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Congressman Pallone Discusses Action On Climate Change

Congressman Frank Pallone joined the Monmouth University community to discuss Congressional action on climate change as a last-minute addition to the Climate Crisis Teach-In week on Thursday, Oct. 7. Pallone began the session by providing a brief overview of how the United States is preparing for the upcoming Glasgow Conference, which is set to take […]

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Dean Mauro Gives Call to Action For Healthcare Professionals

Ann Marie P. Mauro, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Studies, gave a virtual presentation titled “Climate & Health Policy: A Call to Action for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals,” on Monday, Oct. 4. The brief lecture was part of the University’s “Wake Up to Climate Change” Climate Crisis Teach-In, informing listeners of […]

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Youth Anxiety on Climate Change

Bath University, in collaboration with five other universities, surveyed 10,000 people aged between 16 and 25, across 10 countries, regarding their thoughts on climate change. The report stated that 60 percent of young people surveyed felt worried or extremely worried, and more than 45 percent said thoughts of climate change impact their daily lives. An […]

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Urban Coast Institute Talks Tuna Management Decisions

The UCI’s Marine and Environmental Speaker Series welcomed Angela Abolhassani, postdoctoral fellow for the Ocean Nexus Center at the University of Washington, to deliver the virtual lecture, “The Empirics of Equity: Examining Tuna Management Decisions in the Western and Central Pacific and Indian Oceans,” on Wednesday, Sept. 22. Tony Macdonald, Director Of The Urban Coast […]

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Hurricane Ida Causes Devastating Damages For Students

A category four storm, known as Hurricane Ida, ravaged the east and southeastern part of the United States from August 26th to September 1st, including a few inches of rain in the Monmouth area.  William Siemer, Executive Director for Campus Planning and Facilities Management, said that Hurricane Ida did not impact the campus community as […]