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On And Off Campus Announcements 9/28

Cinema Club

The Monmouth University Cinema Club will be screeningMartin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver”, starring Robert De Niro, this wednesday in Jules Plangere Center at 7:30pm. The room has yet to be decded. For more information folliow them on Facebook at Monmouth Cinema Club, and contact President Julian Garcia at

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the governing body of all the student clubs and organizations at Monmouth University. There are more than 100 clubs and organizations, with more being recognized every year by SGA. SGA is directly responsible for the oversight of annual funding all eligible clubs and organizations, as well as providing financial assistance to groups and individuals who wish to sponsor a special program or event.SGA’s mission is to promote the health and welfare of Monmouth University’s student body. The Senate meets at 2:45 p.m. every Wednesday during the academic year on the 3rd floor of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center. Meetings are open to the Monmouth University community.

The Outlook

The Outlook is looking for students interested in writing for the student-run newspaper. Sections include News, Opinion, Politics, Lifestyles, Features, Entertainment, Club & Greek, and Sports. No prior experience is necessary. The Outlook fulfills practicum requirements for communication majors, however, being a communication major is not required to write for The Outlook.

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Outdoors Club: Get Out There!

Outdoors ClubMonmouth University Outdoors Club is an amazing club with friendly, adventurous people. Its’ purpose is to promote growth, understanding, awareness, and appeal of nature through various activities we sponsor.

Activities may include hiking, rafting, camping, surfing and more. We do everything from playing board games to de-stress, to hosting beach parties, to hiking through trails in the woods, to zip lining down from the tree tops, and anything else pertaining to the outdoors!

There are so many activities and trips available that if one is missed there is sure to be another. Some of the activities that we have planned throughout the semester include: camping, hiking, and kayaking at Wharton State Forest, which will be September 23rd through the 25th. The Outdoors Club also hosts a Game Night once every month.

October 7th through the 9th there will be a camping and horseback-riding trip, which should be fantastic in the autumn weather. Also coming up in October there will also be a trip to a haunted house, in theme with both Halloween and getting outside to do something spooky.

There will also be a camping trip to Allaire State Park on December 2nd through the 4th. Students will be able to sleep in cabins during the trip as well as do other camping activities.

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Council for Exceptional Children: An Exceptional Opportunity

Council Exceptional ChildrenMonmouth University offers a variety of opportunities available to students to give back to the community. For students that are interested in helping those with special needs, Monmouth’s Council for Exceptional Children Club (CEC) is the perfect organization to join. This club hosts, volunteers, and participates in events for both students and adults with disabilities.

President Brittany Burd of CEC club, is a senior English and elementary education major with an endorsement in teaching students with disabilities (TSD) encourages more students to get involved.

“We are always looking for more volunteers and have already begun planning some great events for this year! Every volunteer opportunity is a chance to make a difference,” said Burd.

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On And Off Campus Announcements 9/21

The Monmouth Snowriders

The Monmouth Snowriders are a group that focuses on teaching students how to let go of their inhibitions while forming lifelong friendships in the process.

Whether you’re an expert who wants to tackle the biggest mountains around or a beginner who just wants to meet some great people while learning how to ride in a smaller environment, you are very much encouraged to become part of our family. We go to places all over the east coast, such as Killington and Whiteface.

Our main trip, however, is five days at the ski resort at Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada. Join us for our first general meeting on Wednesday, September 21st at 3:15pm in Bey Hall 133!! 

The Cinema Club

The Cinema Club is cancelling this week’s screening of “On the Waterfont.”

Screenings will resume next week starting with Scorceses’ “Taxi Driver.” Meetings occur every Wednesday at 7:30pm

Martin Scorceses’ films will be shown throughout the month of September. For information contact club President Julian Garcia at

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First Year Service Project: Houseless Not Hopeless

Houseless Not HopelessEver want to volunteer or do more for the local community surrounding Monmouth University but you don’t know how? The First Year Service Project is the place for you!

The First Year Service Project is an on-campus organization which gives students the opportunity to serve their local communities by fighting poverty through a variety of activities including fundraisers, events, and food drives.

We are excited to be kicking the year off with one of our marque events, Houseless Not Hopeless.

Senior Student Coordinator Jennifer Ingegno, said, “Houseless Not Hopeless brings the Monmouth community together for an awareness event that puts students in the shoes of a homeless person.

The perspective I gained from that one night is something I hope we can give to the rest of the students here at Monmouth.” 

Students who have been at Monmouth may recognize this event by the cardboard box shelters that are set up on Shadow Lawn. The event invites students to spend the night living in a cardboard shelter that you create yourself. This gives students’ insight into the lives of the homeless.

Throughout the night students participate in several activities to help the local community. These include a scavenger hunt for school supplies and a Peanut Butter & Jelly relay.

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Sorority Spreads Awareness for Suicide Prevention Week

Suicde Prevention 1Monmouth University’s chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau held an event this past week honoring and spreading awareness for World Suicide Prevention Day. The organization hosted a bake sale, a vigil, and an ‘Awareness Day’ at the Rebecca Stafford Student Center. 

Alpha Sigma Tau’s many   events proved very successful, with all proceeds of the bake sale going to the Mental Health Association of Monmouth County, located in Shrewsbury New Jersey.

