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default article imageWhere is the best place to take someone on a first date?- Anonymous

Anonymous-- It can feel like there is an infinite amount of pressure being put on a first date because you want everything to be absolutely perfect, so you can land that second date. There are some general parameters you can follow when setting up your date. Heidi Bludau, Ph.D., a lecturer of anthropoligy, suggests that although there is not one best place for a first date, you may start off by thinking of a neutral space to go to.

Bludau said, “For example, public places where the couple can just sit and talk (drink coffee, etc.), so a favorite coffee shop or cafe.” Going to a public place will give you and your date similar levels of comfortability because it is something you are trying out together.

Furthermore, Bludau said, “Daytime dates are good to start so that there can be a clear end time without pressures to move faster than desired. Of course, that also leaves the door open to a longer first date if it’s going well! I think the main thing is to think low stress and a chance to just get to know each other better.”

The less stress, the more time you and your date get to focus on one another.

If you are not sure of where to take your date around the Monmouth University area, Jennifer Shamrock, Ph.D.,  a lecturer of communication suggests taking a drive around Asbury Park in the late afternoon. Shamrock said, “You can walk along Cookman Avenue and grab a bite for dinner at Talula’s or Capitoline. Then head toward the boardwalk and play some pinball at Silverball Museum or grab dessert at Porta.”

In my opinion, do not worry too much about your first date. All that matters is that you are yourself and if you can find someone to love the you that you love that is an added bonus.

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