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The Outlook Update: Volume 88 Issue 7

11/4/16 8:10 PM

The site now has the online version of this week's issue uploaded. The Outlook staff thanks you for your patience.

11/3/16 1:00 PM

The Outlook staff has completed the issue for this week and it is being dispersed in print throughout the university. The issue will be available online between today and the end of Friday.

11/2/16 10:00 AM

Due to recent events on November 1 2016, The Outlook staff was unable to complete the week's issue because of the imposed lockdown that required all individuals on campus to stay indoors or enter the nearest campus building. As of now, we are currently trying our best to send out issue 7 at fast as possible. The Outlook will provide updates on when the next issue will be live in both print and online form in future updates.



New Race and Ethnicities Minor Diversifies Curriculum

New Race Ethnicities Minor 1The History and Anthropology department has created a new undergraduate Race and Ethnicities minor, focusing on race and ethnic studies. The newly established fifteen credit minor was spearheaded by lecturer Hettie Williams and lecturer Brooke Nappi, of the History and Anthropology department.

The minor will focus on “the critical study of race, ethnicity, and indigeneity with an emphasis on the perspectives of people of color,” according to a press release sent out in the department newsletter last spring. It launched this fall and, according to those involved, has been well received by students.

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College Students an At-Risk Group for Identity Theft

ID Theives and HackersAs the fall semester continues, new scams and fraud attempts have been directed at college students, making them one of the most at-risk demographics for scamming and identity theft, according to USA Today.

There are a number of reasons as to why college students are more at-risk than other groups. According to a USA Today article published on Sept. 8, there is a “growing cybersecurity threat at schools and other large institutions” since entire databases of student and faculty information are kept, similarly to how large companies or health care providers keep databases of their clients. If illegally accessed, the results can be disastrous.

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University Hosts First Monmouth Challenge Quiz Bowl

First Monmouth Quiz BowlThe first Monmouth Challenge Quiz Bowl took place as a part of implamenting the strategic plan on Oct. 21 in Pozycki 115 and 205 from 4:30-7 p.m.

Eight teams of students participated, with four to five people per team.  Seven faculty members participated and there were a few faculty, staff and administrators who attended to watch or cheer on a team.

Questions were taken from the National Academic Quiz Tournaments, LLC and some Monmouth trivia questions were developed by Professor Melissa Ziobro, a Specialist Professor of Public History. Each competition between two teams was ten minutes long. Various topics were covered including science, entertainment, literature, and history.

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Millenials Are Most Likely To Swear At Work

Millenials Likely To SwearA recent study of over 1,500 Americans by the work management platform Wrike found that 66 percent of millennials admit to swearing at work, while only 54 percent of baby boomers say they swear on the job.

Additionally, 45 percent of millennials surveyed said that using swear words at work “doesn’t matter,” while others said it makes communicating easier. Some also said they felt that swearing bolsters camaraderie among colleagues. Another, 36 percent said cursing on the job displays passion for their work. The baby boomers confessed that using swear words while on the job is classless and unprofessional.

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Monmouth Prepares for 2016 FAFSA Changes

This year the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) has undergone multiple developments. Such changes include adjusting the deadline to submit financial information to Oct. 1, as well as changes in required financial filing information.

FAFSA had a long-time submission date of Jan. 1, which allowed families to submit information about their financial situation in hopes of securing loans, grants, and scholarships from the federal government for a college-bound family member.

However, the previous date of only allowed schools a few months before they could put together a financial aid package that factors heavily into a student’s decision. The later submission date also impacted students as well.

“One of the big issues that you would run into [with the old FAFSA] was a student applying for admission in September or October of their senior year and not receiving their financial aid packet until March or April from some institutions. This change gives students and their families more time to sit down and work together to make a final decision on the school that is the best fit for them financially,” said Kamal Kornegay, Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions. An earlier timeline means that families will have a better idea of what institutions are feasible based on financial accommodations.

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Annual Founder’s Day Convocation Commemorates Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Founders Day 2016The annual Founder’s Day Convocation was held in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s visit to Monmouth College in 1966. The ceremony was located in the OceanFirst Bank Center on Wednesday, Oct. 5.

On the day of the ceremony, nearly 300 faculty and administrators flocked toward the Center in a rainbow of academic regalia, along with students and other members of the University community.

Created in 1983 on the University’s 50th anniversary from a junior college to an established institution of higher education, Founder’s Day is an annual celebration of the University’s founding in 1933.

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Nobel Peace Prize Winner Speaks at MU

climateThe 7th Annual School of Science Dean’s Seminar featured Plymouth University professor and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Camille Parmesan, who spoke about the responses of wild plants and animals to man-made climate change on Oct. 7. Held in Wilson auditorium, the seminar welcomed students, faculty, and community members to engage in the presentation.

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A Wing and a Prayer Celebrates 25 Years

wingIn celebration of the 25th anniversary of his novel, A Wing and a Prayer, John Morano, a professor of journalism, released the sixth edition on Monday, Oct. 3. As the first book of the Eco-Adventure Series, new illustrations by Sarah Anderson and an Introduction by Mark Tercek, President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy, are now featured.

“I was dying to fix [A Wing and a Prayer] up, dying to put a new coat of paint on it… It now reads the way I have always wanted it to read,” commented Morano.

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First Ever Internship and Majors Fair Hosted at MU

internshipsA total of 30 employers, 206 students, and representatives from all majors attended the Internships and Majors Fair on Oct. 5 in Anacon Hall. This was the first time the University combined these two events in order to consolidate the similar fairs and provide an array of options for students at once.

In addition to being an event where students can meet with potential employers, the Internship and Majors Fair also gave undecided and re-deciding students a chance to explore academic majors options with faculty from each school at Monmouth,” said Jeff Mass, Assistant Director of Career Services.

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Postcards to POTUS

OringSheryl Oring, creator of the ‘I Wish to Say’ project, visited the patio of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center (RSSC) on Friday, Oct. 7 to present a glance at American public opinion on presidential politics. Dressed as a vintage secretary with a portable public office equipped with a manual typewriter, Oring gave students the opportunity to dictate letters to the president and presidential candidates.

“I was questioning if we really know what Americans think about our candidates,” artist Sheryl Oring said in an interview with TakePart. “I wanted to come up with a way of going around and talking to people who might not normally show up in a news story.”

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