The Key to Success

Everyone’s version of success is different based on their career and life goals. Although this outlook on life may differ, everyone has come across this universal question at one point or another: What’s the key to success? As I consider my goals, I contemplate this question with greater care than I ever have before. In my experience thus far, I think the key to success is organization, dedication, discipline, and a good mindset.

Organization enables you to keep track of your day-to-day life, new goals, or goals you’ve already accomplished. If you make a conscious effort to stay organized, you can expect greater success in the day-to-day, as well as the long-term. Small, consistent effort paves the way for substantial change, and organization is at the forefront of making that change a reality. It is easier for a person to pursue smaller goals, which will make them more capable of accomplishing those larger career and life goals.

Dedication to your work will not only make you a hard worker, but it will also get you to your desired end goal. A lack of dedication to your goals makes the journey toward achieving those goals that much more difficult; one of the barriers to success includes inconsistency. Nonetheless, there will be times in your life that you will feel unmotivated; however, if you possess discipline, you will stay on track. Discipline keeps you grounded in habits that will ultimately contribute to your success. This doesn’t mean to eliminate rest from your life. Breaks from the day-to-day hustle is healthy. It’s all about maintaining a healthy balance of work and pleasure.

For example, on the days I’m feeling unmotivated, I rely on my discipline when I know I need to work out. So, while I may not always feel motivated to go to the gym, because I established a healthy routine, I feel a drive to keep my habit, regardless of my current mood. The gym is also an outlet to help clear my mind, which gives me greater capacity to complete other tasks that relate to my long-term goals. You should invest in habits and routines that enhance your mental and physical health; these are ingredients in the recipe to success.

Jordan Ross, a junior communication student, said, “The key is success is a balanced mindset, preparing yourself for both highs and lows throughout your course to success.” I agree with Ross— a balanced mindset will help you with things that are thrown your way and help you know when to relax. It’s okay to work hard and push yourself, but it’s also good to relax.

It’s important to recognize that throughout your journey, life will have its obstacles. Understanding that bad times need to happen so that you can take away lessons, which will ultimately make you more resilient to challenges in the future.

If you incorporate organization, dedication, discipline, and a good mindset into your life, you will have the tools you need to accomplish your career and life goals.