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You Get What You Give: Practice Gratitude

Practice GratitudeSchedules are busy, time is limited, and stress levels are high. Without noticing, college can instantly become something that strips away our daily gratitude and it can make us forget what is important in our lives.

If there is a loss of gratitude in your life, take proactive steps to embrace the little things that make you smile.

To do this, first, understand the meaning of gratitude. Gratitude is essentially the act of being grateful.

 Instead of just saying what you are grateful for, put it into practice.

Being proactive with this will ultimately turn your life into an overall positive experience.

If you don’t know where to start here are some tips. 

Look at the glass half full.

Think of five things that you normally begrudge.

These can be going to class, waking up early in the morning, or even having to put gas in your car, and write down why you are grateful for them.

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A Quick View on How to Ace That Interview

Quick View Interview“So tell me about yourself” is the dreaded interview question. The process of applying for positions and preparing for interviews can be a full-time job itself. It’s important to be prepared for an interview whether it’s face-to-face or over the phone.

Either way, making a lasting impression and standing out from other applicants will really provide a leg up for the employer.

Interviews can be extremely intimidating; so hopefully, by compiling some tips, this process can be easier for the future and for other students.

A good mindset can go a long way when it comes to being interviewed.

Trivial details like body posture and a smile show care for the job already. Jess Pak, a freshman math education student stated, “Definitely walk in with a smile and dress nice. It’s all about the small details like that. They mean the most.”

These are the first few things that an employer will notice about you and starting the interview in a positive way before even answering any questions is a nice start to a long process.

She continued, “Showing a want and care for the job before even getting it is a great sign.”

Interview attire should be formal. Stick to the basics such as slacks and a blouse with a necklace or earrings and for a guy, a collared shirt and dress pants. While looking the part is not everything, it does mean a lot for the employer.

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The Dreaded Phenomenon: The Freshman 15

Dreaded Freshman 15There is a lot to gain from the college experience: friends, knowledge, life skills- and for some, unwanted weight. Adapting to the college lifestyle can be challenging for new students.

The newfound sense of freedom can be both exciting and dangerous when it comes to eating habits and exercise.

 The freshman 15 is a phenomenon that can be a threat to students everywhere; if the proper measures are not taken it can become a reality and affect one’s health in a negative light.

New levels of stress can cause mindless overeating and it can be difficult to find time to work out between classes. Freshmen can be overwhelmed getting used to the college workload, never mind trying to incorporate an exercise regime. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid succumbing to the dreaded weight that can come with life at a university.

Having a healthy diet and steady exercise regime does not have to be for vanity reasons. It is important to treat your body well in order to achieve overall wellness.

Taking care of your health has countless benefits. A healthy diet can make one feel energized and ready to tackle the next task.

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How To Become A Morning Person

Morning PersonWe always go to bed telling ourselves that we are going to start waking up early and being productive, but does it ever really happen? The answer is probably no. Starting your morning off the right way will set your tone for the rest of the day.

Don’t you ever notice when you’re running late in the morning, or you get a coffee stain on your clothes that the rest of the day follows with bad luck? That’s why becoming a morning person is so vital for the rest of your day.

The first tip to becoming a morning person is an obvious one, actually getting up and out of bed. We all want to keep giving ourselves “10 more minutes” until the last possible second, but morning people never hit that snooze button. A good way to practice this habit is one that starts the night before.

When you are about to get cozy and ready for bed and you go to charge your phone, you should put it on the other side of the room, instead of allowing it to be right next to you. This way in the morning you will actually have to get up from the comfort of your bed to turn that annoying alarm off.

After getting out of bed, it is really easy to contemplate getting back in it. But take some advice: don’t. When asking people that define themselves as ones who enjoy mornings, an answer that may help this problem was found.

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Packing Hacks to Improve Traveling

Packing HacksWith summer coming to an end, that doesn’t mean that traveling has to. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a long journey to Europe there is one similarity that would be important for either.

This similarity is packing. When going on vacation or away for the weekend, packing is necessary, no matter how long you will be gone.

Unfortunately, many people hate packing or just don’t know how to do it in an efficient way. There are many things to consider when it comes to packing for a trip.

 First and probably the most important aspect to think about is whether you are flying or driving to your destination.

When you are flying you need to be aware of the weight and size restrictions of your luggage.

On most airlines you are only allowed one carry on, as well as a backpack or other bag that can fit under your seat.

You can check a bag that is much bigger than a carry on, but that will be for an extra cost of course.

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Ways to Keep Yourself Busy This Fall

Keep Busy This FallWith summer coming to an end, people experience different emotions. Many people get sad when the summer season ends, but it can allow us to look forward to the variety of fun activities that fall brings.

Going to school at the shore makes it hard to get into the fall spirit since we are constantly surrounded by the beach, but there are so many activities to enjoy in the fall.

When asking people around campus what they like to do in the fall, different answers were given. Donna Dolphin, an associate professor of communication said, “I love to go camping in the fall. I think it is the best time of year for it. The days are a little cooler but the sun is still warm. The nights are quite chilly, even cold sometimes. It’s perfect for enjoying a campfire.”

She continued, “The leaves are turning brilliant colors and that makes the hiking and canoeing that much nicer. I like to enjoy fall foods with the change of seasons and everything tastes even better when you are cooking outdoors.”

One of the most common fall activities is apple or pumpkin picking. Delicious Orchards located in Colts Neck is one of the most popular places to go apple and pumpkin picking around here.  Along with going pumpkin picking, there are so many delicious treats you can buy.

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Fall Wardrobe Must Haves

Fall Clothing Must HavesFall weather can be described as an “in-between” season. As it’s too chilly to wear a sundress, but too warm to wear a fuzzy sweater all day.

