli at

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Ciao from the Italian Club

Italian ClubBetween the exquisite architecture, unforgettable food, and expressive hand gestures, Italian culture is rich in history and tradition. Great food and a deep-rooted sense of family values are synonymous within the Italian culture. There’s nothing quite like sharing in that passion with others who appreciate the culture and language over a hot cappuccino.

In the spirit of promoting diversity and inclusion at Monmouth, the Italian Club welcomes all those who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding and awareness of the culture.

Through their annual “La Festa Italiana,” Sunday family dinners, dessert and design event, students who are from Italian background or those who wish to learn more about the culture share in the tradition of Italian hospitality.

Maria Simonelli, Ph.D., a professor of Italian and Latin and faculty advisor of the club, encourages students of all different ethnicities to join the Italian club.

 “[The club] is very beneficial to students of all backgrounds, because they expand their horizon enrich their knowledge of other culture, making them well rounded and create a lifetime lasing bound,” said Simonelli.

The organization’s steadfast commitment to cultural values and culinary appeal creates an authentic experience into Italy. Juliana Illiano, a junior history and education student and Italian Club President, said, “Students join the club to learn more about the Italian heritage that they can bring back home,” said Illiano.

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President Dimenna Featured on New Blue Hawk Records Album

DimennaUniversity President Grey Dimenna, Esq., will be featured on upcoming Blue Hawk Records album, After Midnight, produced by the Applied Music Industry II Class, which is scheduled for release on April 18. 

Recorded with Dimenna on guitar at Lakehouse Recording Studios in Asbury Park, despite minor set-backs due to the multiple snow storms, the cover song is a collaboration with Monmouth University faculty, and members of the Music Industry program. 

Dimenna, a budding guitar player, said he was thrilled to be included in the project. “Blue Hawk Records is one of the coolest student activities. I have several of the CDs they have released and am always amazed at the quality of the music and the professionalism of the production.,” Dimenna said. 

The album, which marks the 12th release for Blue Hawk Records, includes the first cover version of a song in the history of the student-run record label, J.J. Cale’s After Midnight. The song, which became a breakthrough hit for Eric Clapton in 1970, is also the name of the spring album. Dimenna said that he was extremely honored that students asked him to play on the title track. 

Joe Rapolla, Chair of the Music and Arts Department, said that Dimenna’s involvement with the project exemplified the core values of a Monmouth University education. “Our students always hear about our commitment to a personalized education experience. Having President Dimenna contribute to the record is a terrific example of our commitment in action,” Rapolla said. “Our chief executive was learning right alongside our students in one of the most legendary centers of music in America.”

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Club and Greek Announcements 04-11-18

default article imageThe Student-Alumni Association (SAA)

The Student-Alumni Association (SAA) serves as an important link between current Monmouth students and University alumni through a structured format of activities and events. Our goal is to build a network in which current students can reach out to alumni for career opportunities and philanthropy, as well as to continue Monmouth pride both on and off campus. The SAA holds regular meetings each week and is open to all students.

For more information, please contact Mara Manzar and Nicholas Coscarelli at

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Club and Greek Announcements 04-04-18

default article imageStudents Advocating Girls' Education (SAGE) & Sociology Club

SAGE and the sociology club will be having a combined meeting tomorrow in Bey Hall room 226 at 3:30 p.m. They are collecting feminine hygiene product drive for homeless women. Please bring any products you can spare to donate.

If you have any questions, please contact the Club President, Kaitlin Allsopp, at

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Phi Eta Sigma Induction Ceremony

Phi Eta Sigma Induction 1The University’s Phi Eta Sigma chapter held its annual induction ceremony of 156 first year students in Pollak Theater on Friday, March 9. Phi Eta Sigma is the nation’s oldest and largest honor society for first-year college and University students. The honor society is based upon the principles of “Vigor and discipline of mind; care and respect for the body; and above all, nobility and generosity of character,” all characteristics that are expected of its members.

