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The Balancing Act: School, Work and Social Life

BalancingFor students, college life is a balancing act. It is a new experience for everyone, and it sometimes takes time to find stability between your school, work, and social life. The beginning of each school year poses the same dilemma for most college students - to work or not to work? While you want to have as much free time as possible to earn straight A’s and hang out with your friends, you also want to have money to support yourself while living away from home.

 Many college students need to work while they attend school, while others just want some extra money so they don’t need to bother their parents for it. Each student that chooses to get a job adds another factor into their balancing act, making it all the more complicated. Next to academia, time management is one of the most important skills to learn in college and conquer before hitting the real world. The demands of school, work, and a social life leave you stressed and exhausted which will in turn negatively affect everything around you.

To help keep your balance, buy a planner, or take advantage of your cell phone’s calendar planning capabilities. A planner will help you map out school assignments, work commitments, and personal activities. When you see exactly when things are due in a calendar format, it makes it easier to create to-do lists that help keep your life organized. Writing important reminders down can also help your memory function. The University Bookstore sells affordable planners in a variety of sizes to help accommodate students’ needs.

After you are settled in your class schedule, look for a job that offers flexible hours that will work around your class schedule. Make sure you explain to your boss that you are a full-time student, and will need to take time off during finals to study, or whenever you feel overwhelmed with school work.

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Feathery Fall Fashion Trends

Fashion TrendsAs we enter fall 2011, feathers are trending and selling faster than ever. Designers are adapting to this new fashion trend, and have been incorporating feathers in their clothing, accessories, and shoes. Stores such as Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and Aldo are stocking their shelves with their own rendition of feathery products.

Feathers were a popular fashion trend during the 70’s, and are making a 2011 comeback. Decades later, the trend now incorporates different lengths, colors, and overall fierceness.

Many New York City fashion and trade shows have been debuting feathers in their new fall lines. They were especially prevalent in the shows of Jean Paul, Chanel, and Pamella Roland during September’s Fashion Week. This 70’s trend paired with other bohemian style accessories is a great combination to embrace old school fashion with a modern age twist.

Feathers can be weaved into clothing, and added as a burst of color to handbags. They can even be the delicate fringe of ballet flats, and are also a popular medalion for long neckalces.

Another interesting place one may see the feather trend is in their nearest hair salon. Feather hair extensions are taking off at a rapid pace, and many people are weaving these colorful feathers into their daily hairstyles – whether you choose to wear your hair up or down. Hair expert and salon owner of Asteria Salon, Danielle Wade, says, “Feather earrings and other jewelry are thought to be the original inspiration for feather hair extensions. Then someone clipped their earring into their hair - and now we have blended the art of feather jewelry and the expertise of hair extensions to make the amazing feather extension.”

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Fast Cash for College Students

default article imageWorking one, two, maybe even three summer jobs really paid off, huh? To see all the money you saved up these past few months (hopefully, you did save) can give you a sense of relief, independence, and financial security.

Now that classes have started, you probably lack the time to work 40 hours a week, maybe even half of that. However, as college students, we often hate carrying that broke title on our shoulders.

Do you want some spending money this school year, so you’re not tempted to dip into your savings? Or, if you did blow a hefty amount of cash during the summer, here are some options on how to build that bank account back up.

As our generation has grown up in the powerful stage of social media and the Internet, it’s not surprising that many of these money-making ideas start with the web.

According to, there are numerous, yet simple, ways to snag some green. One that seems obvious, but often forgotten about, is selling your stuff online. Still have those textbooks from last semester that the bookstore didn’t properly redeem you for? Try posting them on sites such as, Amazon and Ebay for better luck.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to stop with books. If you have anything from home or your dorm that you don’t have a use for (and that receipt is expired) put it up for sale.

If you’re computer savvy, suggests creating your own website for some dough. If you know how to build content with text, music and video (and generate enough of it with consistency) you can then get advertisers to pay to be on your site.

There’s also something called earning sharing sites. Create your own work, whether it is text, video, music, photos and more and the more frequently people look at your work, the more green you’ll see. Such sites include,, and

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Fun Facts for Freshmen... What They Didn’t Tell You at Orientation

Fun Facts for FreshmenGreetings, freshmen. Welcome to college - the place where over the next four years you will grow intellectually, emotionally, and begin to discern the ambiguities that are your future. Sounds easy, right? Think again. Though college is arguably one of the most enriching and exciting chapters of life, it is not an easy adjustment.

However, the adjustment can be a fun challenge and certainly a learning experience. During this journey, it is important to take into consideration advice from your elders. Yes, the big scary seniors who have already endured three full years of this intimidating environment.

Remember just one year ago when the first day of school arrived and you woke up to the same alarm clock that has been waking you up at the same time for the past four years of high school? Only last time it was your senior year - the highly anticipated “top of the food chain” status you dreamt about since your freshman year.

This year is a different story. When you wake up on your first day of class, there is no bell to signal the beginning of first period, and you will not get a detention for being late. If you are late, too bad. Welcome back to the bottom of the food chain.

The University provides a great freshmen orientation in which students get to know each other, begin to get comfortable around campus, and meet upper classmen that offer some guidance and encouragement. It is very important to attend orientation mostly because you will be provided with vital academic and advising information that will help you throughout your years at Monmouth.

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