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Annual Phi Eta Sigma Induction Ceremony

PhI Eta Sigma Induction 2016Parents, relatives and students gathered to witness 187 Monmouth University first year students receive the honor of induction into the prestigious Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, which took place at Pollak Theatre on Saturday, Mar. 26, 2016 and opened to a packed house.

Phi Eta Sigma faculty advisor, Dr. Golam Mathbor provided the welcoming remarks and thanked all for attending on behalf of President Paul Brown, Provost Laura Moriarty and Monmouth University. The event was organized by Lisa Henry, Pattiann Heimbuch, and Danielle Schrama from the First Year Advising office.

The history of Phi Eta Sigma dates back to 1923 and has over 370 chapters throughout the United States. Phi Eta Sigma inductees were required to earn grade point averages of at least 3.5 during their first semester at Monmouth. In her speech, Vice President Carolina Carvalho emphasized the important personal qualities which members are expected to possess. She stated, “Vigor and discipline of mind; care and respect for the body; and above all, nobility and generosity of character.”

This year the guest speaker was Dr. Gary Lewandowski from Monmouth University’s Department of Psychology. Dr. Lewandowski’s speech centered on the importance of obtaining a higher education and how to succeed professionally by working hard, avoiding shortcuts and making the right choices in life. His interesting theory on the formula for achieving success was both informative and inspiring. He asserted that being successful actually boils down to five main things: luck, historical timing, cultural background, family circumstances and being in the right place at the right time. He stressed the fact that having the right combination of these things along with hard work and critical thinking skills, enables individuals to achieve success. He also stressed the fact that contrary to popular belief, the purpose of college is not to help students find employment but rather to expose students to new ideas, meet new people, and change the way students view the world. He ended by stating, “Remember, the great equalizer in life is hard work.”

The ceremony concluded with the presentation of the certificates and Dr. Mathbor gave the closing remarks. He stressed the important role that good character plays when it comes to selecting a responsible leader. Dr. Mathbor noted, “Character lacking competence is insufficient, and competence without character is our greatest threat. Remember your character is your destiny.” This statement was met with a round of applause as he continued and stated, “Citizens of competence and character are the greatest gifts of mankind.”

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