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Blue Hawk Records is “Open 24 Hours” this Friday

Monmouth University’s Blue Hawk Records (BHR) will be releasing their 24th compilation album, “Open 24 Hours,” on Friday, Apr. 19. After their last compilation album “Chapter XXII”—featuring Abby Garcia, Angela An, The Blackouts, Ruaa Khalifa, Michael Anthony Rocks, and Amani Lillian—came out in December, there’s no telling what this next chapter will bring. Although one […]

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“Unreal Unearth: Unheard”: Hozier’s releases new EP

Mar. 22 welcomed the surprise release of Hozier’s newest EP “Unheard,” featuring tracks that missed the last August release of his third studio album, “Unreal Unearth.” The original LP is structured according to Dante’s “Inferno,” as the Irish singer-songwriter allocates songs to corresponding circles of hell.While teasing new music on his social media earlier this […]

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Spilling our “GUTS”: Five additional songs added to Olivia Rodrigo’s second

Fans were completely awestruck when Olivia Rodrigo announced “GUTS (spilled)” on the second night of her Chicago shows during her “GUTS world tour.” Fans had suspected that something was coming due to the unreleased track “obsessed” being added to the tour setlist. Considering that Rodrigo included a mix of old and new songs to her […]

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Declan McKenna’s “What Happened to the Beach?” Makes Waves in Winter

Declan McKenna’s latest album “What Happened to the Beach?” may not answer the titular question, but it definitely brings listeners back to an era long before McKenna’s own time. Released on Feb. 9, 2024, “What Happened to the Beach?” is the English singer-songwriter’s third studio album and continues the trajectory of McKenna drawing inspiration from […]