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The Double-edged Sword of Food Delivery Services: Small Restaurant Owners Grapple with Shifting Industry

Food DeliveryIn the wake of COVID-19, the nation’s restaurant industry took a severe hit. In an effort to bring awareness to small restaurants and aid them in their struggles, a movement began encouraging community members to support local small businesses.

With indoor dining no longer an option, restaurants relied heavily upon third-party delivery services such as DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats to make up the in-house business they were unable to generate. App-based delivery services experienced tremendous growth.

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Picture This: Student Spotlight on Brett Pezza

Picture ThisBrett Pezza is a junior studying graphic design at Monmouth University. His passion for photography started with a special gift from someone special in his life.

Pezza said, “I first became interested in photography when I borrowed my grandfather’s Canon camera when I was a freshman in high school.”

He has gotten better in this field by trial and error, allowing him to learn continuously. “In high school, I started learning by taking my camera everywhere and learning through my mistakes,” he said. “Also, I learned a lot from watching many YouTube videos of many famous photographers which helped me acquire good knowledge about camera gear and photography as an art form.”

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The Darker Side of the Track Stars

default article imageHow far would you push yourself to be the best? Running is a gritty sport that requires determination, focus, and extensive repetitive training. Only those with a strong mentality tend to thrive in this sport, but when does the desire to succeed become obsessive? The intensity that comes with becoming one of the best runners can be stressful, and has a tolling effect on the mental health of individuals in this sport.

Shawnee High School is a South Jersey School that had a distance- running dynasty. In 2018, they were the #4 team in New Jersey. Shawnee Cross Country athlete Laura Mavracic experienced the pressure of high-intensity athletics firsthand, and it damaged her both physically and emotionally.

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A Writer with a Dream: Melissa Badamo's Senior Goodbye

Melissa Badamo 1When I was seven years old, I had my lifelong dream figured out: I wanted to be a writer. I can proudly say that dream has come true.

I began writing for The Outlook the second week of freshman year and quickly became a staff writer. I was promoted to features editor my junior year, and became Editor-in-Chief my senior year. Now, at the time we’re publishing the last issue of the year, I have more than a hundred Outlook articles under my belt.

I picked up a journalism minor my sophomore year. At this time, I didn’t know as much about journalism as I do now. I was struggling to put articles together—it would take me hours to write a story that I would now complete in no time. I contemplated dropping my journalism minor; I thought I wasn’t good enough for it. But I worked at it; I kept writing stories every week, I improved. Now, I realize that quitting would have been my biggest regret.

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John Morano Steps Down as The Outlook's Advisor After 33 Years

Morano Steps Down 1After serving as the faculty advisor for 33 years, overseeing 800 issues and over 12,800 pages of the newspaper, John Morano, Professor of Journalism, has decided to step down as faculty advisor for the student-run University newspaper, The Outlook.

Morano has been the only faculty advisor for The Outlook since it was first published in 1933, and he is also the founder of the journalism program at Monmouth.

Under his leadership, the paper has won five national championships from the American Scholastic Press Association, one national championship from the Society of Professional Journalists, and was awarded ‘Top Ten in the Nation’ from the American Collegiate Press.

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Thank You, Professor Morano!

Thank You 2Dear Prof,

The first time I met you was at the Mondays at Monmouth event. I was lucky enough to sit in on your class and witness the true passion you had as a professor. After class you took the time to sit with all the high school seniors who attended, answered any questions, and shared your contact information. From that moment I knew Monmouth was for me, and I knew I had found an incredible mentor. Thank you so much for inspiring me and so many other students during your time as Outlook advisor. You’ve truly created a network of editors who care for one another and I’m so grateful to be a part of it. We’ll miss you! -Danielle Schipani ‘17

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The Freshman Fifteen: Fact or Fiction?

Freshman FifteenThe mecca of college students may not be multi-story brick academic buildings or residence halls where you can hear the near-constant chatter of students. For many students, it’s the on-campus dining facilities, where they receive the nourishment they need to power through seemingly endless lectures and all-nighters in the library.

However, nourishment may not exactly be the correct term. Everyone’s heard the legend of the infamous and dreaded “freshman fifteen.” The rite of passage for first-year students is often a few extra pounds due to unhealthy choices at on-campus dining facilities.

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Faculty Spotlight: Shannon Hokanson

Faculty SpotlightIt has been 20 years since Shannon Hokanson joined the Monmouth University faculty. Hokanson is one of the most well-loved professors, not only in the communication department, but also on campus as a whole. Hokanson is a friendly and energetic person who loves dogs. Anyone who has ever had Professor Hokanson in the classroom knows that she is a huge advocate for pit-bull rescue—she even has a pit-bull herself that you can often find in his comfortable jammies.

Hokanson is loved because of how real and personable she is. She is approachable, compassionate and understanding towards her students and coworkers. Before Hokanson became a professor, she attended Monmouth University as a student herself. One of her past professors was pleased when she saw that Hokanson applied to work at Monmouth, as she was an outstanding student. “Prof. Hokanson is a kind, caring and creative person I have only known her as such,” said Donna Dolphin Associate Professor of Communication. “It’s a lucky thing to work with a friendly and genuinely nice person.”

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Trending Recipe: Feta Pasta

Feta PastaGiven the times of the world we are in, some can get a little consumed with the new trends on social media. I know I have taken advantage of social media, especially the app TikTok. The app is a video-sharing social media network, and the purpose is to create and upload short videos for entertainment.

As I was scrolling on the app for hours one night, I stumbled upon a recipe for a baked feta pasta dish. The original recipe was posted by Jenni Häyrinen in 2019. Häyrinen is a Finnish food blogger, and her recipe led to the #fetapasta hashtag trending on TikTok, which now has over 44 million views. This recipe seemed like the easiest type of pasta to make, and I was confused as to why this was a big trend on social media platforms. I mean, no hate to this pasta recipe, but I just did not get why there were so many posts, articles, stories, etc. about this pasta. The Washington Post, Food Network, Delish, The Rachael Ray Show, and more have posted recipe videos and articles about this pasta recipe.

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Declutter Your Dorm: The Importance of Spring Cleaning

DeclutterIn the “work-from-home” age of the pandemic, with most classes being held virtually at home or in your dorm room, it’s easy to find your desk overflowing with clutter. However, now that spring has sprung and finals are around the corner, it’s important to find time to clear your workspace of the various books, stationary, and even water bottles piling up at your desk.

According to a 2010 study published in the scientific journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, women who described their workspaces as “cluttered” were more likely to be depressed than women who described their homes as “restful” and “restorative.” And, according to another study conducted by Indiana University, those who kept their homes clean were healthier and more active than those who didn’t.

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Nursing Students Administer Covid-19 Vaccines

Nursing 1Monmouth nursing students administered COVID-19 vaccines at Brookdale Community College as a part of their clinical experiences, their third time administering vaccines in total, on Tuesday, March 23.

Rachel Blackwell, a sophomore nursing student, described it as a very rewarding experience, as about 1200 people arrived for either their first or second dose. “As a nursing major, this vaccination clinic helped me practice skills that I will continue to use here and in my nursing career,” Blackwell said.

“My experience throughout the day giving the vaccines was really good,” added Heather Orgonas, another sophomore nursing student. “I was nervous at first, but as the day went on, my nerves subsided and I really enjoyed it.”

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