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Campus Viewpoint 01-30-19

Do you have a New Year's Resolution? If so, what is it?

 01.30.19 Viewpoint 5

Deanna Dantas


“My resolution is to say no to people who I break my back for and say yes to opportunities."

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Moments at Monmouth 01-30-19

01.30.19 Viewpoint 1

The School of Social Work celebrates graduate students as they will embark on experiential trips overseas.

PHOTO COURTESY of: School of Social Work

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Campus Viewpoint 12-05-18

Do you have any holiday traditions? If so, what is one you remember from growing up?

 12.05.18 Viewpoint 5

Emma O'Rourke


“I like going to Lincoln Center every holiday to see a symphony, play or opera."

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Moments at Monmouth 12-05-18

12.05.18 Viewpoint 1

Decorations created by the Student Activities Board (SAB) for the University's first winter illumination ceremony.


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Campus Viewpoint 11-28-18

What's the best class you've ever taken at Monmouth?

 11.28.18 Viewpoint 5

Erica Barbara


“The best class thus far would have to be Media Literacy with Professor Messina. His teaching style and supplementary content were always so engaging."

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Moments at Monmouth 11-28-18

11.28.18 Viewpoint 1

Musician Jay Allen serenades the crowd at Wilson Hall Auditorium at a Student Activities Board-Sponsored (SAB) concert.


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Campus Viewpoint 11-14-18

Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

 11.14.18 Viewpoint 5

Kelli Misenheimer


“I see myself married and with my first child on the way. I also see myself being a boss lady in the music industry field and winning a Grammy."

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Moments at Monmouth 11-14-18

11.14.18 Viewpoint 1

Students and faculty from the History and Anthropology Department visiting the Museum of the American Revolution.

PHOTO COURTESY of: History and Anthropology Club

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Campus Viewpoint 11-07-18

What would you do if you won the lottery?

 11.07.18 Viewpoint 5

Holly Ryan


“I would pay for family and friends college, donate to charities for cancer research and to help children, and travel the world."

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Moments at Monmouth 11-07-18

11.07.18 Viewpoint 1

Members of the Economics and Finance Club during their annual trip to the New York Stock Exchange.

PHOTO COURTESY of: Economics and Finance Club

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Campus Viewpoint 10-31-18

What is your favorite Halloween movie?

 10.31.18 Viewpoint 5

Sonia Dadlani


“I remember watching Hocus Pocus all the time."

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