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Up and Coming R&B Artist: Kenya Vaun

Every so often there is an artist introduced to the music industry that breaks boundaries and gives listeners something unique. In an industry that’s constantly changing and highly competitive, it can take time for artists to break through. The up-and-coming R&B artist, Kenya Vaun, has broken through the industry with her rare authenticity and a soulful ambience in her songs.

The 21-year-old Philadelphia native is bringing a breath of fresh air into the world of modern R&B with a touch of that old soul feel. The raspy vocals and lyrics full of emotions provide listeners with a safe space due to the relatable lyrics within her songs. The songs are also an homage to her musical inspirations: Angie Stone, Lauryn Hill, D’Angelo, The Isley Brothers, and Jodieci. This is where the old soul-reminiscent feeling in her music comes from that we all know and love.

Vaun’s home growing up was filled with music, guiding her to pursue it and become an artist. She is ready to continue to redefine herself as her discography grows. Her goal as an artist is for listeners to see themselves within her songs and give them something to relate to. She does an amazing job of making her audience feel seen and heard and that they’re not alone going through life’s challenges. This sentiment will guide her future songs and overall who she is as an artist.

Additionally, as a listener, it’s clear to hear within her songs that she’s determined to stick to her goal as an artist and provide her audience with the safe space she wants for them. For example, her discography began in 2018 with her song, “Movie Night.” The track is filled with emotion, thought, and relatable lyrics that are a testament to her goal. The song describes how she feels loving someone and how their love reminds her of a movie. She creatively includes titles of movies and actors within the song to tie the idea of the song together: “Right here with you feel like heaven, yeah, I’m drowning for your love, you’re a Titanic drug.”

The lyrics do an amazing job of explaining how it feels to love someone metaphorically. They’re filled with love and emotion that give her audience the ability to know love is strong and can be felt in different ways.

This same idea is also present in her newer music, as well, such as her latest song “Used To,” released this past January. The lyrics explain what it is like to experience being loved by someone in a way you’re not used to. She paints a picture of the not-so-good experiences she has had with love and explains it in a way that many of us can relate to. The lyrics help the audience understand that you feel one way about love, but one day that special someone will come along and make you feel differently: “But you then switched it up, because you showed me love, and that’s just something I ain’t used to, you remind me of that old school loving.”

You can feel the love and passion Vaun put into “Used To.” The thought put into the song also makes the audience that can relate feel seen and heard and creates a hopeful picture for people who have not experienced genuine love.

Kenya Vaun’s songs are filled with love, passion, and emotion and give listeners the opportunity to relate to her music. Her discography is a testament to her goal as an artist. Lastly, adding to who she is as an artist, she continues to bring a different feel of music that is an old soul vibe that feels like a breath of fresh air in modern R&B.

Don’t hesitate to start listening to Vaun’s songs and learn more about who she is as her journey continues.