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How to Stay Emotionally Healthy

Emotionally HealthyEmotional stability is something that is hard to control—and if you lose it, it is hard to get back.

In the following weeks, students and professors alike will be struggling to keep themselves composed. It isn’t about how hard you fight to stay on top, or what other people want and need from you—it’s about taking the time to gather and pursue yourself.

Becoming emotionally healthy may be easy, but maintaining yourself is the hard part—especially during the semester.

First off, imagine sitting in a dimly lit room. Alone. No computer, no phone, and most importantly, no distractions.

Now, allow yourself to close your eyes and take some deep breaths. You feel the knots in your body and mind begin to unravel. You might be getting tired, and that’s okay. You might need some sleep. By allowing yourself to enter this place of tranquility, you are allowing your body to tell you what it needs and thus be able to act upon it.

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Pete ‘The Jet’ Guerriero to Enter 2020 NFL Draft

Pete featuresMonmouth University is a unique home for student athletes to prosper both in the classroom and on the field.

Pete ‘The Jet’ Guerriero, a senior running back and communication student, has made the decision to begin training for the 2020 NFL Draft at Parisi Speed School in North Jersey.

Guerriero, from Lyndhurst, New Jersey, has played football for 16 consecutive years, transitioning his position as quarterback in high school to running back in college. Guerriero has experience in basketball, baseball, and track and field. His athletic career at Monmouth began in 2016 on the Men’s Track and Field team.

“For the longest time people did not believe in me when it came to football,” Guerriero said. “I had to work extremely hard to put myself in this position, so to be able to pursue this and create an opportunity for myself has always been the goal.” Guerriero says that part of his decision to pursue a career in football is motivated by the doubt he has felt from others.

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Glaze of Glory: How Donut-Making Fills My Creativity

Glaze Glory DonutDonuts, seemingly overnight, have become a bigger part of my life than most would imagine. Since I’ve started working at Broad Street Dough Co., donuts have become a creative outlet, and much more than a snack.

There is so much more that goes into donut-making than most would assume. From mixing the dough to box, the multistep process ensues.

Donut dough comes in many shapes and forms, but I have become most familiar with a cake donut. This means there is no yeast, and so there is no extreme rising. The dough itself has a completely different process.

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A Peek Inside Our Little Free Libraries

Little Free LibrariesOpen the blue wooden box outside the Guggenheim Memorial Library by the parking lot, and you will find nearly two dozen books waiting for a new home.

If you happened to look inside the box on the brisk morning of Thursday, Jan. 23, here is what you would have seen: several James Patterson novels, a publication manual, a historical fiction novel set in the era of the Great Depression, and a contemporary young adult novel, among many more. It’s like a library, but it’s little and free. It’s called…the Little Free Library.

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Celebrating Former Coach Eliiot Denman

Coach DenmanMcLoone’s Pier House in Long Branch hosted the 85th birthday of Monmouth’s first track coach, Olympian Elliott Denman, and the anniversary of the Shore Athletic Club, on Nov. 24th.

The festive event included nearly a dozen Olympians who all have a connection to Denman and the Shore A.C. More than 300 athletes, coaches, officials, and friends of the running community reminisced about the storied history of the club and Denman’s leadership. Notable attendees included former Monmouth Board of Trustees Chairman Henry Mercer ‘87 and Michael Thomas, Associate Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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The 2019 Festival of Languages

Festival Languages 1The Festival of Languages has become a part of Monmouth’s annual multicultural festivities, bringing an enrichment of culture and knowledge to campus.

Founded in 1996 by Priscilla Gac-Artigas Ph.D., Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature, with the participation of students of Spanish, the festival has expanded past a single language into the celebration of many.

With the collective help of students and faculty from the World Languages & Cultures Department, the Festival of Languages was an entertaining, exciting and engaging occasion open to all of campus on Wednesday, Nov. 20. Students of varying majors, as well as video presentations of high school students, were showcased in the event.

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Visiting Writer Taije Silverman

Taije SilvermanPoet Taije Silverman came to Wilson Hall for the second Visiting Writers Series of the semester on Nov. 18.

Silverman is the author of Houses are Fields, a collection of poems focusing on the themes of intimacy and loss. She is an author who didn’t choose poetry, but poetry chose her.

Silverman has recently finished her second manuscript, which explores many contemporary issues. Silverman said during the reading, “My second book is about sexism and racism, lots of isms but never do I say -ism throughout the book.” She went on to explain that these pieces are to help normalize life when you have so many voices talking around you.

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An Author's Purpose

Authors PurposeLiterary passion is crafted early in one’s life. For Sarah Jessica Curtis, it was in elementary school. Now, three self-published books later, her literary spark is burning brighter than ever.

Curtis, a freshman English creative writing student, published her latest poetry book this past June, titled Raindrops.

The book is divided into four sections: ‘Clouds,’ which features poems that are sad, dark, and cloudy, ‘Thunder and Lightning’, which is comprised of thoughtful poems, ‘Rain,’ which includes poems that are cleansing and uplifting, and ‘Sun’, which ends the book on a happy note.

Raindrops is Curtis’ third book, following the release of her first two novels, The Silent Silhouettes and its sequel A Second Silence. Not only did Curtis publish these books on her own, but she also created each cover design with the help of her brother.

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Student Spotlight on JP Suttile

JP SuttileJon Suttile, known by his peers and professors as JP, has an exciting few months to look forward to.

A senior political science student, he was recently selected for an internship with The Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia’s Strategic Communications Department. After pursuing the internship from Jan. 27 to April 30, he is set to graduate with his political science degree in the spring.

According to their official website, The Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia is the largest US attorney’s office, is responsible for the prosecution of all federal crimes, and represents civil proceedings filed in federal court. Suttile is one of four interns to get accepted into their program.

“To work with such a good organization makes me super excited,” said Suttile, with an impassioned grin that never left his face. “I’ll get to have a lot of perspectives on different things that they do. I also want to see how I like the Washington D.C. life.”

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Born to Study: New Bruce Springsteen Class Is Ready to Rock Monmouth

Bruce SpringsteenGrab your pens and your notebooks, because thunder’s rolling down these halls.

Next semester, the University will introduce a new course dedicated to the work of Bruce Springsteen called Bruce Springsteen’s America: Land of Hope and Dreams (HS-398-01) taught by History Professor Kenneth Campbell, Ph.D. As of now, there are still spots available for the class.

Considering the University is home to The Bruce Springsteen Archives and located in the area where Springsteen spent formative years of his career, it’s only fitting that they started to offer a course dedicated to his work.

As universities across New Jersey offered classes on Springsteen, Eileen Chapman, Director of The Bruce Springsteen Archives, felt that we were long overdue for a course on The Boss.

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Blue Hawk Records Artist of the Week: Gabriella Estrada

Gabriella EstradaGabriella Estrada, a freshman music education student, is one of five artists to receive the opportunity to produce a song for Blue Hawk Records.

Music has always been a part of her life. At the age of four, she began learning classical piano. Now, fourteen years later, she is self-taught on guitar and ukulele, and is studying her passion as a college major.

Estrada described her sound as predominantly indie, which carries into her song on the record. In fact, her favorite genres span from indie to R&B, looking up to artists like Frank Ocean, The 1975, Daniela Andrade, and Tyler, the Creator.

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