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default article imageWhere is the best place to take someone on a first date?- Anonymous

Anonymous-- It can feel like there is an infinite amount of pressure being put on a first date because you want everything to be absolutely perfect, so you can land that second date. There are some general parameters you can follow when setting up your date. Heidi Bludau, Ph.D., a lecturer of anthropoligy, suggests that although there is not one best place for a first date, you may start off by thinking of a neutral space to go to.

Bludau said, “For example, public places where the couple can just sit and talk (drink coffee, etc.), so a favorite coffee shop or cafe.” Going to a public place will give you and your date similar levels of comfortability because it is something you are trying out together.

Furthermore, Bludau said, “Daytime dates are good to start so that there can be a clear end time without pressures to move faster than desired. Of course, that also leaves the door open to a longer first date if it’s going well! I think the main thing is to think low stress and a chance to just get to know each other better.”

The less stress, the more time you and your date get to focus on one another.

If you are not sure of where to take your date around the Monmouth University area, Jennifer Shamrock, Ph.D.,  a lecturer of communication suggests taking a drive around Asbury Park in the late afternoon. Shamrock said, “You can walk along Cookman Avenue and grab a bite for dinner at Talula’s or Capitoline. Then head toward the boardwalk and play some pinball at Silverball Museum or grab dessert at Porta.”

In my opinion, do not worry too much about your first date. All that matters is that you are yourself and if you can find someone to love the you that you love that is an added bonus.

Good Luck,


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Why Would Anyone Write Letters?

default article imageNowadays, there is a lack of passion for writing. Information and  communication documented from the past was tracked through letters, but the growth of technology has vastly changed this.

For the current generation, sending a message through an app, making a phone call, or video chatting are now considered the easiest forms of communicating.

Therefore, the idea of sitting down and writing a deliberate letter seems laughable.

In fact, our generation relates writing “letters” in reference to assignments, heavy work, dreaded formalities and academic responsibilities. All in all, these are validated since we do have other methods of self-expression.

But letters, too, give a certain type of validation we’ve yet to acknowledge; a different scope to self expression, communication, and even changes. The way we view things if only we dedicate time to think, what is worth writing.

Writing a letter does more for one’s state of mind than what is imaginable.  Envision the overcoming of all your  thoughts and sentiments one wishes to communicate and yet there is a  certain amount of given space.

Contrary to popular belief, it is important to write down how one feels. When writing a text, or video chatting, there is little to think about but the mundane, socially acceptable conversation at hand.

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Ways to Go Green: Saving the Planet Edition

Ways To Go GreenWe must realize that how we interact with the environment affects this planet. Just a few positive changes can make an impact and decrease our individual carbon footprint and help save the Earth.

Saving energy in the home is an easy first step that can be implemented. Simply turning off lights when leaving a room will reduce consumptions and limit carbon emissions. Utilizing windows for sunlight is an even better habit. During the day, instead of turning on lights to do homework, open the blinds and let the sunshine in. Also, as mindless as it is, unplug things when you aren’t using them.

Water is a basic but vanishing necessity. Numerous areas in our country suffer from a lack of water. Saving water is a major move towards being greener and it’s a fairly simple one. While brushing your teeth or washing your face, turn the tap off. By doing this, you could save water daily that equals gallons over time. Another way to conserve water is by taking shorter showers. Leave the singing and dance performance for your room and get in and out of the shower quickly.

Plastic is a major convenience factor but detrimental to the environment. Our ocean wildlife is screaming for change as they are choking on single-use plastics and nearing extinction. Plastic is used everywhere in our lives, but to combat the omnipresent killer there are non-plastic, reusable alternatives. Instead of plastic straws, there are paper, glass, steel, silicone, bamboo, and metal straws.

To avoid buying bottled water that is sold in plastic, opt for a reusable bottle and take advantage of the many water fountains and water bottle fountains on-campus. At home, without the convenience of a water fountain, Brita Filters are a green and cheaper alternative to access filtered water than buying bottled water.

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Healthy Alternatives to Drinking Coffee

Healthy Alternatives Coffee 1“Don’t talk to me unless I’ve had my morning coffee.” That’s a term you probably hear a lot. Coffee lovers are their own club, exclusive and you’re either a part of it or not.

