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Students "Do-Nut Stress" with SAB

SAB Do Nut StressThe Student Activities Board (SAB) held its donut-inspired event, “Do-Nut Stress,” on Friday, Feb. 9 in Hesse Hall. The event began at 7 p.m. and ended at approximately 10 p.m.

Crystalyn Espinal, Assistant Director of Student Activities and Advisor for SAB, was pleased that this event was so well attended because it was something that Monmouth University has never seen before.

“‘Do-Nut Stress’ was a new event brought to Monmouth this semester,” said Espinal. “Students made comments throughout the night about how creative the event was and took the time to enjoy every attraction,” she continued.

Throughout the week leading up to the event, members of the executive board gave out free donut-shaped stress balls and coffee as a promotion. A window painting on the Rebecca Stafford Student Center and social media posts were also used as ways to get the word out.

Set up for the event began at 5:30 p.m. The lobby of Hesse Hall was transformed into donut heaven. From donut garland, donut streamers, donut balloons and donut party cups and plates, this was the perfect event for a real donut lover.

Students were able to de-stress by enjoying delicious hot donuts from Broad Street Dough Co. and Dunkin Donuts that they could decorate on their own. There were a variety donut options to choose from including plain, blueberry, apple cider, and vegan. Toppings like chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles along with Nutella or caramel sauce made for the perfect donut.

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Tune into Hawk TV

Tune Into Hawk TVWhen you sit in your dorm room, in the dining hall, or student center and you turn to channel 12-1, you might see the faces of your fellow students doing some pretty big things. You’ll feast your eyes on student reporters on the scene of a major campus event, students acting in skits they wrote and directed themselves, and live large-scale productions to raise money for charity. When you turn to channel 12-1, you’ll find Hawk TV.

This student-run organization gives members the ability to write, produce, edit, direct, and star as on-air talent in their own productions. Founded in January of 1996 by communication Professor Donna Dolphin, the program began with the goal to create an organization that would provide students with hands-on experience to prepare them for careers in the world of Communication.

Dolphin grew frustrated with the lack of co-curricular activities for students interested in Television and Film, so she created one.

Professor Dolphin did not ask permission to start the organization. She knew it would be difficult, so she aimed to just do it and show that it would be a success.

The only problem that arose was the name. The first name was "Monmouth Univision," but former campus attorney, Grey Dimenna, the current University President, insisted that the name be changed due to a Spanish network of a similar name. Then the name Hawk TV was established.

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Club and Greek Announcements 02-07-18

default article imageSociology Club

The sociology club at Monmouth works to take the concepts learned in the classroom and apply them to social activism. They focus on raising awareness of inequalities and social issues that affect all as students. They believe that every person has the ability to make a difference in the community. All student ideas are welcome as they work through issues of race, gender, ability, and more to create an open and inclusive space. In the past they have signed petitions against the Dakota Access Pipeline, which threatened the sanctity of precious indigenous people’s land; held American Sign Language classes; and educated students about sexual assault. With Sociology Club, every voice has a chance to be heard and they are devoted to addressing social issues that impact campus. The possibilities for what they will do this year are endless, so join them as they continue to work towards creating a campus environment that reflects the world we want to live in.

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Raise Awareness with the Council for Exceptional Children

CECAccording to The Center for Disease Control (CDC), autism affects every one in 68 children in the US. The developmental disorder is increasing in prevalence each year, and without any known cure, those on the spectrum are in need of individuals that will work towards advocacy and educate the general public.

The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) at Monmouth University is working to do just that. As a professional association of educators, CEC is committed to advancing the success of children with exceptionalities through advocacy, standards, and development. Through volunteer work and events, members are able to directly interact with those that have special needs and inspire them to be confident in their abilities and redefining their disorder.

