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Beating the Winter Blues

The end of the semester is quickly approaching, so that means finals, heading back home for the holidays, and also the winter blues. As you relax and unwind in preparation for a new semester, you obviously want to make the most of winter break. Give the following tips a try if you don’t want the winter blues to bring you down!


Dodging Grandma’s Questions

Thanksgiving isn’t all about the turkey and Christmas isn’t all about the presents. The holiday season also involves spending a lot of time with your family. Of course this is a good thing, but sometimes this brings with it a berating of a million questions that no college age student wants to hear. Some of these typical questions we’ve all probably experienced are, who you’re dating, how you’re doing in school, and if you have a job lined up for after graduation. So if you’re looking to enjoy the holidays instead of answering question after question, Life Hacker lists some of the best ways to avoid them.