Gabrielle Sangataldo’s Senior Goodbye

Some people may say that it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. Personally, I’ve always hated this adage because why would I care more about the boring, cramped flight or car ride somewhere than the actual place I’m trying to see? You may be expecting me to say that college changed my mind on that, […]

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Tuition set to increase for the 2024-25 academic year

On Wednesday, Apr. 10, the Faculty Association of Monmouth University (FAMCO) hosted state labor leaders from the American Federation of Teachers, New Jersey (AFT-NJ) and the New Jersey American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (NJ AFL-CIO), all of whom showed their solidarity for the Monmouth faculty amid the latter’s efforts to secure […]

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Commuter parking: an update

In the Mar. 6 issue of “The Outlook,” the article “Commuter Students Struggle with Lack of Parking” was published. Since then, “The Outlook” has received insight from the Monmouth University Police Department’s (MUPD) Chief Carlos Ortiz about the parking difficulty that some commuter students face.Citing students’ opinions in the aforementioned “Outlook” article, most commuter students […]

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Giving Days 2024 breaks records

Wednesday, Mar. 20, and Thursday, Mar. 21, served as this year’s annual Giving Days, a global community-wide, 48-hour fundraiser for Monmouth. Overall, a total of 2,150 gifts raised a record $388,869 from countries such as Austria, Belgium, France, and New Zealand and domestically from 39 states. This event falls hand-in-hand with the Senior Giving Campaign, […]

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Declan McKenna’s “What Happened to the Beach?” Makes Waves in Winter

Declan McKenna’s latest album “What Happened to the Beach?” may not answer the titular question, but it definitely brings listeners back to an era long before McKenna’s own time. Released on Feb. 9, 2024, “What Happened to the Beach?” is the English singer-songwriter’s third studio album and continues the trajectory of McKenna drawing inspiration from […]

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Commuter Students Struggle with Lack of Parking

Monmouth University students, specifically commuters, are worried about the lack of parking available in commuter lots as of late—namely, the Northwest Lot behind the Plangere Center for Communication. Many students have expressed their frustration, claiming that the lack of parking affects multiple aspects of their commute to school. Lauren Bevacqua is a senior English major […]