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Ways for Men to be Comfortable and Sharp this Autumn

Contrary to popular belief, fashion trends are not just for women, and this season there is an exceptional focus on men in fashion. Here are some guidelines to stick to so you are always dressed for success around campus.

The most important items to have in your closet are of course, the essentials for each season. No man should be without a few pairs of structured jeans in a few different shades, and some solid tees in neutral colors. When it comes to jeans, it is a good idea to have a dark pair and a light pair, which creates diversity in your wardrobe. Light colored jeans are perfect for everyday wear, and you can dress up with a dark wash.

You can never go wrong with a pair of khakis either; they are neutral but give a different feel than jeans. Because the colder months are approaching, long sleeves and thermals are also a good idea. Once again, you can never go wrong with a neutral color and a classic fit. With these basics, you can layer different pieces to create new looks, or wear them on their own for a casual and simple outfit.

The essentials do not just stop at jeans and tee shirts. Button ups are also a cold weather must. These are perfect if you want to look a little more formal for class, or if you are going out with friends on the weekend. Plus, they come in not only solid colors, but patterns so you can mix it up. Button ups are not only useful on their own—you can wear them under a vest, sweater or jacket to create layers and keep warm. Just make sure you iron them before wear.

Fall is the ultimate sweater weather. During the next few months, you will be grateful to have some knit pieces. V-Knit pullover sweaters are always good to have, to wear alone, or over a button up or polo. Cardigans are also a good way to add a bit of “back to school” into your wardrobe. Plus, you can use them over and over again with different outfits. In order to look cool and stay warm, sweaters are essential for your autumn attire.

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Eating Right to Make a Run Last

Whether it is a marathon or a mile, eating properly before and after a run is crucial to one’s success.

What to eat before a run is common sense. Lean towards processed carbs along with low fiber fruits while straying away from junk food and soda. The reason processed carbs are preferred over healthier items such as whole grain bread is because these are easier on one’s stomach while running. If planning to run some point throughout the day, a wise choice for breakfast would be a non-whole wheat bagel with peanut butter accompanied by a small glass of water.

After a run, many feel as if they are invincible. Make sure to keep in mind that even though you have worked out, your body has to replenish all that it has lost during the run. One should aim to get a decent amount of both unprocessed carbohydrates as well as protein into their body after a run. Many runners follow a 3:1 or 4:1 carbs to protein ratio. While this is the norm for a decent number of runners, everyone is different and it is important to figure out what ratio is best for your body.

A great drink of choice after a run is chocolate milk. According to madetorun.com, “consistent consumption of chocolate milk after sustained exercise dramatically lowers the levels of creatine kinase (an indicator of muscle damage).” Another drink to consume after a run would be a protein shake. Whey and Soy protein powders are favored by many marathon athletes because they help restore muscle glycogen, a main supplement used by the body during long distance runs.

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Distance vs. Sprints

Which is the Better Choice?

Sprinting vs distance: While both include running, there is an ongoing debate about which field is particularly more difficult to compete in and better health wise.

“Sprinters rely heavily on glucose as energy sources in their events, which at the top level last less than a minute,” Livestrong. com stated, “Distance runners, on the other hand, rely on a mix of stored muscle glycogen, which is converted to glucose, and fatty acids liberated from fat cells and muscle cells.”

Head Track and Field coach, Joe Compagni, states, “I think they are both difficult in their own way. I think anytime somebody trains as a sprinter and sees what long distance runners do, they earn some respect for them, but then the reverse is also true. The distance runners look and think the sprinters workouts are not as challenging but then they actually do them and see they are just a lot more intense.”

According to Forbes, there are both pros and cons to sprinting as well as running long distances. Jon Entine believes that sprinters are born not made. “Genetically linked, highly heritable characteristics such as skeletal structure, the distribution of muscle fiber types (for example, sprinters have more natural fast twitch fibers, while distance runners are naturally endowed with more of the slow twitch variety), reflex capabilities, metabolic efficiency and lung capacity are not evenly distributed among populations,” Entine notes in one of his articles.

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Running the School: Literally

lifestyles-running-the-schoolStaying fit in college is not the easiest thing to do. The Multi-purpose Activity Center is a great, inexpensive way to stay in shape but many people do not like working out in front of others, let alone being forced to go to a gym. Instead of using the MAC, some may like to run outdoors and view nice scenery on the way to their destination. As a former collegiate cross country athlete, I will present you with some insight to great running paths around MU.