In your fall fashion wardrobe, it is important to remember the idea of layering and color coordination. Fall can easily be any fashion lovers favorite season. When the weather is finally cooling down and leaves start to turn, it is important that your wardrobe changes with it.

The first and favorite fall fashion essential is a cardigan. There is nothing more versatile than a grey or tan cardigan. It also comes in handy when first transitioning into the brisk fall weather.

Cardigans are great to layer over summer camisoles or tanks tops that you have not yet parted with, making them great for any type of weather coming. Something that has also become very trendy recently is buying a bright colored cardigan, such as red or yellow, it can really help spice up a basic outfit. A plain white tee shirt with jeans is a classic look, but add a bright cardigan and you’ve made it original.

Ahh, with a new season comes new shoes. You cannot be walking to class in your Old Navy flip-flops anymore so it is time to break out the fall footwear. A very common theme that is seen in the fall, especially around campus, is wearing boots.

From work boots, to booties, to combat boots, and more, there is such a variety of this popular footwear. Boots are easy to match with anything ranging from jeans and a shirt to even a dress.

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Striving for Success from the Start

Striving Success StartThe ticking of the clock sends a zap of panic as you try your hardest not to stay behind on studies. You become preoccupied with finishing your assignments with nothing less than pure determination. So you paste inspirational quotes on the walls of your dorm room in hopes that you will find the motivation to make it a great semester. And this cycle repeats every September.

But college does not have to be this hard. Finding inspiration is easier than one may think; inspiration can be the butterfly you see as you walk to class, the passage you read in your literature textbook, or the risks you take as you transition from one year to the next. With every new experience comes new inspiration.

“You find inspiration from the world around you,” said Sue Starke, Ph.D., associate professor of English. “You don’t have to have special knowledge; you just have to observe. It’s like the advice they give to writers; write what you know. Observe the world, and that will inspire you.”

Stephanie Driscoll, sophomore fine arts student, shared her inspiration-getting techniques, “I really thought it over in the summer; like what are my goals for this year, what I want to achieve, what I want to do, if I want to set aside extra time for studying than I usually do.” Planning ahead is the best skill to build as a college student, because inspiration is bound to arise as you plan for a short-term goal, such as getting an A on a test, or a long-term goal, such as going to graduate school.

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Make Organizing Your Forte

Organizing ForteThe idea of organization is crucial when it comes to overall academic and personal success. It is the foundation that keeps one wanting to strive to achieve all goals. Goals are important but, without organization and motivation, tasks will not get done, resulting in negative results and consequences. If you were not the most organized in previous years, right now is a great time to start.

It is important to stay organized so that you are able to decipher what tasks in your life need attention and when. One of the best ways to go about organizing your life is by keeping a planner. With a planner, you will not miss any upcoming tasks or events that need attention.

 If you are not interested in a planner you should definitely start taking advantage of using the calendar application on your phone. That way it is accessible easily and it has dates at your disposal.

Sasha Canan, Ph.D., an assistant professor of health and physical education, offered some insight about how when she was a student, and even today, she relies heavily on her planner. “Ever since my freshman year of college, I always made it a point to keep a planner and have never stopped using one since,” said Canan. 

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Have Your Best Summer Beauty

Best SummerIt might not feel like it here in New Jersey, but summer is right around the corner. That means it is time transition your beauty and skincare routines to prepare for beach days.

One of the most important things to remember in the warm weather is to stay hydrated. Besides being important for your health, keeping hydrated will help give your skin a summer glow.

Not only can you achieve this from drinking lots of water, but you can keep your skin hydrated by eating fruits such as watermelon and cantaloupe. It’s easy for your skin and hair to become dull from the harsh ultraviolet rays in the summer. Watermelons are full of hydrating properties, which will prevent this from happening, keeping your hair and skin looking healthy.

Speaking of harsh ultraviolet rays, using products high in sun protection factor (SPF) will keep your skin safe from burning and aging. Spending long days at the beach can be harmful to the health of your skin if you do not.

Dr. Jennifer L. Weinberg, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.E in health studies/nursing shared her opinion, “Spending moderate time in the sun has been shown to contribute to health by providing pain reducing (analgesic) properties and helping to regulate metabolism. On the other hand, sunlight includes rays of invisible ultra violet light of varying wavelengths which can contribute to sunburn, accelerated skin aging, and skin cancer.”

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Start Keeping Up With the Spring Trends

Keeping Up Spring TrendsWith the spring slowly but surely approaching, many people find that they are in need of outfits that are more appropriate for the warmer weather.  For some, this is a simple transition that they have been dying for. 

Others that are fans of the colder weather, the transition is upsetting and difficult.  No matter what side you’re on, it’s time to put away those bulky jackets and spring into the warm weather.

Henry Tran, a junior accounting student, spoke about some of his favorite outfits and ways to have more variety in the spring. “Some of my favorite outfits for the spring are flannels with basic tees underneath.  Long sleeves are always a staple,” he said.  He mainly addressed the fact that layering can still be utilized during the warm weather. 

After speaking about footwear for the spring, he said, “I find myself more in Stan Smith’s, Vans and even boat shoes.” Low-cut sneakers seem to become extremely popular when the warmer weather approaches. 

Finally, when asked if he had any advice for someone looking to update their wardrobe, he said, “Less is more.  You should really build an outfit up from the bottom.  Work with the shoes you pick and go from there.”  He also spoke on why choosing a simple outfit can be utilized more frequently.  “A solid tee provides more options than a tee with designs on it.  You can wear various flannels, jackets, and sweaters.”

Brendan Tedaldi, a junior business management student, gave his input on the topic. He stated that he is a fan of long sleeve shirts on, “Windy, but warm, spring days.”  Tedaldi explained how he is not the biggest advocate for wearing jeans and enjoys wearing shorts during the warmer weather. 

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