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The Power of Crystals and Essential Oils

Crystals Oils 1Stress, moodiness, anxiety, tiredness, lack of motivation; these are all things most people deal with on a day-to-day basis, and more often than not allow to get the best of them. Often, we pop an Advil or take a nap to deal with these troubles in hopes that they will go away, and never come back. Unfortunately, these troublesome and inconvenient treatments never seem to truly help…at least not on a long-term basis, or without adding undesired hassles in our busy days.

Now, what if someone told you that there was a quick and easy way to get rid of all of this (and more) …something relatively cheap, simple to do, and completely free of harsh side effects or byproduct?

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The World of Voice Assistant Technology

Voice AssistantOver the past decade, technology has advanced more than ever. Individuals do not need to look further than their devices to have questions answered, or chores completed. Today, millions around the globe use a voice assistant through various devices.

Whether it be through their smartphones or smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Home, or Apple’s Siri, a built-in assistant waits for you at every corner.

A voice assistant, as defined by is “a device or piece of software that can perform basic tasks and answer some questions, often in response to natural language commands and prompts.”

These friendly devices are made to complete everyday tasks faster and easier than ever before. Rather than putting in the work yourself, a voice assistant is always available and can answer anything you ask.

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Ask Chloe

default article imageEvery guy I start to like winds up leading me on and/or only talking to me for academic help. Why can’t I find a nice guy who shares my interests to build a relationship with? - Anonymous

Anonymous-- - Finding the right person to be with takes time, and in many cases, a series of trials and errors. No matter if you have a crush, or are ready to get into a serious relationship, you have to mentally prepare yourself for this new journey.

Kim Fleming, Adjunct Instructor of Communication, advises that, “If you’re looking for a relationship perhaps start in the right place. Finding people with similar interests can be important.”

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The Reality of Cellphone Addiction

default article imageTeenagers and young adults today are consumed with one object: their cellphones. A study done by global tech protection and support company, Asurion, found that the average person cannot go over 10 minutes without looking at their smartphone. The term, “nomophobia”, was created to categorize this phenomenon. It stands for no-mobile-phone-phobia, meaning a person is so addicted to their phone that he or she fears being separated by it.

How do tech-obsessed users fix this prevalent issue? The answer may not be as simple as quitting cold turkey, but rather may require a process. Admitting to the addiction is the first step. The next, may be a slow progression of weening yourself off using your smartphone until you are comfortable spending an entire day without it. Disconnecting may help you feel more in tune with the world around you, and your own self.

Research shows that college students have admitted that their smart phones reduce their focus on everyday activities such as classroom learning. Professionals who teach media and psychology courses at Monmouth University have recognized this undeniable truth.

 Assistant Professor of Digital Media, Amanda M. Stojanov, explained why she feels it is beneficial to disconnect from your phone. Stojanov said, “I think physically it eases the strain on your eyes and perhaps even your posture. A lot of people do not have the best posture when they are looking at their phones; they are sort of slouched over.” 

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Sunscreen in the Winter: Here's Why You Need It

Sunscreen WinterWinter is coming and temperatures are beginning to drop, but that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t still shining, or that you shouldn’t be wearing SPF. Although it may seem that the sun is not as strong during the colder months, protecting your skin from UV-rays is a year round process. 

James Mack, Ph.D., a biology professor, explained the difference between two main types of radiation that the sun emits. “The sun emits visible light and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The two types of radiations are UVA and UVB. UVA radiation accounts for approximately 95 percent of UV radiation that reaches our skin,” said Mack.

Although UVA radiation accounts for most of the radiation that reaches our skin, UVB radiation is not to be ignored. “Our DNA can absorb both UVA and UVB radiation and cause skin damage. UVB radiation does not penetrate deeply into our skin but can cause significant damage to our DNA causing mutations leading to skin cancers (basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma),” said Mack.

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Can One Burger Save the World?

Burger WorldThe vegan diet has been around for more than a thousand years, and throughout the past decade has become more popular than ever. For many, the thought of ever giving up meat is too much to fathom. For others, a vegan diet and its surplus of benefits offer an appealing lifestyle.