In order to qualify for membership into the honor society, newly inducted members must have achieved a 3.5 grade point average or higher during their first semester as a college. The ceremony began at 7 p.m. with opening remarks from Society President Shannon Marren, a senior biology student. The audience consisted of inductees, families of inductees, and faculty and administration. Marren then introduced Phi Eta Sigma’s faculty advisor Golam Mathbor, Ph.D., a tenured Full Professor in the School of Social Work.

“The students, standing before you, are the officers of the Monmouth University Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society. You are among the select few students who have met the requirements necessary for induction into Phi Eta Sigma,” Mathbor said.

Senior biology student, Sam Barnada, Phi Eta Sigma Historian then approached the podium. “Phi Eta Sigma was founded at the University of Illinois in 1923 to recognize and promote superior scholarship among freshmen,” Bernada explained. “The Society has established chapters in over 378 institutions of higher learning in the United States. We are the 272nd Chapter, established in 1987.

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'Take A Hike' with The Outdoors Club

Take A Hike ODCMonmouth University’s Outdoors Club (ODC) was first established in 2006 in an effort to provide students with adventures beyond their academic exploration. ODC hopes to be the reason behind the fondest of memories for students during their journey of higher education.

ODC prides itself on offering a nontraditional escape from the tedious routines of college life to the Monmouth University community through trips to new places.

Some of the more extraordinary events include White Water Rafting down the Hudson River in the height of fall foliage and nights spent under the stars around a campfire. There have also been multiple weekend camping trips around the Garden State, horseback riding, and kayaking under the summer sun.

The Outdoors Club also offers students a break from hectic class schedules with day trips, such as rock climbing nights at a local rock gym, trips to Skyzone to blow off some steam, board game nights in the student center, picnics at Shark River Park, and hikes in parks surrounding campus.

The small size of Monmouth University sometimes limits the opportunities for students to get involved or escape the confines of campus. Personally, coming from Utah, where outdoor adventures are abundant, to a coastal town like West Long Branch seemed a bit mundane to me a first. However, Monmouth’s Outdoors Club strives to combat the monotony of college life and costal living by encouraging students to explore the natural beauty of New Jersey.

William Reynolds, a clinical practice supervisor for information technology and advisor of The Outdoor’s Club, said,  “Students who are involved in clubs, teams, and on-campus jobs tend to feel a better connection to the university, have better grades and are more likely to complete their degrees.”

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Club and Greek Announcements 03-28-18

default article imageSociology Club

The sociology club at Monmouth works to take the concepts learned in the classroom and apply them to social activism. They focus on raising awareness of inequalities and social issues that affect all as students. They believe that every person has the ability to make a difference in the community. All student ideas are welcome as they work through issues of race, gender, ability, and more to create an open and inclusive space. In the past they have signed petitions against the Dakota Access Pipeline, which threatened the sanctity of precious indigenous people’s land; held American Sign Language classes; and educated students about sexual assault. With Sociology Club, every voice has a chance to be heard and they are devoted to addressing social issues that impact campus.

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The Importance of Getting Involved

Importance of InvolvementAttending college is a colossal investment in one’s future. As a freshman this concept may seem overwhelming; you’ve got four years to gain the skills needed for your career and make the memories that will shape what is claimed to be “the best four years of your life.” But no pressure, right?

Crystalyn Espinal, Assistant Director of Student Activities, is a firm believer that your college experience is truly what you make of it. In order to make the most of one’s college experience, you’ll hear time after time that you must “get involved.” And while it seems as though this sentiment has become cliché, for many students it holds true.

With 120 clubs, nine sororities, seven fraternities, multicultural organizations, honors societies, and student publication and media outlets, Monmouth University has a club to meet anyone’s interests. In fact, if there isn’t already an established club that fits one’s interests, it’s easy to start a new organization on campus. Governed by the Student Government Association (SGA), all on-campus clubs must adhere to a certain standard of conduct and promote the advancement and encouragement of scholarship.

The best way to learn is by doing. Amongst the endless benefits of campus involvement, strengthening one’s professional skill set is of the utmost importance. Future employers want to know more than your grade point average, but how you contributed to the campus community, as well as the “real world” skills you acquired during your studies. 

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