Stacy Lauderdale-Littin, Ph.D., Department Chair of Special Education along with assistant professor Carol McArthur-Amedeo, Ph.D., act as co-advisors for CEC. “Joining our organization provides Monmouth University students with valuable learning experiences.  Our members have learned how to interact with children with special needs, and with their families. They have learned about providing recreational activities for children.  As they watch these children have a genuinely fun time at dances, they have learned the benefit of creating positive recreational experiences.  They have learned that all children want to socialize with others, and that they deserve an enriching life both in and out of school,” said McArthur.

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Log into the IEEE/ACM Chapter of Monmouth University

IEEEStudents in Monmouth’s ever-growing Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering are fortunate enough to have the support of both their department and of their academic club, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)/Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Chapter. This chapter has been tirelessly working on renovating its efforts and getting more students involved this year.

Under its new board leadership of President, William Jones, Vice President, Joshua Schlanger, Treasurer, Matt Drew, and myself as Secretary of the club is looking forward to a greater attendance rate and overall happiness in involvement. Not every chapter is perfect and, after a lot of meeting and deliberation about the future of the MU chapter, the board has concluded that the chapter is much like technology in general—ever changing and evolving.

One of the largest evolutions of this MU chapter and tech, in general, is its inclusivity. We are a small school; however, the chapter has a growing female presence. The women in the chapter are outspoken on the need for an inclusive and welcoming organization and are invaluable supporters of a club that meets the needs of all members.

Megan Rapach, a senior software engineering student, and IEEE/ACM member said, “We’re lucky enough to have an executive board that’s super friendly and cares about what all group members think. Everyone’s input is heard and nobody is ever ignored during the decision making/event planning process.”

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Club and Greek Announcements 01-31-18

default article imageStudents Advocating Girls' Education (SAGE)

SAGE is dedicated to equal access to education and the betterment of the campus community through social justice, gender equality, and feminism. SAGE hosts a number of events on campus to raise money and donate to organizations and communities which improve access to quality education for women and girls, both locally and globally. They also increase campus awareness of social issues and current events pertaining to women’s rights. If you are interested in joining, please contact the club president, Kaitlin Allsopp, at

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Do it for the Culture: An Alternative Break

Culture Alternative BreakThe Alternative Winter Break Program, led by International Student Advisor, Corey Inzana returned on Jan. 7, from their nine-day service trip to Haiti. Monmouth University students spent part of their winter break in Canaan, Haiti working on construction for an orphanage, church, and school. Students say the experience was rewarding and applicable in many ways.

Mary Kate O’Rourke, a senior psychology student has now been on the Alternative Break trip two times. In preparation for Haiti, O’Rourke considered the lessons she had learned a few months prior when she was in Nicaragua on the Alternative Summer Break trip. However O’Rourke explained, “When I got to Haiti, I was not prepared. I was prepared as I was safe and with great company, but my eyes were not prepared.” It took days to adjust to the cultural and geographical differences of Haiti but the love she experienced there, helped her to become acclimated.

On this trip, students stepped outside of their comfort zone in both big and small ways and often displayed great selflessness. Celine Powell, a freshman education and history student said, “One moment I will never forget was when the kids started chanting my name to sing.” She explained that she was hesitant but in that moment, realized that it wasn’t about herself. “I sang for them and danced and the joy they had on their face made me tear up,” Powell explained.

Nicholas Verzicco, a junior business administration and finance student recounted his experience working with the kids in Haiti as well. Verzicco said, “To see little children probably around four or five, like my niece and nephews, helping us move rocks and having fun was just eye opening.”

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Spring Into This Semester with SAB

Spring Semester SABThe Student Activities Board (SAB) is dedicated to creating events that enrich the college experience and encourage on campus involvement. Through membership or attending the club’s events, students have the opportunity to mingle and enjoy free programming that features exciting activities and freebies.

Crystalyn Espinal, the Assistant Director of Student Activities, believes that it is important for students to take advantage of SAB’s programming to get the full college experience.

“Students should attend the SAB events or even become involved with the club because both ways offer an opportunity to be a part of something fun, make friends, and just get away from the pressures of school and studying,” said Espinal.

