BHR to release 24th compilation album on Apr. 19

Blue Hawk Records (BHR) is set to release its 24th compilation album, “Open 24 Hours,” on Apr. 19. On Mar. 19, the club—which is recognized as a top music business program by Billboard—announced via its social media platforms that the six student artists selected to have their original songs recorded professionally are K.N.G, Anna Dioguardi, LOUER, Azure Kai, Sami Khatri, and Stevie 808.

Each semester, BHR fulfills the mission of producing an original album, a task that has been ongoing for the past 12 years. Both current Monmouth students as well as alumni are encouraged to audition with an original song in the hopes of making it onto the album. This year, BHR received over 20 auditions for its 24th album.

Every semester, the club collaborates with the Record Label Strategies course, taught by Joe Rapolla, Chair and Specialist Professor of the Music and Theatre Arts Department, causing for a unique perspective for the album curation every time. Additionally, the partnership between the two allows for students to gain hands-on experience regarding the album recording process, further preparing them for the music industry post-graduation. Students are able to work on real-world album aspects such as production, writing, graphic designing, photography, content creating, and blogging.

“Open 24 Hours,” which will contain everything from ballads to high-energy anthems, will be available on all streaming platforms starting Apr. 19, following a listening party in the Great Hall.