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Tips for Planning a Safe and Affordable Spring Break

Planning Safe Affordable Spring BreakAs a college student, there is no better feeling than when you have no obligation of spending time on your studies. Sometimes students need some time off to replenish their minds away from their vast amount of coursework. One of these times when students have that luxury is during spring break. The only task to figure out it is what you are going to do during this time.

“The value of vacation depends on how you want to define it. Part of how I define vacation is just to recharge, get away, and relax. Then, there are vacations where I personally enjoy the sightseeing and tourist attractions,” said Claude Taylor, Advisor-in-Residence for Academic Transition and Inclusion.

As a way of celebrating Black History Month, Taylor took a mini vacation by going to Washington, D.C. and visiting The National Museum of African American History and Culture. Taylor was shocked about the size and appearance of the museum. “I did a whole weekend in D.C. seeing the museum for the second time and still didn’t finish it. This is a destination vacation because it can be two days or five days. Either way, you’re going to experience something great,” said Taylor.

Taylor believes that doing your research is important. “The first part of planning is just thinking about what do. Is it a destination, and where do you want to go to relax if it is a relaxation vacation? If prices initiate, you need to shop around to see what the best deal is based on your budget,” said Taylor.

“Then, spend time online just looking at reviews from sites and figuring out what place would be the best based on your satisfaction. I’m old school and go to AAA to get a tourism book about places I want to go. Sometimes online is too much. I just grab a book to flip through and start out my search,” Taylor added.

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Professor Spotlight on Dr. Walter Greason

Professor Spotlight Dr Walter GreasonEach individual has the ability to be successful, but it’s up to you to work to your fullest potential. Walter Greason, Ph.D., associate professor and Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling, used his knowledge to become a scholar and role model at Monmouth.

“It’s a pretty amazing place. I’ve been part of the Monmouth University community since 1984. My first college experiences were here. It’s given me so much and I just love having the opportunity to give back,” said Greason.

A graduate of Villanova University, Greason earned his bachelor’s degree in history, and he achieved three minors in English, philosophy, and peace and justice studies.

He also had a concentration in Africana Studies as a Presidential Scholar. Greason earned the Future Faculty Fellowship award and Ph.D. in U.S. and African American history from Temple University.

In the last 15 years, Greason focused on the economic history of how slavery developed the core assumptions of what economic development is and how it transitioned to Industrial Segregation, which is one of the names of his books. In today’s global economy, Greason studies how many people continue to reinforce inequality.

At Monmouth, Greason has taught business and economic development in U.S. history, corporate leadership courses in the Leon Hess business school for first year seminars, perspective courses on the evolution of American media, and a perspective course on the Black Panther Movement.

He also served as the former Dean of the Honors School, supervising over 70 honors thesis research projects from every department and/or school at Monmouth.

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How to Know Which Grad School is Right for You

Which Grad School For YouFor everyone in their undergraduate studies, you may be wondering 1) if you are going to be pursuing graduate school, or 2) what type of graduate school is best for you.

There are a variety of different schools, all ranging from large-scale to small-scale attendance. Other elements may include weather, location, professor to student ratio, and price. In some cases, the graduate school you thought was best for you, may not even have your intended program.

The decision is always tough, and the preparation brings you back to a similar feeling of junior year of high school, when you prepped for undergraduate applications. For those willing to continue their education past a bachelor’s degree, here are some tips, tricks, and recommendations for finding the school best for you.

If you are having trouble finding the type of graduate school that fits your personality, you can always fall back to taking an online personality test that will decide your future. Simply type into the Google search engine: “graduate school personality test,” and click as many links as you wish to see where you were destined to go.

The results are not always going to be reflective of exactly what you need, but they are helpful in allowing you to centralize your focus on what really interests you.

It is key to apply to at least eight schools and those should range from reach schools (low acceptance rates) to “safety” schools.

A tip for applying to graduate school is to look to see the requirements for the program you are interested in. For example, many English programs require proficiency in another language, while others have no language requirement. Always look at the fine print prior to sending in the application.

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A Guide to Spring Fashion Trends

Spring Fashion Trends 2019Flowers are blooming and the smell of spring is in the air. No more bulky jackets, warm clothes, and dreary outfits. Spring fashion is coming, filled with color, bright patterns, and excitement.

Spring is the transitional season from cold to hot. It is an in-between season and fashion is in-between bundling up and stripping down. Basics from both the winter and summer seasons are represented including denim, jackets, and sneakers.

Denim, a basic in all of our closets, makes a huge play in our spring wardrobe. From jackets to pants, denim can be utilized in all aspects of an outfit.

Jeans are for all seasons, but in the spring, they come out in lighter washes or in bright and pastel colors.

Denim skirts are perfect to dress up a casual spring outfit, pairing them with a t-shirt or a cute top. Denim shorts are a casual go-to on those really warm spring days that have a summer vibe.

