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Volume 90 (Fall 2017 - Spring 2018)

Find Your Niche: The Benefits of Getting Involved at MU

Benefits Of Getting Involved At MUCollege can be the best four years of your entire life…or the worst; it all depends on you. Almost anyone who graduated college would tell you that the absolute key to making the best of your four years is getting involved on campus. Another part of that key is also studying a subject that you love.

Getting involved does so many things for you. It introduces you to people who have the same or similar interests to you, it provides you with fun extracurricular work and events, and it really gives you another purpose on campus than just being a student.

Amy Bellina, Director of Student Activities, said, “Getting involved helps students feel connected to and a part of Monmouth University.  It is an opportunity to meet people, support each other, learn from your experiences here, and build a resume through outside of the classroom opportunities.”

Monmouth’s campus has hundreds of organizations, clubs, and service opportunities that anyone can get involved in and if you don’t see something you like or you want to add to the selections, you can do that too.

These clubs, organizations, etc. all surround one main idea or purpose that is applicable to the hobbies/interests of many students. This is why when you join one thing, it opens you up to your own little world filled with people that share a common interest. This makes it easier to make friends to begin with, if you are a freshman, or to add to your already existing friend group.

Senior biology student, Shannon Marren, is involved in an incredible amount of things on campus. She is captain of the Monmouth Dance Team, a sister of Alpha Xi Delta, a member and mentor of the Honors School, a member of numerous honor societies, and was most recently an Orientation Leader this past summer.

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