The number one thing people love about the University is the close proximity to the beach. A great way to enjoy a beach day while getting exercise would be to run to the shoreline. Running from the library towards the beach and stopping at the end of Cedar Avenue is precisely a mile.

If one were to run to the beach, stay there for a little, and then run back, it would be an enjoyable two mile workout. If one wanted to push themselves further than a one mile mark but still preferred to use the Cedar Avenue route, it is a novel idea to turn left onto Ocean Avenue. Making a right turn at the first street will bring one to the shoreline but would also add an extra .3 miles to the route.

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You Are What You Eat: Certain Foods Affect Appearance

lifestyles-colorIt seems as if girls are never truly satisfied with their appearance. They wake up two hours before they need to just so they can blast their face with makeup, straighten their hair and take a ridiculous amount of time picking out the perfect outfit.

If you are tired of this cycle, a solution is nearby. There are plenty of foods to enhance your hair, skin, eyesight and stomach which can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.

The first thing most women do in the morning is pick out their clothes. It is an aggravating process that most men will never understand and most women know all too well. Outfit after outfit is put on trial for minutes on end, but none truly satisfy the wearer. More often than not, the wearer is not upset with the clothing but with their body. There are many foods which are said to help gain a flat stomach when accompanied with exercise. A few great foods to eat if your goal is to achieve a slimmer stomach are almonds, eggs, and apples.

Almonds have the ability to regulate blood sugar. When blood sugar is level, it prevents craving which easily leads to weight gain. Almonds are also known to diminish the absorption of fat.

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Bad Habits Now Mean Health Problems Later

Between balancing academics, sports, clubs and a social life, college students easily adapt to the “dorm room diet.” We live in a fast paced society and anything that can be thrown in a microwave or passed through a car window becomes a staple in their routine.

“Health is something that comes second, third, fourth (to college students),” said Nursing professor Dianne Van Arsdale. “Most college students are between the ages of 18 and 25 and you think you’re invulnerable. You don’t think anything’s going to hurt you.”

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Americans and stroke ranks as one of the top five. But America’s health problems probably do not keep the average college student awake at night.

“Heart disease and stroke are vascular related. Someone doesn’t just get clogged arteries at 30 or 40. It’s from a lifetime of habits,” said Chris Hirschler, Health Studies Professor. Hirschler says that these two diseases are strongly linked to diet.

“There are autopsy studies done on young people who die less than ten years of age that have significant arthrosclerosis,” said Hirschler. Arthrosclerosis is the hardening of the arteries.

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Avoid the Dreaded Freshmen Fifteen thru Easy Steps

Coming into college, most freshmen stress over leaving their home, friends and family. After a month, when they finally grow accustomed to their college life, they no longer feel the anticipation or fear of college.

As fall break approaches, they begin to think about what their old friends will think of them once they reunite at a group hangout or at their high school’s homecoming football game. They begin to think of how they will perceive their old friends. One thing leads to another and they will begin to think if any of their friends have gained the alleged freshmen fifteen, or even worse if they had gained it themselves. If this thought scares you, then here are some helpful tips on how to avoid the accursed freshmen fifteen.

Being away from home for the first time is going to test your willpower. Thankfully, Monmouth University offers many healthy options in its cafeterias. Everything must be eaten in moderation. Eating a handful of potato chips can be bad if not paired with another healthy main course meal.

According to LiveStrong.com, eat at certain hours everyday and try to eat five smaller meals rather than three big meals per day. Both of these m ethods will help your metabolism. Most importantly, do not be drawn into making late night snacks an every night ritual. If you do like to snack at night, choose something healthy to eat such as fruit or carrots instead of what the vending machines offer.

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How to Fit Eighteen Years of Your Life Into a 15’ by 11’ Room

Walking into my Pinewood room freshman year was one of the oddest moments of my life. As I looked at the bare white walls and the wooden furniture in the tiny room,a single thought immediately entered my mind: “Oh no. I think I packed too much stuff.”

One of the hardest things to do was decide how to pack 18 years of my life up and fit it into this new room, which I would own half of for the next nine months. It was a challenge, especially since I never shared a room before, and was used to having my system of organized chaos sprawled across my floor and desk at home. Luckily, my roommate at the time was very understanding and we were able to make our empty little room into a comfortable living space with a few trial and errors.