This semester the club has been working to bring unique and exciting events to campus as seen through some of the club’s past and future events. Winter Wonderland was held in Wilson Hall from 7 to 10 p.m. There was an iceless ice skating rink, stuff n’ fluff penguins with SAB shirts, snow globe making, hot chocolate, and snacks.

Psychic Night took place this past Thursday from 6 to 10 p.m. There were four psychics to tell you what your future holds. Emily Marsh, a junior business administration student and SAB e-board member who organized the event said, “I’ve been wanting to bring an event like this to campus for a while and it was really cool to see the student body so excited for it and attend it.”

The Do-nut Stress will include a station to decorate your own donuts with different icings and toppings. There will be free coffee as well as four coffee caricature artists that will draw a portrait of you out of the coffee. Lastly, there will be do-it-yourself coffee tumblers for you to create all on your own to take home. If you’re stressed and need donuts in your life, you “donut” want to miss out on this event.

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Club and Greek Announcements 01-24-18

default article imageHawk TV News

Hawk TV News is looking for vibrant and interested students who want to be reporters, writers, anchors and much more. You do not need to be a communication major to be a part of this organization.

If you are interested email us at or meet us on Wednesdays in JP 138 at 3:15 p.m.

Students Advocating Girls’ Education (SAGE)

SAGE is dedicated to equal access to education and the betterment of the campus community through social justice, gender equality, and feminism. SAGE hosts a number of events on campus to raise money and donate to organizations and communities which improve access to quality education for women and girls, both locally and globally. They also increase campus awareness of social issues and current events pertaining to women’s rights. If you are interested in joining, please contact the Club President, Kaitlin Allsopp, at

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Hang Ten with MU's Surf Club

MU Surf ClubSurfs up! That’s what students at Monmouth University are saying as they leave their classes for the day and head to the shore to ride some waves. Located only one mile from some of the sandy beaches New Jersey has to offer, surfing has long been a tradition since Monmouth University was founded.

In 2014, the Surf Club and the Surf Team were officially established. The Surf Club is open to any student who shares the passion of surfing or who may also wish to learn how to surf without paying any fee. The Surf Team consists of students who demonstrate excellent skills out on the water and go to competitions. According to, Monmouth University was rated number ten as one of the “Best Surf Colleges” in the United States. The article argues that the Monmouth is the best university to attend if someone is looking for a Northeast school with the opportunity to surf daily.

Specialist professor of communication Matthew Harmon and faculty advisor of the club, said, “I think it’s fantastic especially when you consider all the schools that could be in the top ten. Being situated right on the Atlantic Ocean is such a great advantage. I would think it is a draw for those that want to go to school and still be able surf. That might sound like a crazy reason to pick a school but surfing and the water is a lifestyle.”

Josh Spicer, a freshman computer science student and treasurer of the Surf Club, expressed his joy of the great news.

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The Reaity of Being Recruitment Chair

Recruitment ChairPeople outside of Greek Life or people who never went away to school usually judge or poke fun at the concept of being in a sorority.

In reality, it’s an amazing resource to take on leadership roles and learn actual skills for the “real world.” Trust me, trying to properly lead and make 75 girls happy all at once is as difficult as “expert” level Guitar Hero; if you press too many wrong buttons, you’ll find yourself offbeat for the rest of the song, unlikely to make a comeback.

When I tell people I am the Vice President of Membership Recruitment, or Recruitment Chair, nine times out of ten, they have no idea what I am talking about. So, for those of you who aren’t a professional sorority girl, allow me to debrief you.

I ran for this position knowing all the requirements, which are the following: coordinate monthly workshops, two day long recruitment workshops, hold weekly meetings, plan a three-day long formal recruitment, keep in constant contact with recruitment advisor, and it doesn’t end there. I was also responsible for attending meetings and workshops with Panhellenic Council, corresponding with my sorority’s headquarters, and managing a large budget.

This upcoming weekend potential new members (PNMs) will undergo the process of becoming a member of one of the six Panhellenic sororities on campus. Along with the other recruitment chairs at Monmouth, our weekends will consist of scouting out girls who share mutual values and would be a good fit for the organization.

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