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The Benefits of Running

Benefits Of Running 1For anyone feeling stressed, sad, or just plain antsy, exercise is the best medicine, particularly running. While it can sometimes require lots of endurance, it will leave you feeling happier and healthier. As college students, it is important for us to stay active and be healthy, especially when we have homework, exams, club meetings, internships, and everything else on our plates.

A lot of times, it can be hard for a busy college student to incorporate exercise into their routine. However, running is a great way to clear your mind and forget about everything on your plate for the time being. Fitness Magazine lists the top 10 benefits of running and here’s a few. Getting your heart pumping is one of the major benefits of running along with any other type of excerise.  The magazine says that running is the “king of cardio”, meaning it is good for your heart and significantly reduces the chance of falling victim to cardiovascular disease.

Secondly, a common belief about running is that it really wears on your joints. However, running actually strengthens your joints, contrary to what a lot of people believe. According to an exercise psychologist quoted in Fitness Magazine, whenever your feet slam down on the pavement while running, your bones and cartilage are stressed, which actually makes them stronger. This is different than something like yoga, for example. Yoga focuses more on stretching and the body whereas running benefits your body in ways that low-impact exercises never could.

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Fall in Monmouth County

Fall Monmouth County 1Believe it or not, there is more to fall than a pumpkin spice latte. With fall break just around the corner, there is no better time to learn about what’s going on in our area than to do something seasonal and fun with friends or family! So take a break from homework, papers, and exams, and get ready for Halloween murder mysteries, Pier Village’s fall festival, and more!

One event within close proximity to campus is Pier Fest, a free fall festival at Pier Village. Not only will this be fun, but it is perfect for a college student’s budget. It will be taking place Sunday, October 1st from 12-4 p.m. and there will be tons to do. Tired of dining hall food? Pier Fest not only has delicious food and drinks, but there will be live music and tons of local vendors and crafters. Pier fest would be a great place to go with roommates and friends to release some midterm stress.

A great way to enjoy yourself and help those in need would be to participate in Lunch Break’s Crop Walk, 2017. The wonderful nonprofit organization is looking for walkers to help them reach their goal of $120,000, and 14,000 lbs. of peanut butter, rice, and beans. Former Lunch Break interns across the board highly recommend helping out this organization in any way you can. Lunch Break is so much more than just a soup kitchen. They feed and clothe those in need, and give them access to basic amenities like taking a hot shower. Most importantly, Lunch Break gives them the hope they need for a better future. Registration for the walk will begin at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 15 and then will start at 2 p.m.

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The Benefits of Musical Theatre

Benefits Musical TheatreWe have all watched at least one musical in our lives, whether on Broadway or right from our TV screens. Grease, Hairspray, Annie, and Wicked are just a few of the most popular musicals that have left long-lasting impressions on us all. No matter which musical you watch, they all have the same components; a close-knit cast, outstanding acting, infectious tunes, and a heart-warming message.

Who could resist the captivating tunes that escape right from the stage of a musical? Watching the actors sing and dance with joy around the stage will transport you into a whole other world. Both the lyrics and the melody evoke such strong emotions both on stage and in the audience. The music is sure to make you jump out of your seat, sing along, and dance! The music produced by the cast is such a powerful way to tell a story, to inspire others, and to teach a strong, lasting message. The compelling melodies will be stuck in your head well after the curtains have closed.

Freshman criminal justice student Gabriella Franco has experience in musical theatre. She shared, “When you’re in a cast with everyone, it gives you a sense of community and builds up a foundation for friendship.” Being a part of musical theatre is a great way to meet friends with the same interests as you. Franco also added, “If you’re having a rough time in your life, theatre is a form of escape.” No matter who you are, acting brings you into a whole new world and allows you to explore the depths of your character in a fun and exciting way.

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The Struggles of Commuting

Struggles Of CommutingIt is safe to say that every Monmouth student who commutes to campus hates the parking situation. With 59% of Monmouth’s student population living off campus, it’s safe to say that parking is one of the many struggles that commuters face.

Those who live on campus have the luxury of waking up at 8 a.m. for an 8:30 a.m. class. Commuters have to wake up early to ensure that they have time to get ready, pack everything they need for the day, sit in traffic, and then struggle to find a parking spot. Most days you will see students handing their keys off to valet as they rush to class.

Adjunct professor in Foreign Language, Aurora Schlegel, had a lot of thoughts on the parking situation. “I definitely think the lots are overcrowded. Even though professors have their own lots, we still have similar parking issues as students. For example, I don’t always feel comfortable leaving my keys with the valet, and I know a lot of students feel the same. I would rather just park my own car and have my keys on my person.” The valet parking can sometimes leave people feeling uneasy, but sometimes it is a real life saver. When a commuter is running late because of parking, it is so nice to have the option to just drop your car and run.