Jean jackets and sneakers are very popular with the Monmouth student body. Kayla Cherry, a junior communication student, said, “This time of year, when spring comes around, almost everyone brings out their denim jackets and white sneakers.”

The denim jacket is a basic lightweight go-to jacket for the spring. White sneakers make a huge appearance in spring ensembles because they lighten any outfit.

Spring not only calls for denim jackets, but also other lightweight jackets, such as leather and bomber jackets. Jackets are a practical and cute way to elevate a spring outfit.

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The Benefits of Keeping Your Gym Resolution

Keeping Gym ResolutionThe marketing department of gym corporations await the turn of the new year to be able to promote their holiday sales for the “resolutioners,” as I like to call them.

Now is the time for people to go in blind to any gym and workout for a few weeks, then likely quit and still pay the monthly fee. Don’t let that become you.

As Monmouth students, you already have free access to the on-campus gym, which has the same types of machines as the Retro down the street. There is no need to pay for any expensive gym memberships.

You also have access to the fitness groups that change by the semester, a feature that most gyms make you pay extra to experience.

Don’t forget that you can scare away your anxiety to the machines by requesting a trainer as well. This is all a part of your tuition, so take advantage of it.

Campbell Lee, a senior English student, ran her own yoga class last semester. “Yoga focuses on the mental and the physical alike. It calms you from all your school stress, and you even release tension by becoming more flexible,” Lee said.

This semester, classes such as Zumba, Cardio Calorie Burner, and Body Boot Camp are running from Monday to Thursday.

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How to Plan the Perfect 'Gal'entine's Day

Perfect Galentines DayHappy ‘Gal’entine’s Day! The day before Valentine’s day is for celebrating the love and friendship between you and your girlfriends. According to Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec, the founder of Galentine’s Day, “It’s only the best day of the year.”

The best way to start the celebration is to decorate. Target has an amazing selection of ‘Gal’entine’s Day decor, from cute love balloons to ‘Gal’entine’s Day banners, at very affordable prices. The decorations are perfect for dorm rooms, houses or apartments.

The next step is to plan the perfect brunch. And where else would you eat brunch at than Turning Point? Enjoying avocado toast, waffles, and coffee with your ladies– nothing else could be better.

After brunch, you and your friends could venture out on a shopping spree at Molly & Zoey. Your whole squad could purchase matching bear coats or cute outfits for a fancy dinner. ‘Gal’entine’s Day is all about you and your friends, so “treat yo self!” Shopping really stirs up your appetite, so after you each get your outfits you could walk down to Playa Bowls and enjoy a bowl or smoothie on the beach if it is not too cold.

Those stylish ensembles you purchased are perfect for a gal’s night out. You and your ladies could have a fancy dinner at a restaurant on the beach, like McLoone’s or Tommy’s Tavern and Tap. The slightly cheaper route could be a sushi restaurant where you share a variety of rolls.

Paula Echeverria, a sophomore criminal justice student, said, “My idea of a great ‘Gal’entine’s Day would be going to a new and fun restaurant with friends.” After eating, you must take fabulous girl squad pictures of all of you in your new outfits to post on Instagram with a clever ‘Gal’entine’s Day caption.

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Professor Spotlight: John Morano

Professor Spotlight John MoranoThroughout life, everyone follows a different path. The road to success may not be easy, but through hard work and sacrifice anything can be achievable. John Morano, Professor of Communication, reflected, “I never thought my life would work out like this. I never thought, not in my wildest dreams, that my career would go where it took me and where it is right now.”

“I’ve worked really hard to get here. If you asked me when I graduated college if I’d be a journalist and professor at Monmouth University, nature novelist, and doing some of the other things I do, I would have laughed and said, ‘I don’t think so,’” Morano continued.

At Monmouth, Morano’s courses include:  Newswriting, Feature Writing, Writing the Review, and Introduction to Journalism. He has also served as the faculty advisor for The Outlook for 30 years. Outside the University, he is the author of the Morano Eco-Adventure Book Series, and is an owner of Bubbakoo’s Burritos franchises in Wall Township and Toms River.

Morano’s journey began by taking a film course in college and being a film critic for the school paper, during this time, he realized a passion for analyzing film. After earning two bachelor degrees in English and film from Clark University, and a masters in journalism from Penn State, he became the managing editor of Modern Screen magazine, which was the nation’s oldest movie magazine. Morano held the role of lead film critic for Modern Screen. He later served as Editor-in-Chief of ROCKbeat Magazine (Los Angeles) and Senior Editor of Inside Books Magazine (New York).

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I Posted Every Day on Instagram in 2018

This is How I Felt by the End

Instagram 2018Ever since its creation, social media has been used as a place where people share their thoughts and memories with friends, family, and in some cases, random people from around the world. It gives us a window into the parts of a person’s life that we may not see on a regular basis, especially that of celebrities. Actors, athletes, and supermodels may screenshot moments from their day and upload them for others to like and respond.

