Can Professors Make or Break a Class?

Professors are a fundamental part of the classroom experience; because of them, students can further their education. However, this statement is under the condition that the professor actually teaches. Sometimes, no professor is better than a lousy one. I would prefer taking a class that is online asynchronous and teach myself the material than have […]

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Updated Information About Chemical Spill Evacuation

The Outlook has new, correct information regarding the minor chemical spill that took place on Thursday, Jan. 26 in the Edison Science Building. It was confirmed by Jason Adolf, Ph.D., Professor in the Biology Department, that the chemical involved in the spill was concentrated hydrochloric acid. As reported in last week’s article, “hydrochloric acid is […]


Fitness Journey Expectations

Over the past two to three years, gym content on social media has become very popular; people tend to post about optimal workouts and transition videos that show what people looked like before and after a lifestyle change. Nonetheless, there are behind the scenes circumstances that are less transparent. Steroid use is very apparent in […]


Friendsgiving: The Superior Holiday

Friendsgiving has amassed its own following, commonly celebrated during the weeks preceding Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving is a holiday largely reserved for family and close loved ones, people have chosen to create a quasi-holiday in the name of friendship. I am a big proponent of celebrating Friendsgiving. Just as you get the chance to see long […]


A Digital Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to see relatives, eat good food, play board/card games and regret everything you ate the next day as you awaken out of your food coma— at least, that’s how we used to celebrate the holiday. Now, Thanksgiving has evolved from us surrounding the dinner table to surrounding our phones; my cousins […]


Wakanda Forever 

Wakanda Forever is one of the better projects Marvel has produced in a very long time. After Avenger’s Endgame, people speculated that Marvel had reached its peak and could never supersede the standards they themselves had set. Nonetheless, to our surprise, this latest production has exceeded expectations. The beginning of Wakanda Forever almost made me […]


The Bird is Freed

Everyone, it’s official. Elon Musk now owns Twitter. On Oct. 27, Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion. In Musk-fashion, the face-of-Tesla tweeted, “the bird is freed.” Twitter’s future has entered murky, unpredictable waters as a result of some radical developments ignited by its new owner. Upon ascending his social media throne, Musk’s first order of […]