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Distance Relationship on Valentine’s Day

V Day Long DistanceWhile being in a long-distance relationship is never easy, having to spend Valentine’s Day without your significant other is probably one of the hardest things about them.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, couples are getting ready to celebrate with their loved ones, but for those in long-distance relationships, celebrations aren’t done in person, but instead over FaceTime or Skype.

My boyfriend and I will be celebrating our three year anniversary on Feb. 25 and this will be our fourth Valentine’s Day together, but our first celebrating apart.

My boyfriend is currently studying to receive his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at the University of Miami in Florida, so our Valentine’s Day will be celebrated with over 1,000 miles between us. Our nightly FaceTime calls have become the norm for us since August, so Valentine’s Day will just be another day.

Knowing my boyfriend the way I do, he will probably be sending me two-dozen red roses on Valentine’s Day, as this has become a habit for him to do once a month since he has moved to Miami.

Not to sound ungrateful, but I would much rather have him as a gift instead of the flowers. But I understand that with his schedule of taking classes, conducting research, and teaching, he will not be able to make the trip home for the weekend.

While being in a long-distance relationship is certainly something I never pictured for myself, I am grateful for the three years I was able to spend with him while he was an undergraduate student here at the University.

Making a long-distance relationship work is never an easy thing with us both currently leading two different lives; we have to constantly work to make this relationship last.

Being apart on one of the most romantic holidays is not ideal, but it is something that we will work through together because we feel that our relationship is worth it. We also will not be able to celebrate our anniversary together in the last week of February, but we always look on the positive side of things, like the fact that I will be spending spring break down in Miami with him. That one week we will be making up for our lost Valentine’s Day and anniversary celebrations together.

This whole process has been a learning experience for us, especially because we were once so used to living on the same campus and taking classes in the same buildings.

When we started school again this past September, we had to adapt to the fact that we no longer attended the same university.

It was not easy at first but we are determined to make our relationship last through this tough spot we are currently going through because we feel that our relationship is worth it.

While we cannot be together in person for Valentine’s Day this year, at least we can still celebrate together over FaceTime. It doesn’t matter the distance as long as we’re together.


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