In addition to owning two personal Instagram accounts, Werlhens Francois, a junior communication student, runs several accounts dedicated to promoting his own shows, including “Balling in the Zone” on Hawk TV. “Social media can literally change lives,” Francois explained. “If you post content that people like and you post it consistently for other people to follow, you can become a celebrity overnight.”

While some people like Francois use Instagram to promote their business, others use it for more recreational purposes. Hania Sarsar, a junior communication student, uses social media to post pictures of her flowery, patterned artwork for the general public to view. “I think it branches you out and you get to see what other people like,” Sarsar said in response to keeping her art account public.

However, she has different feelings about making a personal account for her everyday life. “I find it weird if people know what I’m doing all the time, and I just don’t know if I want other people to know what I’m doing. I don’t even know what I would post – maybe a selfie?” she explained.

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How to Be Your Best Self in 2019

Best Self 2019Striving for self-improvement has never been easier than it is at the beginning of a new year. A look back at 2018 gives motivation to make healthy changes, and the transition into 2019 offers opportunities to do so. The new year is a fresh start with opportunities to achieve those goals that were once left on the back burner.

Exercising more often is the most common resolution, usually associated with losing weight and becoming fit. Although focusing on physical health is essential for self-improvement, the benefits of exercising don’t stop there; frequent workouts can improve mental health as well. Focusing on happiness and stress management is vital to becoming our best selves, something not many people take into consideration when entering a new year. The burning sensation that arises in muscles while running on the treadmill or lifting weights indicates one step closer to fulfilling a new year’s resolution.

Skill-building is another essential part of becoming your best self. Taking up a skill you would’ve never imagined and becoming thoroughly dedicated will produce endless gratification. Fun, stimulating hobbies to undertake in the new year include learning an instrument, baking, reading, and painting. The arts have a unique way of reducing stress as well. There’s something about producing peaceful strokes of paint that relieves the mind of stress, just like there’s something about getting lost in a fictional novel that reduces stress.

Everyone can appreciate the self-expression that comes with art. Sophomore health studies student Cameron Oakley said, “Although I’m not an art major, I want to take more time for things that I love. Not necessarily what my career’s going to be, but something I enjoy. [Painting] is a stress-free activity that gives me the chance to take my mind off of school completely.”

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Tips for Making This Your Best Semester

Tips for Best SemesterThe spring semester has just begun, but here are some easy tips to make it your best semester yet.

Wake up to a song that makes you smile.

From personal experience, I’ve learned that it’s almost impossible to wake up to an alarm that doesn’t fill your body with dread. Plus, the winter time is even worse since the sun rises later in the morning and nobody should have to wake up before the sun does.

However, by setting your alarm to one of your favorite songs, it softens the pain of waking up to attend your responsibilities, whether that be to go to work, class or basketball practice.

Use a song with happy lyrics and a calming melody so the light bulb in your head is peacefully turned on and the first thing you wake up to is something positive.

Evan Orsini, a freshman biology student, follows this idea by listening to music throughout the day to stay upbeat and energized in between classes. “Music keeps me in the zone and helps me focus on homework,” Orsini said.

Wear something that screams confidence (even if you’re faking).

Oversized sweatshirts are always welcome, and nobody plans to turn their backs on those magnificent, portable blankets. However, in order to perform your best, you must feel your best.

You can accomplish this simply with a necklace, a jean jacket or a new pair of pants.

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How to Combat the Winter Blues

Winter BluesAs we are slowly moving into the new year, there are many changes developing in most aspects of our lives. One of them happens to be changing the clocks back. Daylight savings time is over, which brings on a widespread and severe epidemic: the winter blues.

For many, the cold weather combined with the added darkness can cause feelings of sadness and a lack of motivation. However, there are several ways to get back into your usual groove and most of them can be done by a simple change of habits.

While it seems really obvious, opening curtains and blinds will instantly allow more sunlight to shine into the room. Being in a bright space has a direct correlation to our moods because our minds perceive certain colors to be connected to certain behaviors.

The quickest and most relieving way to release sad energy from the winter is by focusing your mind on something else. Bury your head in a book, whether it is a physics book for class or a novel by your favorite author. Reading is an amazing escape and can help you to relax your mind as well as re-adjust your focus on other parts of the world.

Another speedy solution is to listen to your favorite playlist. Spotify makes personalized playlists so if winter jams and slow songs are not your thing, there are plenty of summer songs to listen to. This will definitely cheer up someone who is stuck in winter.

If you enjoy laying in the dark watching Netflix, that is okay too. This is because of an upcoming trend called a Himalayan salt lamp. Aside from being fashionable and aesthetically pleasing, these lamps absorb indoor air pollutants.

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