What’s So Bad About a Hook Up?

Chivalry is dead, or, at least, that’s what I’m told. So, who is to blame for our society’s lack of knights in shining armor? Well, it isn’t a ‘who’ but rather a ‘what.’ Hookup culture encourages one-night stands over investing in emotional relationships. Many believe this culture has annihilated the art of romance and real, […]


Midterm Survival Guide

The telltale sign that midterms are upon us: no open study rooms in sight. While walking through campus these past couple of weeks, anyone can tell the atmosphere feels more tense than usual. Although not abnormal for midterm season, it’s important to mitigate one’s level of stress as they navigate this important exam period. Let’s […]


Important Lessons I’ve Learned

Since enrolling at Monmouth almost two years ago, I can confidently say the experience thus far has changed me. College has taught me a ridiculous amount of lessons that I feel obligated to share to help anyone else who may find themselves in similar positions. This first lesson hit me the hardest—you never have as […]


Affordable Beauty Dupes

Finding popular alternatives, or dupes, to expensive beauty products has become a booming trend across the makeup and beauty community. “Dupe” is a popular term that refers to a product that is a duplicate of a popular, luxury product, but without the hefty price tag. It is sometimes necessary to splurge on certain makeup products, […]


Getting Off Social Media

A couple of years ago, I was aimlessly scrolling through my social media when I received a notification that read, “Average Screen Time: 7 hours and 26 minutes.” That’s when I knew I was in desperate need of a change. Social media is addicting. According to Jefferson Health, “Social media platforms drive surges of dopamine […]


Is Going Green Just A Phase?

The latest marketing ploy this Valentine’s season is definitely less romantic than expected. With the day of love just around the corner, the average consumer is bombarded by brands taking advantage of the holiday through product packaging, advertisements, and social media. While most people try to put their best foot forward on the first date, […]


Artificial Intelligence: Our Future or Demise?

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology has made its way across various industries, one of which is academia. Individuals involved in America’s education system have conflicting views as to AI’s place in students’ learning process. Before diving into the debate itself, one must first define AI— it is any computer system that completes tasks […]


Discussing Seasonal Depression

As winter dawns its morning frost, bone-chilling breezes, and unpleasant temperatures, people are quick to make the proper adjustments to their everyday routine. Light sweaters are replaced with heavy jackets; open-toed shoes are mourned over as boots and Ugg slippers take their place on one’s shoe rack; people begin to mentally prepare themselves for making […]