Senior communications student, Kayla Cardona, who has a long commute, explained her frustration with the parking situation. “I am always so nervous that I’ll be late to class due to not being able to find a parking spot. It’s a huge inconvenience since we pay so much for tuition and parking still manages to be an issue.” She also expressed that she does not feel comfortable leaving her car with valet, despite its availability.

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Falling for Fall

Falling For FallWhat’s not to love about fall? The vibrant red and orange leaves, the fresh apples waiting to be picked, the smell of pumpkin floating around in the crisp, cool air. This colorful transition from summer to winter gives us plenty of opportunities to get together with our friends and family, whether we are creating spooky Jack-O-Lanterns for our Halloween porches or dorm rooms, or eating warm turkey from our Thanksgiving tables.

One of the most exciting parts about fall is that first morning when you look out your window and see a whole new world. As we take a look at the breathtaking autumn trees that resemble a scene from a magnificent painting, we notice that the leaves no longer contain their rich, green color. Junior biology student, Justin Badamo, explains why leaves change color in the fall. “It’s a chemical process,” he says. “Chlorophyll, the pigment that gives leaves their green color, breaks down in the fall and allows the leaves to appear yellow, orange, or red.”

It’s time to let go of that summer heat and to break out all of the comfy items from your fall wardrobe, especially those big, warm sweaters and cozy scarves. Lecturer of Psychology, Dr. Michele Van Volkom, loves the autumn weather. She enjoys this time of year when “the air gets cold and crisp and that humidity goes away.” Autumn is a lovely change from the hot, humid weather we were used to in the summer.

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Fall Fashion Trends for 2017

Fall Fashion Trends 2017Fall means crisp cool air, pumpkin picking, and of course pumpkin spice lattes. With temperatures decreasing, many of us can’t wait to break out our fall apparel that mirror the many colors of the season. So if you want to look your best with a PSL in hand, keep reading to discover this season’s hottest trends.

The color scheme of fall usually consists of reds, burnt oranges, and browns. However, Glamour Magazine, New York Fashion Week, and Michael Kors have strayed away from the typical to offer fresh looks for this season’s fashion. Glamour decided to take on fall by putting a dark twist on spring florals and calling them “moody florals.” So pink, lavender, and light yellow florals have made the transition to black, white, and burgundy.

While Glamour is keeping it simple with this year’s fall fashion trends, New York Fashion Week’s (NYFW) designers diversified fall fashion with unique designs. Similar to Glamour, burgundy was a very popular color for NYFW because of its rich, regal look. Shirts and dresses with fringes are also making a comeback as a simple way to add a sense of playfulness to any outfit.

NYFW has also incorporated a lot of gold into this season’s attire. It is a nice alternative to yellow, and it is a color that transitions nicely from the start of the fall months all the way to Christmas and the New Year. Regardless of color or fringes, one last fashion trend from NYFW is coziness because comfort never goes out of style. There is nothing better than a soft, warm flannel or an oversized sweater for a busy day of classes.

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Find Your Shade: Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Line

Rihanna Fenty Beauty Line 1After about two years of development, teasing, and sneak peaks for Rihanna’s newest project Fenty Beauty, the wait has finally come to an end. On September 8, the celebrity’s beauty line finally became available at Sephora and fans absolutely lost it. This is quite different from work she has done for MAC in the past. Some may question why a successful singer like Rhianna would want to break into the world of beauty. John Inzero, a professor of communication, believes, “Many celebrities want to create a brand based on their lifestyles, giving fans a connection to their idols to be more like them.”

Inzero used the example of Michael Jordan and the iconic “Be Like Mike” commercial for Gatorade to illustrate his claim. When we see celebrities endorse certain brands as well as brands of their own, we all get a little satisfaction knowing our favorite celebrities use the same brands we do.

Rihanna’s weapon of choice for self-expression is makeup, and her Fenty Beauty line is a direct reflection of the artist’s creativity and individuality. The collection consists of a total of eighty products including a KillaWatt/Match Stix shimmer Skinstick highlighter, primer, Match Stix conceal and contour, Invisimatte blotting powder, tools, a universal Gloss Bomb, and lastly the most talked about, forty different shades of foundation, Pro Filt’r.

The entire collection prides itself on being 100 percent cruelty- free. This selling point urges me to let Rihanna take all of my money, and I’m sure many fans would agree. The Pro Filt’r foundations, especially the darker shades sold out within the blink of an eye, being the biggest hit along with the KillaWatt highlighter. The line literally “throws shade” with its multiple foundation shades.

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Organize Your Life

Organize Your LifeIt is not stress that kills us, but our reaction to it. When juggling a busy schedule, it is best to tackle things one at a time rather than obsessing over everything you have on your plate.

As college students we are constantly concerned with the amount of credits we have to take, assignment deadlines, readings, and quizzes. We allow our course syllabi to shape our lives for the next semester. We sometimes stress about the stress that we know is coming along with the new semester.

One great way to juggle a busy schedule is to get organized. It is a simple yet beneficial way to take control of everything on your plate. Planners are the perfect solution for that. Jot down what needs to be done and when, and tackle one thing at a time. In doing so, it is also helpful to prioritize your tasks so that important things are taken care of first. There is nothing quite better than the feeling of checking tasks off of your to do list.

