Special Thanks 2

My Special Thanks: Jack Murphy’s Senior Goodbye

When I first came to Monmouth in the Fall semester in 2017, I originally was a biology major. I thought I wanted to be involved with science and midway through the second semester, I knew that was not what I wanted to do. So I was back to square one, and I thought to myself, ‘okay so what’s next?’ While I was considering my options, my mom offered me the best advice I could receive at the time, “Do something that will make you happy.” When she told me this I knew exactly what my mindset was, I wanted to pursue a career in the world of sports journalism.

Tip of Cap 1

A Tip of the Cap to The Outlook: Mark D’Aquila’s Senior Goodbye

It was the very first day I walked into the Plangere building for my first day of Intro to Journalism Freshman year, that I was told I needed to go over to the prestigious, Outlook Office. I took the short walk past Hawk TV, past WMXC, and into the newsroom that I would eventually call my second home for the next four years. Little did I know that this office would soon be renamed after the legendary journalist, Linda Deutsch, and I would be her first ever scholarship recipient.