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HawkTank spotlight: Versatile Arts & Entertainment

Asad Whitehead, a senior music industry student, founded a multi-media arts and entertainment company that helps independent artists and creatives by providing resources and opportunities. The company, Versatile Arts & Entertainment, has a mission to celebrate all art forms.

Whitehead explained, “One of the key aspects of Versatile is our membership model, which offers artists access to a wide range of benefits and resources. Overall, Versatile Arts & Entertainment is more than just a business, it’s a movement. It’s about bringing people together through the power of art, creating connections, and inspiring creativity.”

As an independent artist, Whitehead recognizes the lack of resources and community available. “The idea for Versatile Arts & Entertainment was born out of a deep passion for the arts and a desire to create a supportive community for independent artists and creatives.” Versatile enriches a wider community by providing artists with a platform in which they can showcase their work along with gaining exposure that can help them connect with professionals.

Whitehead is among six finalists presenting their business ideas at HawkTank. He said, “Being a finalist for HawkTank is an incredibly rewarding experience. It is a validation of all the hard work and effort I had put into developing my business concept for Versatile.” HawkTank provides students with the opportunity to develop skills they may need to succeed in starting a business. The preparation for the event has proven valuable for Whitehead, who is encouraged to think outside the box to effectively communicate his business idea and its value to others.

The Center for Entrepreneurship has offered Whitehead the guidance and resources to take his business idea and transform it into a business plan. Alison Gilbert, Director of the Center, has been one of Whitehead’s supportive role models throughout the process. Other faculty members who have helped Whitehead include Rashida Scott-Cruz, Adjunct for Music Industry; Joe Rapolla, MBA, Specialist Professor and Chair of Music & Theatre Arts; and Jihad Johnson, Assistant Director of the Intercultural Center.

Whitehead concluded, “They have all acted as a mentor to me throughout my time at Monmouth University, providing guidance and support as I developed my professional and personal identity. My family has also been a big part of my support system when it comes to everything. Without them, I wouldn’t be here today.”

HawkTank will take place on Apr. 17. For more updates, follow @monmouthentrepreneur on Instagram.