Making a dorm room or suite your own personalized living space is not that hard with these few tips that I have learned from living on-campus these past two years at Monmouth.

Bunk/loft your beds. This was probably the best thing that my roommate and I agreed about on move in day. By lofting or keeping the beds bunked, it creates a little extra floor room so you and your roommate are not tripping over one another. If you loft one of the beds, you can place your dresser or desk underneath for extra space as well.

Usually there are information cards in every room with a service that will loft the beds for you, so it might be useful to keep those. Just remember not to put your lofted bed(s) or bunk beds near the light in ceiling to avoid injury.

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Vacation on a Budget

When one thinks of summer vacations for college students, tropical all-inclusive resorts seem to be the norm; however, if your budget does not allow you to sip cocktails for seven days on a superior island, don’t give up on a summer vacation just yet.

Planning summer vacations with a college student’s budget can be difficult, but it is by no means impossible. The following helpful vacation tips will allow your much deserved summer getaway to become a reality, without breaking the bank.

Rutgers University student, Megan Schaefer, is shying away from the traditional college student getaway this summer in choosing to take a road trip to Manchester, Tennessee.

“I am going to the four day musical festival referred to as Bonnaroo,” said Schaefer.

Road trips are a great way to cut the cost of plane tickets, depending on how many people you travel with. Despite dramatic gas prices, when splitting the cost amongst passengers it does not have as much of an impact on your wallet.

However, the indie-rock loving fan has advice for those contemplating taking the 15 hour drive for themselves.

“This event isn’t for everyone. I’ll be spending four days in the blistering heat, without a real shower and eating whatever I was able to pack into the car. It sounds crazy, I know but it’s the modern day Woodstock! I wouldn’t miss it.”

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Sandy Feet and Good Things to Eat

lifestyles-sandy-feetThere is something fascinating about the warm weather and sunny skies that make people so happy. Summer instantly brings thoughts of relaxation. For some people, the most unforgettable moments of leisure during the summertime are found on the beach. Trips to the seashore offer endless opportunities for sightseeing and entertainment. Sunscreen, beach chairs, umbrellas and towels are just a few of the necessary items packed for the day in the sun. Many beachgoers bring a cooler full of drinks, lunch food and snacks. Those that do not come prepared with food, often head to the boardwalk for a bite to eat.

However, nourishing food choices may not be plentiful when venturing onto the boards in search of satisfying your hunger and thirst. Your cooler may also not be filled with the best nutrients that your body needs to enjoy the day in the sun. Consuming nutritious foods and beverages is not only best for your beach body but also for maintaining and safeguarding your health.

“Everyone is particularly mindful of body weight during bathing suit season,” said Kathy Maloney, Director of Health Services. “Calorie intake is still very important, so you should be conscious of choosing the right foods to eat.”

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Fresh Faces are in Bloom: Spring Make-Up Trends

Spring is here and April’s showers are about to wash away the trends of winter. Red lips, smoky eyes and pale complexions that were seen throughout the University last semester will be present no more. Make-up, like fashion, is an always-changing industry. Colors, textures, tones and hues vary by the season and with what is “in” constantly changing it can be hard to keep up.

However, there is no need to worry; experts are saying that this season will leave ladies everywhere leaping into new, fresh looks that are easy to apply and fun to wear.

According to Ladies Home Journal, an online beauty blog, make-up artist Bobbi Brown is identifying natural lips, a sun-kissed face and shimmery eyes as his top picks for this spring. “The look for spring is pretty, and my favorite way to get it is with a hint of pink somewhere on the face. During New York Fashion Week, all the designers… wanted pink. We made it fresh by playing with textures from creamy to sheer and shimmery,” says Brown.

Senior Michelle Poterala is a sales associate at AveYou Beauty Boutique on Norwood Avenue in Deal. She agrees that a popular trend for make-up this spring is dewy, glowing skin. “You can achieve this look with a highlighter and blend along the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. In addition, rosebud color lips are nice for spring because it’s natural and flattering on just about anyone. It goes nice with a similar colored blush,” she suggests.

Poterala adds that many runways and magazines are incorporating cat eyes with bright blue, gray and green shadows this season. “Typically, a cat eye works best with a nude lip and not much face make-up, so the eyes are the main focus. If you don’t have a steady hand with liquid liner, Smashbox Cosmetics makes an easyto- use liquid marker pen,” she recommends.

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