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Professors United for A Safe Haven (P.U.S.H.): Statement on the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol

default article imageWe, the undersigned members and supporters of Professors United for a Safe Haven (P.U.S.H.), condemn the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, and acknowledge the siege as a horrific enactment of violent white supremacy assaulting the core values, practices, and defenders of American democracy that we all deeply cherish and pledge to uphold.

In our unequivocal outrage as witnesses to the virulently racist and brazen disregard for both the law and basic norms of human decency in an effort to delegitimize a free and fair election and peaceful transfer of power, we insist in no uncertain terms that the perpetrators of these crimes against our most sacred democratic institution be held accountable for their acts of terrorism. As have so many before us in recent days, we decry the undeniable hypocrisy evident in the double standard applied to Black Lives Matter protestors, overwhelmingly peaceful dissenters met with excessive police presence and state-sanctioned violence, and the anemic law enforcement response to white nationalist insurrectionists breaching the U.S. Capitol.

We recognize in this most painful and shameful of moments in our nation’s history that there is understandable fear, trauma and exhaustion among our colleagues and students, particularly those who do not have the benefits of race, gender, or heterosexual privilege, or may be members of religious communities also so clearly targeted by white nationalists past and present.

Further, we know that this attack on the U.S. Capitol was an attack on all of us, on the Constitution itself, and thus an attack on all at Monmouth University and the wider community who expect that the values and practices of democracy and the norms of human decency will be protected and defended here on our campus as well.

In the midst of our horror and grief, we remind ourselves that universities can and must protect and defend the values and principles we hold in our highest resolve. We remind ourselves that the university has a special and moral obligation to educate a citizenry. This education is not only in instrumental and technical knowledge, but for a quality of mind that seeks the truth, and a quality of heart that seeks to understand ourselves, each other, and our shared humanity.

It is our faith in Monmouth University as an institution beholden to this special and moral obligation that we affirm our fundamental duty to educate our students to value one another, to elevate the common good, and to build a healthy democracy free of bigotry and extremism.

We invite you to join us.


1/10/2021 Amanda Stojanov Communication

1/10/2021 Amanda Connelly English

1/10/2021 Eleanor Novek Communication

1/10/2021 Lisa M. Dinella Department of Psychology/PGIS

1/11/2021 Jennifer Shamrock Communication

1/10/2021 Jeffrey E. Jackson English

1/10/2021 Andrea Hope Health and Physical Education

1/10/2021 Mihaela Moscaliuc English

1/10/2021 Marie Mele Criminal Justice

1/10/2021 Karen Schmelzkopf History/Anthropology

1/10/2021 Megan Delaney Professional Counseling

1/10/2021 Scott Jeffrey Management and Leadership

1/10/2021 Natalie Ciarocco Psychology

1/10/2021 Thomas S. Pearson History and Anthropology

1/10/2021 Sanjana Ragudaran Social Work

1/10/2021 Heide Estes English

1/10/2021 Brian Greenberg History Emeritus

1/10/2021 Dickie Cox Communication

1/10/2021 Corey Dzenko Department of Art and Design

1/10/2021 Kathryn Lubniewski Education

1/10/2021 Marina Vujnovic Communication

1/10/2021 Julia Riordan-Goncalves World Languages and Cultures

1/10/2021 Jen McGovern Political science and Sociology

1/10/2021 Patrick Love English

1/10/2021 Sharon Dornemann Chemistry and Physics

1/10/2021 Stan Green Anthropology

1/10/2021 Sarah Cooper Psychology

1/10/2021 Wobbe F. Koning Art & Design

1/10/2021 Kristin Bluemel English

1/10/2021 Skylar Rathvon Sociology Alumni

1/10/2021 Kenneth L. Campbell History and Anthropology

1/10/2021 Maryanne Rhett History and Anthropology

1/10/2021 Priscilla Gac-Artigas World Languages and Cultures

1/10/2021 Manuel Chavez World Languages and Cultures

1/10/2021 Nancy Mezey Honors School & Political Science and Sociology

1/10/2021 Stacy Lauderdale Littin Special Education

1/10/2021 Lydia Brown Psychology Student

1/10/2021 Stephen J. Chapman, Ph.D. Political Science & Sociology

1/10/2021 Randall S. Abate Political Science and Sociology

1/10/2021 Anne Deepak Social Work

1/10/2021 Elena Mazza Social Work

1/10/2021 Melissa A. Brzycki History & Anthropology

1/10/2021 Nancy Uddin Accounting

1/10/2021 Stuart Rosenberg Management and Leadership

1/10/2021 Peter Liu Criminal Justice

1/10/2021 Patricia Cresson Art and Design

1/10/2021 Kendall Turchyn English Department

1/10/2021 Melissa Alvaré Political Science & Sociology

1/10/2021 Chyna Walker President, SAGE (Students Advocating Girls’ Education)