Since 2011, company Impossible Foods has been developing and producing a variety of foods that are commonly meat-based, and altering them into vegan options, through the substitution of meatless ingredients. Some of the products they have crafted range from sausage, tacos, meat pizza, and arguably their most desirable creation, the Impossible Burger.

Although the Impossible Burger was launched in 2016, it has just now recently become trendy in society, with versions of it being refashioned at common food chains across the world, including Burger King, White Castle, Red Robin, and the Cheesecake Factory.

Regarding impossible burger sales, Daniel Hudson, an employee at Burger King in Ocean Township, puts it this way: “They sell like water bottles in the desert.”

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Ask Chloe

default article imageWhat is the secret to keeping a long lasting college relationship? - Anonymous

Anonymous-- - There is no one right answer to this question. It may seem to be an obvious statement, but relationships depend on the people in them and their dedication to making them work. As a senior college student who has been in a relationship since freshman year, I think it is reasonable to speak from experience. From one college student to another.

One ‘secret ingredient’ is time. No matter if you are in a long-distance college relationship, or if your partner goes to the same school as you, I’ve learned it comes down to time. You and your partner decide how much time you have for one another. No matter how busy you are, everyone makes time for what matters to them (even if it is five minutes).

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Make Thrift Shopping a Wardrobe Essential

default article imageThrift shopping can be the answer to so many questions. Bored? Need a new wardrobe on a budget? Want to get a Halloween costume? Go thrift shopping. Not only are there many benefits of thrift shopping, but there are many benefits to donating clothes to these thrift shops as well.

By donating clothes, you are helping people who shop on a budget at stores like Goodwill or other consignment shops. Some consignment shops allow you to donate your clothes and then give you money back, or will even give you a percentage of what sells. As college students, donating your clothes and buying used clothes is a unique and great idea. 

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Inhale... Exhale

Inhale ExhaleCollege is a time considered to be the best four years of a student’s life. It is all about being independent, making new friends, and challenging yourself to be a better student and future employee. While this journey can be exciting for students, it can also cause stress.  

According to the National College Health Assessment, 44.4 percent of university students recorded that they felt more stress than average over the last 12 months (ACHA 2018).  

Stress is a normal aspect of our lives that never goes away, nevertheless you must learn how to manage it. Students do their best to remain calm and stay positive, but responsibilities can lead to serious stress levels that may affect their well-being.  

Several coping mechanisms can help manage stress such as: attending therapy, exercising, and taking time to rest. However, the simplest yet most effective way to cope with stress is through breathing. 

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Ask Chloe

default article imageHow do I deal with letting go/moving on after facing rejection from a close friend - Anonymous

Anonymous-- Facing rejection from a friend is particularly difficult.The person that has always been a shoulder to lean on, is now suddenly gone. Leaving you unsure of where to turn next. Remember that everything happens for a reason. What is meant for you will find it’s way.

 Stephanie Hall, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, ACS, Associate Professor & Chair of the Department of Professional Counseling at Monmouth University says, “Being rejected by a close friend can be a deeply painful experience... Although you cannot control another person’s actions you can control your thoughts about the situation. Pay attention to what you are telling yourself about this loss. In general, speaking to yourself with compassion is useful. “I did the best that I could” or “I was a loyal friend” are more productive thoughts than allowing yourself to dwell on mistakes that have been made or things that didn’t go as planned.”

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Meal Prepping for Beginners

default article imageCollege students have it rough trying to maintain good grades, manage extracurricular activities, have a social life, all while making time to eat balanced meals. A majority of students cannot maintain healthy eating habits due to their busy school schedules. Luckily, meal prepping can help with that. 

What is meal prepping exactly? Meal prepping is preparing healthy meals (portioned out) in to-go containers, that can be ready to eat in seconds. People usually prepare a weeks worth of to-go meals, that way they are able to keep a record of what food they are putting in their bodies.

Cooking every single day can be a hassle that a lot of college students do not actually have the time for, while juggling their hectic schedules.

Meal prepping can be tricky, especially if one gets tired of having the same food to eat every day. If you crave variety over convenience, then meal prepping is probably not your style of healthy eating. 

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