Get bang for your buck: Shop Ulta Beauty

As someone who spends an extensive amount of time shopping for beauty products, I have come to the conclusion that Ulta Beauty is the best store to spend your money. Here’s why:

I personally don’t prefer to shop “luxury” or “high-end” makeup brands; I rather buy drugstore beauty products. That being said, who really wants to buy their face powder at CVS? I love Ulta because it allows for that fun, makeup-centric shopping experience while offering drug-store brands. NYX Cosmetics, Physicians Formula, and e.l.f. Cosmetics (my personal favorite) are all available at Ulta, which is pretty exclusive considering these brands are not offered at many other beauty-only retailers. Ulta makes me feel luxurious while offering affordable products at an affordable price.

Second, there is nothing I hate more than going into a store for a specific product, arriving, and finding an empty shelf where the product should be. However, Ulta seems to always be constantly in-stock on all the most viral and coveted products. I can’t say this is everyone’s experience, but I genuinely can’t think of a time I went into Ulta for a specific product and left empty handed.

Because so many products are often sold out in other stores (not Ulta!), a lot of people choose to shop online. Coming from someone who loves online-shopping, it’s not realistic to buy new makeup products through your computer. Not only do makeup products’ shades look completely different online compared to in-person, but makeup shades also look different on every skin tone. Further, going in-person and finding your perfect shade match, then having to go home and order that product online because it was sold out in-store, is an unnecessary hassle. Avoid this hassle by shopping at Ulta!

Additionally, Ulta has recently started selling new, uber popular brands such as Sol de Janeiro and Drunk Elephant, which I have never seen them carry in the past. With the expansion of their product range, I can always find whatever I want.

But the real goldmine at Ulta beauty is their store-line brand, fittingly named “Ulta Beauty Collection.” When I say some of the best makeup products come from this collection, I am not exaggerating. My favorite product is their Flush Blush; this blush gives a natural finish with a little shimmer and shine to enhance your natural beauty.

Another viral product from this collection is their Juice Infused Lip Oil. This beautiful lippy gives your kisser a luxurious glossy finish, without the luxury price tag (it’s only $10)! Other notable products from this line include the Wannabe Fresh Dewy Makeup Setting Spray, their Brow Tint Gel, and the Color Punch Longwear Liquid Eyeliner. Additionally, the collection has lots of non-makeup, viral-inspired products such as exfoliating mitts, skincare headbands, makeup removing towels, for a fraction of their typical price.

Having great products for a great price is nice, but what really sells me on Ulta is the atmosphere. We have all seen the videos of “Sephora kids,” or maybe you have experienced them yourself. If not, this phenomenon describes the mass amount of elementary school children that raid Sephora (particularly the Drunk Elephant and Rare Beauty sections of the store) and disrespect fellow customers. Luckily, I can proudly announce that I have never seen this group of rowdy pre-tweens at Ulta Beauty.

In reality, you can choose to spend your money wherever you want, and that’s your business. But, be smart, shop Ulta Beauty (this is not a paid sponsorship, though I wish it was).