Big Showing at the Annual Fall Involvement Fair

Monmouth University held its annual Involvement Fair last week on Sept. 20, hailing clubs, student organizations, and campus members from all over there were numerous clubs at the event with even more students walking around, having fun, and signing up for clubs they were interested in.
Luca Morello, a senior communication student who is President of HawkTV, said, “The fair is going great, went great. We had 25 people sign up for the club, which is the turnout that we were expecting, and we are super excited to work with new students.”

At the HawkTV table they had a wheel you one could spin for the chance to win prizes, described Morello. such as candy or other items, Morello said “It is was a good way to attract people to the club as it is something different and unique.”

“The wheel definitely gets students attracted, because you get the chance to win something free, and not a lot of other clubs have it,” Morello explained.

Rachel Ludwick, a senior chemistry student who represents and representative of the athlete intervarsity club, said, “The involvement fair is going well we have gotten. We got a lot of students who are interested in joining the club at the involvement fair. Although , and we get a lot of athletes wanting to join the club, but we are also open to all students.”

Ludwick explained that their core audience is student-athletes so they typically don’t get a lot of non-student-athletes but had a better turnout than they expected.

“We don’t expect a lot of people to sign up because our main audience is student-athletes, but we had a better turnout than we expected,” she explained.

The highlight for the athlete intervarsity club was students taking an interest in their club, explaining how most students didn’t even know it was a club and were excited to learn about it.

“The highlight for from today is was that students are coming up to our table and saying that they didn’t know a club like this one even existed and were that they are excited to find out and learn about it more,” Ludwick added.”

Tara Dalessio, a sophomore business student and representative of the pep band club, said, “The fair went well. We could always use more people, but, we don’t have a goal for many students we recruit but so far it has been going well in terms of getting ourselves out there as a club.”

Patrick Robbins, a junior music student who is also a part of the pep band club, added, “We have a huge range of students playing different instruments. We also have students learning about pep band and one or two students who are new and don’t have any prior experience with any instruments but we are willing to work with them and help them learn.”

Dalessio continued by saying that not many students know that their club exists but it has been great for awareness.

Robbins added that even if a student approaches their table and isn’t interested in joining the club if they are with their friends their friends might be interested in joining.

“Not a lot of students know about the pep band club but this year’s involvement fair has been great for spreading awareness,” explained Dalessio.

“Even if a person comes up to our table and isn’t interested in joining the pep band club, if they are with their friends their friends could be interested in joining,” said Robbins.

Margo McNeil a junior business student who represents the real estate club, said, “The involvement fair has been a lot of fun, it’s cool to see real estate concentration students because it is rare for schools to have that and it was cool to see people who came to my table and found the club.”

McNeil had the expected amount of people come up and join her club but she was surprised by how many upperclassmen joined the club.

“The number of people who joined was what I was expecting but there were a lot more upperclassmen such as sophomores and juniors that signed up and I wasn’t expecting so many of them,” she explained.”
The highlight for McNeil was seeing how many different clubs Monmouth had to offer and how busy they all were.

“The highlight for the involvement fair I would say is looking around and seeing how many specific clubs there are and how busy all the tables are and how broad people’s interests are,” McNeil said.