Christma Giving

Merry Christma-giving: How Society Decks the Halls Past Thanksgiving

Halloween is over, so that means you can deck the halls and rock around the Christmas tree! Just 47 days until you wake up on Christmas morning and the inner child in you rushes to see the presents under the tree.

Whether you are naughty or nice, Christmas is the best holiday ever…I am forgetting something here, and it seems the rest of the world has too. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as Thanksgiving.

Of course it is perfectly fine to be excited for the most wonderful time of the year, but that doesn’t mean you skip the time where you should be most thankful.

Families come together from near and far to have that one special meal followed by lots of pumpkin pie.

Jenn Cabral, staff member of Gourmet Dining Services, emphasized the importance of Thanksgiving and gratitude. “Thanksgiving is the most important holiday, to me at least. It is a time to give thanks for what you have. It’s about togetherness and being with family and friends, the most important people who make up who you are,” she said.

Cabral added that you should give to others because they may not have what you do, and a plateful of food could make the biggest difference.

There is almost nothing better than waking up to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while anticipating all the turkey, stuffing, and dessert you are going to eat.

While some people may enjoy Christmas more, it is important to celebrate one holiday at a time.

Junior music industry student, Shannon Lawrence said, “I think it’s great to get in the Christmas spirit, but, it is pretty crazy to have Christmas music, decorations, and sales all around the mall already.”

“I’m all for getting in the spirit during the holiday season, but, always looking ahead proves that society can’t just focus on one thing at a time and it forces us to further not be able to live in the moment like we should,” Lawrence said. 

Marisa Heath, a senior communication student, works in retail and believes that people do not value what Christmas is truly about. She said, “I honestly feel that the reason they rush into Christmas isn’t even for the holiday aspect or what comes along with Christmas religiously and culturally. It’s about the money retailers make off marketing Christmas earlier.”

On Nov. 1, Heath’s place of employment put up all their holiday signs and even added Christmas music to the store’s playlist.

“Christmas shouldn’t be promoted until after Thanksgiving. Take one holiday at a time,” Heath added.

November is a time to give thanks and appreciate what you have. Not only do people seem to forget about Thanksgiving, but they forget that November is still a month. People have birthdays and anniversaries, and it is also the prettiest of the fall season.

Senior communication student, Kait Sisombath, doesn’t like that it is all Christmas everything. “My birthday is in November and I love the fall! I don’t like the months rushing by,” she said. She believes that everyone should be able to enjoy November and Thanksgiving first.

Before you start blasting Christmas music in the car and baking Christmas cookies, remember that there is an important holiday between Halloween and Christmas. Take November to be thankful, give to the less fortunate, and let the turkey have its day.

PHOTO TAKEN by Alexandria Afanador