Returning to Normalcy on Campus: A Semester of Progress

As the first somewhat regular semester ends, my perception of Monmouth University has changed since last year. I came to Monmouth University when it was all online with minimal to no hybrid classes. While the online format of Monmouth University for the years 2020 to 2021 was convenient, it was significantly lackluster. There were barely […]


Who Makes The Classroom

An essential part of the classroom is the students, but possibly the critical part of the class is the professor teaching it. All professors have a different style of teaching, which may or may not fit the way you want to be taught. Some teachers like to give out PowerPoint slides for notes, while others […]


The Metaverse

VR technology keeps advancing, and it has been primarily used to develop and play video games and other forms of entertainment. Mark Zuckerberg developed the Facebook Metaverse in order to revolutionize how people interact in their everyday life. These technological developments are likely a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is comfortable being in […]


The Slap Heard Around The World

By now, I am sure you have heard about what happened at this year’s Oscars. The slap that was heard worldwide was Will Smith slapping Chris Rock after Rock made that joke about Smith’s wife. Their internet went wild when this happened, and there have been so many memes created, multiple celebrities giving their opinion […]


Attack on Titan Renewed for Another Season

Over this past weekend, the streaming service known as Crunchyroll announced that Attack on Titan will be getting extended for another season, and fans have expressed very mixed emotions. Attack on Titan, a Japanese book series called manga, is set on an island terrorized by giants known as Titans. As the story progresses, the series’ […]


Finishing the Semester Strong

After being home for a week, I feel recharged and ready to finish the semester strong. Midterms were very rough for me – this was the first time I had to take four in-person tests in the past two years, and I can safely say that my thoughts on exams have not changed. I would […]


A Mostly Maskless Spring

With the COVID-19 pandemic calming down and cases on the decline, President Leahy announced that he would be lifting the masking policy on Monmouth’s campus. Masks are now only required in classrooms. I am glad that the masking policy has been lifted. I understand that they’re for our own safety and I would gladly wear […]


Spring Break Plans

Spring break is right around the corner – a week full of no exams, classes, and papers. I am personally looking forward to going home, going to bed super late, and waking up late as well. There is nothing like being in your own home, sleeping in your own bed, and being surrounded by your […]