Unfortunately, coffee is not the healthiest drink for you.

Coffee becomes an addiction, which means once you stop drinking it you go through withdrawals, and that’s not good. It’s also unhealthy to rely on it all of the time instead of your body’s natural source of energy.

A junior communications student, Shannon Oswald, said, “I don’t drink coffee but as a source of energy I feel it is more important to eat a good breakfast.”

Eating a well-balanced, healthy breakfast can keep you energized throughout your day, and unlike coffee, you won’t shut down.

One example of an easy and healthy breakfast is avocado toast on grain bread with a cup or water or orange juice.

Eating healthy snacks throughout the day can keep you full and energized.

That’s one of the problems with coffee, when someone has a cup, they crash a few hours after and need more.

 When you have a good breakfast you don’t need anything else until your next meal.

Madison Uurarro, a junior social work student, said, “I drink passion tea with sweetener in it. It gives me enough energy and is also super refreshing.”

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The Social Media Snowball

default article imageOur addictions to our devices don’t stop at incessantly scrolling through Instagram to see an abundance of “good vibe” posts ranging from twentyfun shenanigans to breakfast dates.

You might even see another post of someone abroad, or the classic beach post while in the dead of winter. And we all know the person that posts a plethora of videos because they claim they have “post-festival depression”.  

It doesn’t stop after seeing tweets of your favorite musician announcing he’s in the studio or that he’s going on tour, random requests from Chrissy Teigen for 6 brown bananas from someone in Los Angeles, or the photos from “Just Travel” that makes you to want to go somewhere that your bank account won’t allow.

We’re not yet filled with enough satisfaction when we see a dozen puppies on Facebook harmlessly attacking a child or a “how to” food video that ignites our taste buds and fills our mouths with drool. There is always a new fad that lives to entertain us. Enter Find My Friends and the classic “Snapmap.”

The new feature on our iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks are checking up on our friends and family to see where they are without actually having to ask. We can keep track of anybody in our contacts simply with a request and a share indefinitely response.

In addition to that response, there are options such as share your location for an hour or until the end of the day. It’s convenient for a variety of instances.

Though, like everything, it’s become an addiction to check people’s locations when it has no relevance to our everyday lives. The question is, should we continue down this road that imposes on privacy?

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Ask Chloe

default article imageHow do I deal with my boyfriend thinking he is more important than school work?




Dear Anonymous,

I would first look at the bright side of this situation; your boyfriend loves spending time with you and that is something to have gratitude for. Try suggesting your boyfriend study and do homework with you. Studying with your partner can both give you time to focus on what you need to get done but will also show him spending time with him is important . I know it is easy to get sidetracked so try studying somewhere quiet, like the library, where you both must focus. If they decline the offer, sit them down and let them know that his mindset is bothering you. Communications professor Shannon Hokanson says, “There’s a communication theory about this—it’s called relational dialectics, and it reminds us that tensions between conflicting needs are a normal part of all interpersonal relationships.” After talking it over, schedule days and times dedicated to homework and then days and times to hang out with your partner. My biggest piece of advice to you is to never lose sight of what is important in your current life. At this moment you are a college student, which means your work is put on a pedestal. If you guys can succeed in getting work done together you ultimately will grow a healthy balance of work and play which you can take with you in the future of your relationship.

Good Luck,


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Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentines Day 2019 1Valentine’s Day: You either love it or you hate it, but no matter which side you fall on, it’s hard to escape the holiday without giving a gift.

With social media, holidays like Valentine’s Day, provide added pressure to give and get an Instagram worthy present that will make all your followers jealous.

This Valentine’s Day be the gift giver that everyone is talking about.

Not to worry though, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to give the perfect gift when you could easily make something that can come from the heart (which is what Valentine’s Day is all about).

Here are some DIY Valentine’s gifts that you can give to your special someone or friends to make their February 14 the best one yet.

Write a letter.

This Valentine’s Day, take the time to sit down and think of why you love your partner or friends and write them a heartfelt letter.

This is not only meaningful, but it is something that won’t expire or go out of style.

