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Robin Mama, Ph.D., MSS, Steps Down as School of Social Work Dean

Robin Mama, Ph.D., MSS, LSW, Dean and Professor for the School of Social Work, will step down as dean on June 30, 2023. This announcement was made by Pamela Scott-Johnson, Ph.D., Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, on Thursday, Nov. 8. According to the Provost’s memorandum, Mama will return to the faculty for […]


Friendsgiving: The Superior Holiday

Friendsgiving has amassed its own following, commonly celebrated during the weeks preceding Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving is a holiday largely reserved for family and close loved ones, people have chosen to create a quasi-holiday in the name of friendship. I am a big proponent of celebrating Friendsgiving. Just as you get the chance to see long […]


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Finding New Meaning in the Holiday Season

While many people are excited for the anticipation surrounding the upcoming holidays, others are left to wonder: should the way we think about the holidays be reframed? Many view the holidays season as a designated time spend with friends and family, to be with one another and celebrate the past year and the year ahead. […]


Reinventing Your Morning

There’s nothing better than waking up and feeling well-rested; the birds are chirping outside your window, the coffee beans are brewing, and the sunrise is painting your room golden, making you feel relaxed and ready to take on the day ahead of you. But let’s be honest, this isn’t the reality for most college students […]


View Your Dream Festival Lineup With Spotify Instafest Podcasts

If you’ve perused social media recently, you must have seen your friends and acquaintances post their Spotify Instafest on their Instagram stories or seen them leave their two-cents on a Twitter thread. With the anticipation of one’s personal 2022 Spotify Wrapped release just days away, music lovers are introduced to a new trendy way of […]


Headlines You May Have Missed This Week

In China, Protests Over Zero Covid and Political Freedoms Over the weekend, protests began in China over the country’s Zero Covid Policy. The Zero Covid Policy is the strategy adopted by the Communist Party of China in its efforts to contain COVID-19. The strategy includes large scale lockdowns, mass testing, surveillance, among other factors. With […]


Football Ends Season With Home Victory Over Stony Brook

Monmouth University (5-6, 3-5 CAA) closed out their 2022 season and senior day in victorious fashion, knocking off Stony Brook (2-9, 1-7 CAA) 24-21 on Saturday, Nov. 19 on their home turf at Kessler Stadium. Despite the senior day occasion, the Hawks rolled with their usual lineup and handed freshman quarterback Enzo Arjona his third […]

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Congressman Pallone Discusses Action On Climate Change

Congressman Frank Pallone joined the Monmouth University community to discuss Congressional action on climate change as a last-minute addition to the Climate Crisis Teach-In week on Thursday, Oct. 7. Pallone began the session by providing a brief overview of how the United States is preparing for the upcoming Glasgow Conference, which is set to take […]

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