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Up and Coming R&B Artist: Kenya Vaun

Every so often there is an artist introduced to the music industry that breaks boundaries and gives listeners something unique. In an industry that’s constantly changing and highly competitive, it can take time for artists to break through. The up-and-coming R&B artist, Kenya Vaun, has broken through the industry with her rare authenticity and a […]


The Key to Success

Everyone’s version of success is different based on their career and life goals. Although this outlook on life may differ, everyone has come across this universal question at one point or another: What’s the key to success? As I consider my goals, I contemplate this question with greater care than I ever have before. In […]


Stop Giving Your Money to Influencers!

Social media’s surge in popularity means influencers are more and more integral to consumers’ everyday media consumption. It is increasingly normal for individuals to fall victim to the “influencer-effect,” buying a product simply because another person deemed it worth your money. Brands are capitalizing on people’s appointed status as an influencer, using them to blast […]