Tips For Making Friends As We Return to Campus

Now that there are more people on campus and several restrictions have been lifted since last year, there are more opportunities for students to go out, meet new people, and make friends. However, making friends is easier said than done—especially for incoming first-year students who are experiencing college for the first time, or for those […]

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Hurricane Ida Causes Devastating Damages For Students

A category four storm, known as Hurricane Ida, ravaged the east and southeastern part of the United States from August 26th to September 1st, including a few inches of rain in the Monmouth area.  William Siemer, Executive Director for Campus Planning and Facilities Management, said that Hurricane Ida did not impact the campus community as […]

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The Darker Side of the Track Stars

How far would you push yourself to be the best? Running is a gritty sport that requires determination, focus, and extensive repetitive training. Only those with a strong mentality tend to thrive in this sport, but when does the desire to succeed become obsessive? The intensity that comes with becoming one of the best runners can be stressful, and has a tolling effect on the mental health of individuals in this sport.