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Moments at Monmouth 10-24-18

10.24.18 Viewpoint 1

Second year students of the Monmouth Physician Student Society (MU Pass) celebrating receiving their white coats before they begin their clinical rotation.


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Campus Viewpoint 10-10-18

If you had the chance to time travel, where would you go?

 10.10.18 Viewpoint 5

Anthony DeAnni

Graduate Student

“I would love to go back in time and see bands like The Beatles or Led Zeppelin at the height of their career."

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Moments at Monmouth 10-10-18

10.10.18 Viewpoint 1

Honors school representatives Nicole Ondrof (left) and Angelica Pellone (right) appealing to prospective students during the annual open house.

PHOTO COURTESY of James Goldbeck

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Campus Viewpoint 10-03-18

Where in the world would you most like to travel?

 10.03.18 Viewpoint 5

James Goldbeck



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Moments at Monmouth 10-03-18

10.03.18 Viewpoint 1

Senior Amanda Smith celebrating Parents' Weekend at the iconic Wilson Hall steps.

PHOTO TAKEN by Amanda Smith

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Campus Viewpoint 09-26-18

How do you save money as a college student?

 09.26.18 Viewpoint 5

Eddie White


“Cut out unnecessary expenses and put away more than you actually spend."

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Moments at Monmouth 09-26-18

09.26.18 Viewpoint 1

Members of the Surf Club enjoy the beautiful weather at the beach while they're not in class.

PHOTO COURTESY of Addison Labar

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Campus Viewpoint 09-19-18

What is the best advice you've ever received?

 09.19.18 Viewpoint 5

Chris Marco
Graduate Student

"Enjoy what you're doing and don't stress."

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Moments at Monmouth 09-19-18

09.19.18 Viewpoint 1

Constitution Day keynote speaker Taylor Williams, esq., portraying the unsung hero of the suffragist movement, Alice Paul. 

PHOTO TAKEN by Nicole Riddle

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Campus Viewpoint 09-12-18

Did you have a summer job?

 09.12.18 Viewpoint 5

Dan McGowan

"I was a manager at Frutta Bowls."

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Moments at Monmouth 09-12-18

09.12.18 Viewpoint 1

Students in the Student Center watching several artists showcasing their skills at the "Secret Walls" Street Fair.

PHOTO TAKEN by Taylor Droppa

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