A Senior Communication student, Kayla Cardona stays organized to balance her last semester and working full-time. “It’s extremely important for me to have everything mentally sorted to meet all my deadlines. I am pretty stressed with my busy schedule, so going to the gym is a great way to block out the world eliminate some of that stress,” said Cardona.

Another way to handle a busy schedule is to allocate specific times for certain tasks, for example homework, working out, and seeing friends.

Kayla Greiss, a freshman social work student said, “I’m still getting used to my schedule with classes and work three times a week but I organize my week in a planner and set aside certain times a day for my homework, seeing friends, and relaxing with Netflix on.”

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Find Your Niche: The Benefits of Getting Involved at MU

Benefits Of Getting Involved At MUCollege can be the best four years of your entire life…or the worst; it all depends on you. Almost anyone who graduated college would tell you that the absolute key to making the best of your four years is getting involved on campus. Another part of that key is also studying a subject that you love.

Getting involved does so many things for you. It introduces you to people who have the same or similar interests to you, it provides you with fun extracurricular work and events, and it really gives you another purpose on campus than just being a student.

Amy Bellina, Director of Student Activities, said, “Getting involved helps students feel connected to and a part of Monmouth University.  It is an opportunity to meet people, support each other, learn from your experiences here, and build a resume through outside of the classroom opportunities.”

Monmouth’s campus has hundreds of organizations, clubs, and service opportunities that anyone can get involved in and if you don’t see something you like or you want to add to the selections, you can do that too.

These clubs, organizations, etc. all surround one main idea or purpose that is applicable to the hobbies/interests of many students. This is why when you join one thing, it opens you up to your own little world filled with people that share a common interest. This makes it easier to make friends to begin with, if you are a freshman, or to add to your already existing friend group.

Senior biology student, Shannon Marren, is involved in an incredible amount of things on campus. She is captain of the Monmouth Dance Team, a sister of Alpha Xi Delta, a member and mentor of the Honors School, a member of numerous honor societies, and was most recently an Orientation Leader this past summer.

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The Importance of Punctuality

Importance of PunctualityPunctuality is what separates those who are in the minor leagues and those who are in the major leagues. To be punctual is to be properly on time and prompt. Being late is not only rude to those waiting for you, but makes it appear that you have poor self-control. Distractions, disorganization, laziness, and lack of focus all correlate to those who consistently end up being late. Luckily, there is hope for all of you out there, as long as you pay close attention to these tips.

Know the reason you want to be punctual; make your goal crystal clear. To become punctual, you must make it habitual to your daily routine and then stick with your new lifestyle.

Being on time will lessen your stress of running late and reduce the bad energy between yourself and your co-workers by arriving promptly.

To become punctual, you must know how long the tasks you do on a regular basis take. If you have work at say 8 a.m., you must plan an appropriate time to sleep,  to wake up, have your clothes that you would like to wear the next day planned, breakfast ready, and a driving route that will guarantee you will be 10 to 15 minutes early as a precautionary action. How long does it take you to brush your teeth?

 How long does it take you to do your hair? These small tasks add up and you must plan accordingly.

Adjunct biology professor, Kelly Zimmerman, shared her view stating, “There is no big secret to being punctual though I think a big part of it is respecting the people you are supposed to meet with. Their time is as valuable as yours and it’s rude to keep people waiting.”

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How to Have Your Best Summer Yet

Have Your Best Summer YetAfter a long, stressful semester, summer is the perfect way to wind down, spend time with friends and family, and catch some rays. For some students, summer means working, interning, or taking summer classes. Regardless of what your summer plans and obligations entail, here are some ways to make this the best summer yet.

According to Elite Daily, planning a trip is first on their list of ideas on how not to make this summer a bummer. Whether you are going to another country or staying close to home, getting away for a while is the perfect way to brighten your mood and alleviate whatever stress you may have.

Acquiring a new hobby is a great way to alleviate stress and acquire a new skill. Summer is the perfect time to learn how to cook, sew, and improve your writing or even scrapbook. This time off is a great excuse to get healthy and start working out or doing yoga. For those of you, who live locally, check out EvenFlow Yoga in Red Bank or Coba Yoga in Little Silver.

For those of you that find joy in helping others, get out and volunteer somewhere. Nonprofit organizations like Lunch Break in Red Bank or Boys & Girls Club of America, also in Red Bank, will gladly accept those willing to volunteer.

Professor of communication, Claude Taylor, gives his recommendations for making this summer the best one yet: “I think the first thing to do is deliberately schedule your plans to rest and relax. This means making a weekly or monthly schedule for when you plan to do things that help you rest. If you are a beach person, get a badge and pencil in your days at the beach. Second, I would recommend trying a new hobby or leisure activity that you’ve always wanted to try to just learned about. To me, it’s fun to learn new things.”

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