Gabrielle Sangataldo’s Senior Goodbye

Some people may say that it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. Personally, I’ve always hated this adage because why would I care more about the boring, cramped flight or car ride somewhere than the actual place I’m trying to see? You may be expecting me to say that college changed my mind on that, […]


Get bang for your buck: Shop Ulta Beauty

As someone who spends an extensive amount of time shopping for beauty products, I have come to the conclusion that Ulta Beauty is the best store to spend your money. Here’s why: I personally don’t prefer to shop “luxury” or “high-end” makeup brands; I rather buy drugstore beauty products. That being said, who really wants […]


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Featured (Slider) Features

MU’s 2020 vision from 1974

A perusal through the archives of “The Outlook” takes readers back in time through the last 90 years of our student publication. From streakers on campus to public arguments between editors and students, “The Outlook” has never failed to provide the present with a glimpse into the past.One article in particular from the Friday, Dec. […]


Anticipated Summer Book Releases

Summer is the perfect time for reading. As you sit outside and bask in the fresh air and sunlight, there is no better time to pick up a book and dive headfirst into a brand-new story. From swoon-worthy romances, to edge-of-your-seat thrillers, and stunning works of literary fiction, this summer’s book releases truly have it […]


“COWBOY CARTER” curates cool country culture creation

On Mar. 29, Beyoncé once again shook the music world by releasing her awe-inspiring country music album “COWBOY CARTER” which continues to impact listeners, whether they are fans of her previous work or not. Filled with country, gospel, and R&B, “COWBOY CARTER” is an ode to Black, American, and country music history. With complex and […]

Featured (List) Politics

Former NJ governors, state senators join together for “Reclaiming Civility in Public Discourse” event

Three former New Jersey Governors and two state Senators from both parties joined forces on Wednesday, Apr. 3, to speak about bridging political divides during a “Reclaiming Civility in Public Discourse” event in the Great Hall auditorium. Roughly 150 people attended the “Reclaiming Civility in Public Discourse” event sponsored by President Patrick Leahy, the College […]

Featured (Slider) Sports

Baseball evens series against Princeton

Monmouth came back empty-handed after a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, where the Hawks faced the College of Charleston over the course of three consecutive days, Apr. 12 through Apr. 14.Prior to facing Charleston, Monmouth stopped in Princeton, New Jersey, to face Princeton where they won 10-3. A huge third inning for Monmouth saw 12 […]

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