1/10/2021 Dr. Heidi Bludau History and Anthropology

1/10/2021 Chad Dell Communication

1/10/2021 Johanna Foster Political Science & Sociology

1/10/2021 Karen Bright Art and Design

1/10/2021 Robin Mama Social Work

1/10/2021 William Schreiber Chemistry and Physics

1/10/2021 Mike Richison Art and Design

1/10/2021 Andrea L. Garcia Occupational therapy

1/10/2021 Michael Callahan Social Work

1/10/2021 Dr. Glenn E. King History and Anthropology

1/10/2021 John E. Henning School of Education

1/10/2021 Elizabeth Gilmartin-Keating English

1/10/2021 Katherine Parkin History and Anthropology

1/10/2021 Kiameesha Evans Health and Physical Education

1/11/2021 Nichole Michelle Smith Political Science and Sociology

1/11/2021 Robert Scott Economics, Finance & Real Estate

1/11/2021 Deanna Shoemaker Communication

1/11/2021 Brooke Nappi History/Anthropology

1/11/2021 Shannon Cunningham Criminal Justice

1/11/2021 Kenneth Kunz Curriculum & Instruction

1/11/2021 Jamie Terrone Social Work Society

1/11/2021 Colleen Beach Social Work

1/11/2021 Kathleen Grant Educational Counseling and Leadership

1/11/2021 Kathleen McGee-Daly Music

1/11/2021 MacKenzie S. Avallone History & Anthropology

1/11/2021 Tina Paone Educational Counseling & Leadership

1/11/2021 Jason E. Adolf Biology

1/11/2021 Beverly Schweiker Dept. of Education

1/11/2021 Sarah Brown School of Social Work

1/11/2021 Claude E. Taylor Department of Communication

1/11/2021 Mala Jayatilleke Chemistry & Physics

1/11/2021 Megan Phifer-Rixey Biology

1/11/2021 Keri Sansevere History and Anthropology

1/11/2021 Rekha Datta Provost/Political Science

1/11/2021 Nicole Pulliam Educational Counseling & Leadership

1/11/2021 Dottie Lobo Biology

1/11/2021 Brittany Macaluso Social Work Society

1/11/2021 Cameron Gaines National Council of Negro Women

1/11/2021 Jeanne Koller Social Work

1/11/2021 Jenai Bacote Founder, Students for Systemic Change

1/11/2021 Ailisse Aquino President, Gender Studies and Intersectionality Student Club

1/11/2021 Lisa Iannucci Library

1/11/2021 William P. Mitchell History and Anthropology

1/11/2021 Alison Maginn World Languages and Cultures

1/11/2021 Christine Forbes Library

1/11/2021 Michael Anthony Donato Art Department

1/11/2021 Hettie V. Williams History and Anthropology

1/12/2021 Patricia Dempsey Nursing

1/12/2021 Alan A Cavaiola, PhD Professional Counseling

1/12/2021 Steven Bachrach School of Science

1/12/2021 Richard Veit History and Anthropology

1/12/2021 Kurt W. Wagner Library

1/12/2021 Dr. Zaneta Rago-Craft Intercultural Center

1/12/2021 Dr. Christine Hatchard Psychology

1/12/2021 Scott Richards, PhD, PA-C, DFAAPA MSPA Program

1/12/2021 Edward W. Christensen Management and Leadership

1/12/2021 Paul Urbanksi Social Work

1/12/2021 Christa Hogan Social Work

1/12/2021 Paul Zabotka Social Work

1/12/2021 Marilyn McNeil Athletics

1/12/2021 Mark Ludak Dept. of Art & Design

1/12/2021 Joe Rapolla Music & Theatre

1/12/2021 Mary Anne Nagy Vice President for Student Life and Leadership Engagement

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