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Class of 2027 is Most Academically-Prepared Class

Monmouth University’s Class of 2027 has qualified as being the most academically prepared class in the University’s 90-year history, flaunting the most noteworthy grade point average of any incoming first-year cohort at 3.64. This class has also exceeded previous benchmarks of out-of-state and Honors School enrollments while simultaneously boasting a record number of first-generation and […]


Fall is Here! Or Is It?

I have always loved fall. Though I am not the biggest fan of pumpkin spice flavored drinks, I absolutely adore everything else about the season. Cozy sweaters, rainy days, murder mystery novels, Harry Potter movie marathons while drinking a warm tea in bed – I mean, what could sound better? As much as I am […]


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RAs: Monmouth’s Campus Heroes

“When I do my job, I want to make the experience on campus as fun and comfortable as I possible,” explained junior accounting student and resident assistant (RA) in Monmouth’s Spruce Hall, Chris Skwirut.RAs are students’ first line of defense; they help students address the challenges and struggles associated with attending college. Moving away from […]


Budgeting 101

For many, to attend college is to live out a dream; however, that’s not to say the college experience is without its drawbacks, one of which is the cost of living. Plenty of college students find it difficult to budget their money and to prioritize their essentials over their wants. If you find yourself constantly […]

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Entertainment Happening Around West Long Branch

Monmouth University’s location is one of the college’s greatest assets. Just drive a few minutes down the road and you’re at the beach. The beach access here is one of the best you can get on the East Coast. Although some Southern beach schools do beat us with warmer weather, the entertainment surrounding our school, […]


House Republicans Seek Impeachment of President Biden

For the past four months there have been multiple investigations taking place in the U.S. on current and former politicians. As most know, former President Donald Trump has been indicted in Georgia, Florida, Manhattan, and Washington. There are also a number of state and federal prosecutors opening investigations on the former president. While Trump has […]


Hawks Fall Short In High-Scoring Affair

After football made a bold statement, walking away with an impressive 42-23 road victory against the Towson Tigers, the team got ready for a fierce matchup against the Campbell Fighting Camels, who had just come off of a dominant 56-7 victory against The Citadel Bulldogs. Unfortunately, the Hawks walked away with a hard fought loss […]

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Congressman Pallone Discusses Action On Climate Change

Congressman Frank Pallone joined the Monmouth University community to discuss Congressional action on climate change as a last-minute addition to the Climate Crisis Teach-In week on Thursday, Oct. 7. Pallone began the session by providing a brief overview of how the United States is preparing for the upcoming Glasgow Conference, which is set to take […]

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