Valentina Sanchez, a junior communication major, said, “We were able to raise three times more money than we did last year, so that’s pretty amazing.” 

The Mental Health Association of Monmouth County (MHA) is a non profit organization that provides counseling and other services to those who suffer from depression.

The MHA website states, “As an affiliate of the National Organization Mental Health America and the Mental Health Association of New Jersey, we represent a growing movement of Americans who promote mental wellness for the health and well-being of the nation, every day and in times of crisis.” 

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Monmouth Cinema Club: A Blockbuster Hit

Cinema ClubEver watch a movie and just want to talk about it for hours? Well Monmouth has the club for you. The Monmouth University Cinema Club is devoted to creating an exciting place for movie-lovers to meet and discuss what they love about cinema, and who better to run this club than one of the biggest film fans around.

Club President Julian Garcia started the club in the spring semester of 2015. He wanted to create an open and free environment where one could express their opinions, thoughts and theories about a wide variety of films. It became apparent that there was a great need for the club when attendance rose.

When asked about the success of the club Julian, a junior communication major, says, “Films have always been the greatest friends I could ask for and it is terrific to find people who think of movies in the same light.”

Under the guidence of professor Matt Lawrence  each month the cinema club board members choose distinguished filmmakers and dedicate an entire month to view their work.

During this month the Cinema Club chooses popular works by a director as well as less well known material from the director, which Julian Garcia believes allows for a complete in-depth look at the filmmaker.

September is dedicated to the films of Martin Scorsese and is sure to be a fan-favorite for attendees; starting off with his off beat sleeper hit, “After Hours” and continuing the month with his classics, “Good Fellas” and “Taxi Driver”.

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“I believe that faithfullness to these ideals will help me to live joyously and valiantly.” | Alyssa Tritschler's Senior Goodbye

“But especially do we thank thee for friends."

Senior Goodbye 1Monmouth University. You have been my home for the past four years, the best four years of my life. You have given me friendship, serenity, sisterhood, love, education, laughter, and so much happiness. From the moment I stepped on to this campus I knew I never wanted to leave. Now that time has come and it’s so hard to say goodbye. Over the years I have formed memories on every corner of this beautiful campus and I can’t help but stop and think about them as I walk towards the fountains, through the tunnel towards the residential side, or glance at Wilson Hall. Attending this school was my dream and to be able to say that I’ve reached it is so bittersweet. From eating Carlos omelets everyday freshmen and sophomore year, to shoving three people into a double room in Redwood 218, to throwing endless pregame parties in The Lawrence House, and getting stung every Thursday night, this is in fact, a goodbye.

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Alpha Omicron Pi Raises Money for Arthritis Research

From the court to the stage, Justin Robinson remains a campus celebrity after winning Alpha Omicron Pi’s “So You Think You Can Dance” competition.

So You Think You Can Dance raised over $1,300 for the Arthritis Research Foundation. Since the organization’s partnership with the Arthritis Foundation in 1967, Alpha Omicron Pi has raised over $3 million nationally.

“The whole concept of this event was very cool. The interactive wheel and improvisation aspect was different than other events we’ve seen and it kept it entertaining,” said Ali Hart, junior education student.

There was a massive colorful wheel on the screen that consisted of several different dance moves from over the years. Each contestant came onto the stage oblivious to what dance they would have to perform and spin the wheel. Once the wheel stopped spinning, a brief video of the selected dance would play and the contestant would then have to dance that move. 

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The Monmouth University Professional Nurses Association (MUPNA) which includes all MU nursing students and is organized by the elected executive board, will be raising funds and collecting donations for this trip. 

MUPNA has created two donation boxes which are located in McAllan Hall (3rd floor School of Nursing Office) and Birch Hall (room 104).

They are looking for supplies to provide hygiene kits for the patients they will see in Haiti.  Hygiene kits include bars of soap, washcloths, toothpastes, toothbrushes, hand sanitizers, dental floss, and any other personal hygiene items.

Boom Roasted Productions

The Addams Family opens April 15th, 16th and 18th @ 8pm and April 17th @ 3pm. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased from the MAC Box Office.

Monday night’s performance is currently SOLD OUT, so people should buy their tickets NOW!

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Monmouth University Fights Back at Relay for Life

MU Relay for Life 2016Students, faculty, friends, fighters, survivors, and loved ones filled the Multi-Purpose Activity Center (MAC) on Fri. April 1 for Monmouth University’s Relay for Life. Monmouth University has been hosting an American Cancer Society sponsored campus-wide Relay for Life event, along with the help of the Colleges against Cancer club on campus, to help fight back and find a cure for cancer.

The American Cancer Society website claims that the Relay for Life movement is the world’s largest and most impactful fundraising event to end cancer. It unites communities across the globe to celebrate people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and take action to finish the fight once and for all. The relay is an overnight event where participants “camp out”, listen to music, visit fundraising tables, and take turns walking around the MAC track to raise funds to fight cancer. This year’s theme was One World, One Hope, in honor of the national Relay for Life theme of Paint Your World Purple. The theme is to spread awareness of the available support and programs around the world from the ACS. The American Cancer Society’s slogan is “Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back.”

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