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Hurricane Ida Causes Devastating Damages For Students

A category four storm, known as Hurricane Ida, ravaged the east and southeastern part of the United States from August 26th to September 1st, including a few inches of rain in the Monmouth area.  William Siemer, Executive Director for Campus Planning and Facilities Management, said that Hurricane Ida did not impact the campus community as […]

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No Weed for Thee

With marijuana now legal in New Jersey, it calls to question what right a location has to ban the substance. Many private properties such as colleges, stores, and hotels have made it clear that the smoking of the substance will not be permitted on a property’s respective premises. While this may seem unreasonable to people who have waited a very long time for marijuana to be legal in the state of New Jersey, private properties are entitled to make these decisions.

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Freshmen: Missing the Experience?

This year’s freshmen are definitely missing out on the normal college life experience due to COVID-19. One of the main reasons I say this is because they are lacking social interaction. Classes are either in person, hybrid, or exclusively online. Even with some classes being in person it is very rare for a freshman to have one of those classes. It is usually upperclassmen or science majors who get the privilege of having in person classes.

Pandemic Election

The Pandemic Election

The election is looking more uncertain than ever. On Oct. 2, President Trump posted a Tweet saying that he and his wife Melania Trump both tested positive for coronavirus and are showing mild symptoms. It has also been revealed that candidate Biden has tested negative for the coronavirus.