This idea is perfect for those in long distance relationships or those who do not get to spend the day together. You can mail the letter, which will leave you both feeling like you landed in a 1980’s movie. We all love those.

Bake cookies.

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Understand the Benefits of Yoga

Benefits YogaThe unavoidable, yet mighty increase of yoga is something that has been blooming the past few months.

With a peaceful activity that we may all attempt to imitate, it may not be as successful as we had hoped. Even if you are not good at yoga, you can practice self-care. The trending topic of Twitter threads, Instagram posts, and articles may influence us to practice yoga.

Many people say that the benefits seem to change lives for the better. 

But, what exactly are those benefits? Where do I even start? You do not have to be a professional in order to practice yoga.

In the process, you may even realize that yoga isn’t about a series of steps written in a certain order and it is not something that demands a certain amount of time.

Start by sitting on a mat and stretching your legs, hold the pose for however long you need and close your eyes.

While your eyes are closed you might find yourself thinking of things such as homework, your future, laundry, and more.

You may even try to figure out what will happen in season 8 of your favorite show; but then, nothing at all.

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Ask Chloe 01-30-19

default article imageI feel like my girlfriend is more into social media and her phone than me. She even looks at it when we’re around family or out on a date night. What do you think I could say to her, or do, to take her attention off of her phone without making her mad?





Dear Anonymous,

Believe it or not, this occurrence is more typical than you think. With the rise of technology, phones have increasingly become tools we use as social crutches, entertainment tools, and an outlet to relax. In any relationship, communication is key, so I would advise to talk this out with your significant other.

At first, it does not necessarily have to be a serious conversation; try suggesting a technology-free date and see how it goes. If you or your partner can’t abandon your technology all together for the night, try suggesting that you both put your phones on silent.

If you participate in this exercise with your girlfriend, she may be more receptive to the idea. After doing this try having a sit down later about how much you enjoyed being phone free for a couple of hours, and use it as a time to bring up your feelings.

There will be times both of you have to use your phones, or take a call during an important event, but the goal is to make that a rare occurrence. Once you start practicing both leaving your phones out of the equation, it will become second nature.

Good Luck,


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How to Maintain New Year's Resolutions 101

Maintain Resoultions 101 1With the new year finally here, people are trying to keep up with their resolutions. A new year can mean that you pick a resolution; this acts as a goal for the upcoming year. It may be something you want to improve on or something you would like to change. We all know the stereotypical resolution of ‘working out more’ or ‘eating healthier,’ but the real question is: how to maintain this resolution.

No matter what your resolution is, it is important to be determined and go after your goals. One thing in particular that can be noticed about New Year’s resolutions is people tend to create a resolution that is much too big to keep up with. There is no judgment with starting your resolution small and then slowly working towards a bigger goal.

Aaron Furgason, Ph.D., Chair and Associate Professor for the Department of Communication gave his input on the topic. Furgason stated that the key is “Willpower. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The resolution must be something that at your core you want to change or accomplish. If a true will is present, then it is easy. If not, good luck keeping that resolution.”

It is important to have a resolution that means something to you so you are more inclined to work towards it. Remembering that you are not perfect and are most likely going to slip up when it comes to maintaining your resolution is important.

Do not hold yourself to an impossible standard and remember that you are human. No matter what situation you are in surrounding yourself with a support system is a huge help.

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Winter Workout Tips

Winter Workout TipsWorking out during the winter can be very challenging when it is really cold outside and all you want to do is lay in bed.

One thing you should do to get adjusted to the cold weather is to try and push yourself to do a quick warm up inside first.

 This can be beneficial because when you then go outside, you will already be warmed up and ready to go.

Two junior health studies students that work as personal trainers on campus gave their input.

Mike Kraft said, “As the weather starts to get colder and colder, it is important to warm up before working out to help prevent any injuries when working out.” Many people do not think that something as small as this can cause an injury, but it is something that can be easily avoided.

Joe Chiusano, another personal trainer, gave some advice. Chiusano said, “Most people don’t realize but if you go for a run outdoors in the winter you can actually face the risk of overheating. When it’s cold you immediately think to put on layers of clothes to get warm and then go out for your run.”

The problem is, once you start running your body temperature rises.

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