Crime in Syracuse Sparks a Fear of Local Danger

With a sophisticated computer science and engineering background, David Renz, 29 of Cicero, NY managed to deactivate his court ordered electronic ankle bracelet in a matter of minutes. Disregarding his 9:00 pm curfew, he drove to the nearby Great Northern Mall. He then allegedly carjacked and abducted Lori Bresnahan, an Elementary school Librarian in the district and her 10-year old daughter after they were leaving a gymnastics class around 9:00 pm.


Hassle Free Hunting

Simple Steps for Renting an Off-Campus Apartment

Apartment searching as an up­perclassman or a student who has just graduated can be very intimidating if you haven’t done so before. If you intend to live off campus your junior and senior year, when should you start look­ing around the area? Who should you contact? What are your biggest deal breakers in your home away from home?


Pets Over People

When does man’s best friend become man’s only friend? Are pets so easy to get along with that we value our friendship with our cuddly buddy before that of a teammate or comrade? Owning an animal can be one of the most rewarding parts of life. Feeding, grooming, loving and understanding the needs of someone other than yourself can open your heart and mind to something greater than last Fri­day night.

Tan Education

Sacrificing a Tan for Summer Education

Annoyed and frustrated at your newly printed syllabus, your roommate looks over your shoul­der and mutters, ‘That class was a breeze; I took it over the sum­mer.’ You glance back at the 15 page major research paper, group presentation and three examina­tions and think about dropping a class because your 19-year-old pal said taking it during summer would be worth giving up time in the sun. Dedicating time and money to a summer class may be worth neglecting your job as a camp counselor, but it may not be for everyone. Summer classes are meant to keep students ahead, a float or on board to graduate and are not seen as a loophole to a better grade, because believe it or not, you will be kept the full class period.


Remaining Calm is the Ticket

With the holidays upon us, drivers have to be more cautious with icy road conditions, snow removal and turbulent winds. But say you look in the rearview mirror and the dreadful red and blue flashing lights are signaling you to pull over? A wave of panic advances, your palms become instant sweat pools and you have forgotten the proper protocol from your junior year Driver’s Education class. Fret not, despite your ironic “keep calm and carry on” tee.


Prom Night in Wilson Hall

There were no limousines out­side the steps of Wilson Hall the night of Thursday, Septem­ber 27. Students did not trick­le through the halls with ball gowns and tuxes. However, one High School’s prom was depicted through film in the downstairs instruction room in Wilson Hall.