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Campus Viewpoint 01-24-18

Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?

01.24.18 Viewpoint 5

Charlotte Maiden
Graduate Student

"My New Year's Resolution is to eat healthy."

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Moments at Monmouth 01-24-18

01.24.18 Viewpoint 1

MOCC and their friends meeting up before classes in Plangere 

PHOTO COURTESY of Paul C. Hester

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Campus Viewpoint 12-06-17

How do you prepare for final exams?

12.06.17 Viewpoint 5

Kilber Ruiz

"I like to give myself time to do work and prepare for the exams; it's best to think ahead and plan."

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Moments at Monmouth 12-06-17

12.06.17 Viewpoint 1

Members of the Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) Club educating Monmouth students on the Great American Smokeout (From Left: Dena Capparelli, Bridget Nocera, Sarah McCambridge)

PHOTO COURTESY of Colleges Against Cancer

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Campus Viewpoint 11-15-17

Did you participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday? If so, what did you buy?

11.29.17 Viewpoint 5

Ben Fetter

"I went online for Cyber Monday and mostly purchased Christmas presents."

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Moments at Monmouth 11-29-17

11.29.17 Viewpoint 1

Students were able to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art this weekend during annual trip sponsored by the Muslim Student Association 

PHOTO COURTESY of Amanda Green

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Campus Viewpoint 11-15-17

What are you thankful for?

11.15.17 Viewpoint 5

Emily Blaser

"I am most thankful for my mother. She has given me everything. Growing up with divorced parents, she was my rock."

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Moments at Monmouth 11-15-17

11.15.17 Viewpoint 1

Junior forward Diego Quinn duking it out with an opponent from Princeton on the court this weekend.


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Campus Viewpoint 11-08-17

What made you want to attend/teach at Monmouth?

11.08.17 Viewpoint 5

Blake Robinson

“During Mondays at Monmouth, the school was very welcoming. I feel like I'd belonged there."

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Moments at Monmouth 11-08-17

11.08.17 Viewpoint 1

Monmouth Hawks celebrate a win against Presbyterian at Kessler Field this weekend.

PHOTO COURTESY of B51/Mark Brown

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Campus Viewpoint 11-01-17

What is your favorite Halloween memory?

11.01.17 Viewpoint 5

Benjamin Joskowski

“My friends and I used to ride in the back of an open pick-up truck around our neighborhood to quickly trick-or-treat from house to house."

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