Piracy: A Complex Problem

Pirating is using music, books, shows, movies, and video games for free rather than paying for the product or service. Now, I would be lying if I said I have not previously pirated media in the past and continue to do so to this day, especially concerning textbooks that would typically cost hundreds of dollars […]


Exploring the World

Traveling the world is a dream of mine. From exploring new countries, walks of life, and different cultures, the thought is thrilling. Nonetheless, while I may want to explore the world and see what it offers, I feel like people in America have varying mind sets on the thought. Once I graduate from Monmouth and […]


The Importance of Change

As creatures of habit, change is difficult to induce, even if it’s for the better. We don’t like deviating from the regular flow of life because, oftentimes, change hurts; in other words, there is no such thing as a painless lesson. Nonetheless, if you never change, you will likely never meet the best version of […]


Respecting Work Boundaries

In recent years, standard practices and expectations in the workplace have evolved. It appears employees across all industries are setting hard boundaries with their employers—leaving work when their work hours end, taking their paid time off, and asking for compensation that reflects their worth. While older generations may perceive this movement as laziness, I feel […]


Can Professors Make or Break a Class?

Professors are a fundamental part of the classroom experience; because of them, students can further their education. However, this statement is under the condition that the professor actually teaches. Sometimes, no professor is better than a lousy one. I would prefer taking a class that is online asynchronous and teach myself the material than have […]

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Updated Information About Chemical Spill Evacuation

The Outlook has new, correct information regarding the minor chemical spill that took place on Thursday, Jan. 26 in the Edison Science Building. It was confirmed by Jason Adolf, Ph.D., Professor in the Biology Department, that the chemical involved in the spill was concentrated hydrochloric acid. As reported in last week’s article, “hydrochloric acid is […]


Fitness Journey Expectations

Over the past two to three years, gym content on social media has become very popular; people tend to post about optimal workouts and transition videos that show what people looked like before and after a lifestyle change. Nonetheless, there are behind the scenes circumstances that are less transparent. Steroid use is very apparent in […]


Friendsgiving: The Superior Holiday

Friendsgiving has amassed its own following, commonly celebrated during the weeks preceding Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving is a holiday largely reserved for family and close loved ones, people have chosen to create a quasi-holiday in the name of friendship. I am a big proponent of celebrating Friendsgiving. Just as you get the chance to see long […]