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Surf’s Up at University Bookstore

news-bookstore-surf-pg-2Hurley has recently been making waves at the University bookstore. Nike, the parent company of Hurley, presented the idea of distributing a brand that appeals to both students and surfers. The line was pitched to the University this summer in order to reach their college audience in time for the fall semester.
“They were sponsoring the college division,” said the book store Merchandise Manager, Maria Sisco. The first Hurley apparel was received by the bookstore this past June and the final item from the line hit the shelves just last week.
The new Hurley college line consists of board shorts, t-shirts, tank tops and other accessories such as hats and backpacks. Most of the Hurley items sport the University name including t-shirts that read “SURF Monmouth University.” The line is geared towards both male and female students.
On Hurley’s College website -kids are looking for in apparel, headwear and accessories. We want you on board. Hurley for College is an amazing ride!”
The Action Custom Sportswear, LLC Brand Manager, Ryan release saying that, “It is a perfect match to the college demographic.”

Shawn Diamond who is a long-time surfer and a member of the think it’s great to see Monmouth working together with a brand I have grown up with and love that supports surfing. Plus I think they look pretty cool.”

Siscom stated that although the Hurley brand might be slightly apparel in the bookstore, they did not exceed their budget that was given to them by the school, so no extra money was spent to put Hurley on the shelves

“The Athletic department receives an eight percent royalty on everything in the bookstore,” said Siscom, assuring that some to the students.

However, there are students new line. “I don’t think it’s fair that outside corporate business can come to our school, sell their brand and make a profit,” said senior Brittany Hardaker.

One student who is also a member of the surf club says he is not in support of the new line either support the University’s Surf Club. “To my knowledge, the Surf Club gets nothing from those sales and they hardly give us any that we are being undercut by our own University,” said the student. “You’re paying for the Hurley name,” said Siscom.

Right now Hurley is in its trial sales period for the college market. If the brand sells and students give positive feedback the bookstore will continue to purchase more Hurley items.

Siscom explained that the bookstore has been meaning to promote Hurley’s arrival on a larger scale but they’ve been busy these past few weeks with selling textbooks to the incoming students. Now that most students are books for the semester, the book-store plans to promote the new line more and see how students respond.
We want students to give us their opinion on our Facebook page,” said Siscom. By going to the University Bookstore’s Face-book page, students can post about the new Hurley line. To check out Hurley for College by Action Custom Sportswear, LLC you can visit

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