SGA’s Hitch-a-Ride Service

Student Government Association’s Hitch-a-Ride service was a success during syllabus week this semester. Many students enjoyed riding on golf carts to get to their classes, explore the campus, and help break the ice with new students at Monmouth to encourage them to get involved and talk to people.

Alexa Kopczynksi, a senior math and elementary education student, said, “Everyone who got involved in Hitch-a-Ride – whether it was our peers that drove the golf carts or the new faces and friends that were driven around – had a lot of fun. This campaign also helps to break the ice a little bit and encourages everyone to meet new people.”

According to Kopczynksi, the Hitch-a-Ride service was discontinued for a few years due to COVID-19 but they brought it back last September, this year, and hopefully for the foreseeable future during the first week of classes.

She added that the reason why the Hitch-a-Ride service is only a week long is to help everyone get to their classes, especially the freshmen who are still unfamiliar with campus.

“The campaign is only a week-long, and SGA does it during the first week of classes to help everyone get to their classes, especially the freshmen who are still unfamiliar with campus. SGA aims to welcome students back to campus, meet new people, as well as raise awareness about what SGA is and what we do on campus. We as SGA want our peers to know the faces that represent them and know who to go to whenever they have concerns,” Kopczynski explained.

Liam McGrath, a junior psychology student, said, “SGA hosted its Hitch-a-Ride service along with several other events during Welcome Week because it was a fun and engaging way for SGA to interact with the campus community while also having fun driving students around

campus to their classes. It was a great way for new students to learn more about the Monmouth University campus and also to hear about SGA and what we do as an organization.”

McGrath added that the service was received very positively by the drivers and passengers who participated in the service and met fellow students who go to Monmouth.

“The service has received very positive feedback from students. All who I’ve spoken to, both drivers and passengers, had a lot of fun riding around in the golf cart and also enjoyed meeting new people while doing so,” he said.

Though the Hitch-a-Ride service is mainly aimed toward freshmen because they are unfamiliar with the campus, and where their classes are the service is welcome to all students who want to use it.

Kiefer Walsh, a senior criminal justice student, said, “While the Hitch-a-ride service is typically geared towards freshman who may be lost around campus, anyone is welcome to ride in the carts if they need a lift.

While the Hitch-a-Ride service is only offered during the first week of classes, McGrath said that SGA could bring it back on special occasions.

“The Hitch-a-Ride service will likely be brought back on special occasions in the future,” McGrath added.