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School of Humanities and Social Sciences Appoints New Dean

David Golland, Ph.D., was recently appointed as the new Dean of the Wayne D. Murray School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Before joining Monmouth’s campus, Golland was previously a professor of history at Governors State University in Chicago, Illinois. He served in a variety of capacities over his 12 years at the institution. Upon ascending […]


The Food of Monmouth

The food at Monmouth University never fails to surprise us. Gourmet Dining is very creative with the food that they provide for the students and staff. As a freshman living on campus with a car, I still choose to eat the food offered on campus. One reason is that I don’t have to pay anything […]


Midterm Madness

As we all know, midterms are slowly creeping up on us. Midterms come with their pros and cons. In my opinion, midterms can be good simply because they tell you where you stand academically at that point in the semester. If your grade isn’t where you want it to be, you still have time to […]